When it comes to marketing professional services, business cards are, perhaps, one of the most underrated tools. Although these flimsy, paper-thin promoters make their way into our clients homes and minds quicker than we ever will, we still don’t invest enough thought in their designs. Most of us go the easy way and just slap on our contact details on a colour co-ordinated card and this hardly makes our card standout. With people receiving so many business cards every day, we have to work extra hard to make our card memorable because that’s the only way to catch a client’s attention and interest. Here are some very creative professionals who’ve gone the extra mile when designing their business cards.

Norris Mantooth – Photographer

This brilliant viewfinder business card speaks volumes about the photographer’s creativity!

photographer bored panda


Image courtesy: bored panda

Sandra Martins – Makeup artist

A quirky way to inform people about your profession!

makeup artist


Hair dresser

Hairdresser Marko Stanzl designs hairstyles for her business cards.

hairstylist 2


Hairstylist Yuka Suzuki takes a different, but equally captivating route.



Albert Polyaka – Graphic designer

These ‘Ninja’ cards are perfect to show off your designing skills.

albert polyaka graphic designer


Elena Mirosedina – Artist

A palette is the perfect symbol for art. This artist uses the tool of her trade to communicate her profession.




Make your card look like a cassette, CD or vinyl record!



Get inspired and design a quirky business card of your own!

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Coffee is that one delectable addictive we’ll probably never be able to give up. For many of us, it is the magic potion that banishes sleep, anger, hunger and a bad mood. We cling to our coffee mugs like we cling to hope and just like that optimistic emotion, coffee too helps us feel like everything is going to be okay. If you too love this warm brew as much as we do, here are some facts about this bitter-sweet liquid you’ve probably never heard of before.


Image courtesy: keurig

  • This piece of trivia will particularly interest cappuccino drinkers; the word ‘cappuccino’ finds its roots in a name used to address 16th century Italian friars. Called the Capuchin friars, these holy men wore brown tunics and lived a hard and simple life. Later on, the name Capuchin was given to a breed of monkeys covered in brown fur. Eventually, the word came to be associated with coffee lightened by milk, cream or egg! Well, so how do you like to have your cup of cappuccino?
  • Coffee is still an integral part of Turkish culture. However, a couple of decades ago, it played an important role in matrimonial matters as well. Men would gauge a woman’s homemaking skills based on her ability to brew coffee. Women in turn were legally allowed to divorce their husbands if they didn’t bring home a daily supply of coffee!
  • Love how you can just hold a cup under the coffee dispenser and get all the coffee you want? Well, a few centuries back that wouldn’t have been possible, and that’s not because dispensers hadn’t been invented yet. In the days of yore, many countries tried to ban coffee as rulers and governments feared the stimulating powers of the beverage. Mecca banned coffee is 1511. In 16th century Europe, clergymen labelled it a satanic drink and demanded it be banned. The Ottoman ruler Murad IV prescribed harsh penalties for coffee drinking, like flogging or drowning. In 1746, the Swedes went an extra mile by banning not just coffee, but coffee cups and dishes too!
  • Would you pick brewed coffee over filter coffee any day? Well, you might want to reconsider your preference as brewed espresso is believed to contain 2.5% fat, while filtered coffee contains just 0.6% fat!
  • In 2001, The Brazil Postal Office launched coffee-scented postage stamps to publicize and celebrate aromatic Brazilian coffee. The smell is said to last up to 3-5 years!



Enjoy coffee and art at QTube Cafe!

Well, if all these strange and captivating facts have made you crave for a strong cup of coffee, waste no time and make your way to QTube Café, for here, you can sip on cups of coffee for free! Plus, you can indulge in some reading or a board game to pass time, for the Café is stocked with both! Come on down to enjoy your favorite beverage at your favorite hangout!

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So, the world recently celebrated Women’s Day, but as soon as the day goes past, we all go back to our business and completely forget how strong and powerful we are. If you need reminders of how wonderful women are, here are a few songs to insert into your playlist.


