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Your Weekly Musical Treat!

Hey folks!

Another week has gone by and we hope it has been a good one for you. The marked change in temperature comes as a welcome relief and after a month of harrowing heat, it seems like the winter chills are close at hand!

At the NSPA, we’ve been busy spreading love and music all around. We recently had a gig at the Domestic airport, where our artists put up instrumental performances from 11 am – 5 pm. Commuters got to listen to tunes played on the ukulele, flute, guitar, cajon and a variety of percussion instruments as our artists did their best to energize and entertain all those trapped in the boring waiting area. We’ll be performing again on the 30th again, but this time at the International airport. So, if you happen to be boarding a flight, look around for us.

Now, it’s time for some videos! 


Introduction to Fluteboxing

Resident Artist Keni introduces the concept of fluteboxing at Airport Road Metro. More Fluteboxing content to come!


Doorie (Atif Aslam Cover)

‘Doorie’ by Atif Aslam was a hit that reined the charts for weeks. Watch Sagar Satpute & freestyle guitar ace Rohit Astekar perform this song at Oberoi Mall


Tushar Maithani and Manoj Pandya | WEH Metro Station Mumbai

Tushar Maithani performs his original composition "Yeh Khel Golmaal Hai" at Western Express Highway Metro station, Mumbai. accompanying him is Manoj Pandya on Percussion.


Well folks, that’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more news and videos.

P.S. Lookout for our new newsletter - ‘NSPA Creative Connect’ that will cover interesting art-related topics and news and will reach your inbox every Saturday!