5 Reasons why it’s Good to be a Bookworm

March 23rd, 2017

What with countless channels streaming through our T.V sets and a ton of online viewing platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime to keep us entertained, we longer crave the silence and stillness of a good ol’ book. Most of us have lost the ability to sit with a book for more than thirty minutes because we find it hard to focus on the text. Our eyes hunger for colour and our senses are addicted to being bombarded with dramatic imagery. But, not all that we see nourishes our mind and this is why, even though we spend hours in front of the T.V or computer, we don’t end up knowing more about the world or our own lives! Books, on the other hand, while also improving concentration and vocabulary, furnish us with several other benefits. Read on to know what these are.



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  1. Get an elephant’s memory:

Reading is known to enhance memory, especially short term memory. Thanks to the numerous characters, plot twists, themes and concepts, your brain has to work extra hard to memorize all this information and this helps boost your memory.

  1. Become as smart as Sherlock:

Reading helps enhance critical and analytic thinking. Have you ever been able to predict the end of the novel before completing it? That’s because your brain is constantly analysing subtle clues and helping you piece together an opinion. The more you read, the more adept your brain become at doing this.

  1. Turns you into an empath:

Does this mean you’ll stop caring about yourself and get profoundly affected by other people’s words and actions? No! But it does mean that you’ll be able to understand other people better, and therefore, become more tolerant. Books present a range of characters and each of them have their own share of ups and downs. By reading about the trials of our fictitious friends and foes, we end up learning to empathize with the sufferer and this eventually becomes a part of our personality

  1. For a book-lover, there’s never a dull day:

Reading is therapeutic. While reading, you focus all your attention on the text and this helps clear unwanted and distracting thoughts. Plus, the stories suck you into a different world and this helps you distance yourself from negativity. Reading, then, is the perfect escape for everyone!

  1. Become a creative thinker:

When you read a novel, you escape into another reality, one markedly different from your own. This makes you picturize alternative realities. Your mind has to conjure up faces, places and at times, entire worlds! This gives your imagination a boost and in turn, helps you look at situations creatively.

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