5 Books you’ll never tire of reading

August 20th, 2016

Sometimes, we outgrow books. While as tots we might have binged on Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ and ‘Secret Seven’ series or perhaps, the more thrilling adventures of the daredevil Hardy Boys, we seldom desire to read these books anymore. Has age made us too cynical about life? Has maturity robbed us of the ability to lose ourselves in make-believe worlds of fiction and fantasy? Fret not, for the answer is no. Although we might not be fans of the authors we once swore by, there are still books out there that have the power to suck us into fantastical worlds. Here are a list of books you can safely invest in, for no matter how old you get, you’ll still enjoy reading these books.

The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka

The plotline of this novella is so fantastical that you’ll probably need a child’s imagination to believe all that unfolds. However, the odds that befall Gregor Samsa teach us so much about the unpredictability of life and the futility of existence that one feels compelled to stop worrying so much about the morrow. Through its absurd plot, the book offers us one of the best life lessons we could get – to take each day as it comes.

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The Great Gatsby – Scott Fitzgerald

Through a poignant love story, Fitzgerald comments of the Great American dream. Using the tragic love affair of the protagonists as an analogy, he shows us how obsessing over a single, consuming desire can sometimes corrupt an individual and lead him down a path of ruin. The novel serves us a warning, asking us to think carefully about our dreams and ambitions so that we don’t chase after goals that will lead us to our destruction.

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David Copperfield – Charles Dickens

The novel shows us the kind of politics one encounters in love and stresses on the importance of equality in emotional relationships. It also gives us a peek into class politics and how trying life can be for those not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. A good book to go back to whenever you need a reality check in life.


To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

Although this novel is set in a time long gone past, let us not think that the issue it probes is not relevant to our times. The novel talks about discrimination and the actions of Atticus Finch, the narrator’s father, inspires us to be do our best to fight against this social evil. The novel teaches us to be open-minded and to respect and fight for the freedom of the oppressed.


Animal Farm – George Orwell

This novella, written in the form of a fable seems quite simple on first reading, however, close inspection of the plot reveals a chilling tale domination and the abuse of power where those in authority use the power they have to suppress speech and dissent. This novella shows us the importance of constant vigilance and how necessary voicing one’s opinion is when things go wrong.



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