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What does the word 'busking' mean? - NSPA Jukebox
Dear Mumbaikars,

We, at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) - an organisation attempting to bring a re-imagined culture of busking to India - realized that we've never quite explained what "busking" really entails. The word "busker" - a figure popularly known as a street performer - comes from the Spanish word buscar which means to seek. We smile for how appropriate this is, as our artists are always searching - for the muse, the moment, the music - and it's uncanny how often they find all of these on the streets of Mumbai!

Ever witnessed Brazilian martial arts being performed at a local park? We've officially branched out to other performing arts fields, having piloted a spoken word poetry performance with The Poetry Club, Mumbai on Friday. Next up, Capoeira India performs with the NSPA at Pushpa Narsee Park in Juhu, from 5.30 - 6.30 pm on Sunday the 30th!

Ever caught a flamenco guitar and Marathi folk music jugalbandi? Neither have we! Well, come celebrate what promises to be a fascinating collaborative effort among four of our musicians on Sunday the 30th, at Chuim Village's The Hive! Look at this event right here and look us in the eye and say you aren't intrigued. We dare you.

Ever seen Celebrate Bandra celebrating folk music first thing Sunday morning? The finale to our Celebrate Bandra children's workshops is first thing on Sunday morning, from 10.30 am - 12 noon - you can look forward to Uttarakhandi, Konkani and Marathi folk and percussion performers, and a few children's performances too!

See you Sunday!


Have you ever gone to the gym, equipped with dubstep music on your iPods, be surprised with live Hindi pop and fusion music? Here's what that looks like!

Have you ever associated travelling by Mumbai Metro with singing with British Pop Rock singers? Metro rides will never be the same again!

Have you ever been trilled tunes while walking up and down Bandra Art Galleries? We hope to give you more opportunities like this one right here!

Have you ever walked into Kalyan Metro Mall, resounding with our musicians' songs, and walked out convinced that all community malls should encourage live music? You are not alone!

That's all for now, folks! Keep making merry, keep making music!

The NSPA Team
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