Formation – Beyoncé

You can’t not feel empowered after listening to this song. Queen Bey, dressed like a goddess and oozing swag, shows us just how important it is for a woman to cherish her independence, both financially and emotionally. While talking about her own attitude towards success, she says, “I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it,” inspiring us to follow suit. So, ladies, it’s time to get in formation and SLAY!

Respect – Aretha Franklin

This song was originally written and performed by a man, rhythm and blues star Otis Redding. However, Aretha Franklin decided to make a cover version of the song and when she tweaked the lyrics, she imparted a feminist flavour to them. In the song, she demands that her man respect her, because she knows she has everything a man desires. This song earned her two Grammy awards and became an important song in the feminist movement.

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

“Starting right now I’ll be strong

I’ll play my fight song

And I don’t really care if nobody else believes

‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.”

This is for all the women who are plagued by self-doubt and have begun to doubt their abilities. The singer says she’ll continue fighting against all that’s holding her back because she’s strong and will not allow herself to give up. Ladies, it’s time you realized how much fight you have left in you. Go out there and sock it to the world!

U.N.I.T.Y – Queen Latifah

This Grammy award winning song is from Queen Latifah’s 1993 album ‘Black Reign.’ The song lashes out at all those who disrespect women. It addresses evils like domestic abuse, harassment and even the trend of using offensive lingo to address women in rap songs. It’s a real treat to watch the Queen rap, and she owns her performance like a boss!

Try – Colbie Caillat

The song is about being yourself and not altering your personality, identity or dreams to please someone else. The empowering ballad is accompanied by a moving video that depicts women wiping off makeup and taking off wigs. The singer tells us that instead of trying to make other people like us, it’s more important that we like ourselves first.


What we read undoubtedly has a profound effect on our thoughts. So, if you want better thoughts, it’s time to start reading better books. Ladies, here are a few books that not only make for well-written, gripping reads, but are also immensely empowering in tone and content. They deal with different aspects of womanhood and intelligently point out the overt and covert ways in which patriarchal societies try to undermine and discriminate against the “weaker sex.” Read these books to become more aware of the challenges that confront women and for some kickass tips on how to fight against the obstacles and live an independent, fulfilling life.

wink books


Image courtesy: Wink Books

The Best of Everything – Rona Jaffe

If you loved Sex and the City, you’ll love this book too. The book has a group of 20-something women as its protagonists and these optimistic, ambitious young adults are trying to advance their careers and explore their sexual desires in a world that’s run by men. Read this book to feel understood, accepted and loved.

Bad Feminist – Roxane Gay

The book presents a bunch of well-written essays that articulate Roxane’s thoughts on some very complex issues related to feminism, race and class. The text is humorous but insightful, moving but not preachy. Read this book to understand why it’s better to be a “bad feminist than no feminist at all.”

Wasted – Marya Hornbacher

We’re all worried about our weights and are guilty of calorie counting and binge dieting. Marya presents her own struggle with two eating disorders – anorexia and bulimia. Her memoir is gripping, honest and humorous.

Bossypants – Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one of the most popular female comedians of our time. We’ve loved her work on Saturday Night Live and now she has a book that discusses her experience working for this brilliant show and what her journey as a female comedian has been like. The book is humorous and insightful and helps you get to know this wonderful performer better.

The Gutsy Girl (Escapades for your Life of Epic Adventure) – Caroline Paul

This is for all the ladies who love an adrenaline rush. By revealing her own adventures, the author motivates women to take on adventurous activities too. Why should women think that ‘risky’ hobbies and careers like mountain climbing or fire-fighting is not for them? After you read this book, you’ll want to explore both these activities and more!

Happy reading, ladies!

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QTube Café has hosted several events these past five months. From open mics to poetry workshops to even something as unexpected as a whistling workshop, we’ve never let the chance to host an interesting event pass us by. However, we’ve never received a request to host a purely classical performance here. A couple of weeks ago, Deepa Devaraj wrote to us and her mail expressed a desire to conduct an Indian classical concert at the café. We accepted her request and soon, a date was decided upon.

On the day of the concert, everyone, including the performers were apprehensive about the event. As Mrs Devaraj revealed at the start of the concert, this was the first time she and her colleagues, Milind Joshi (table player) and Atul Fadke (harmonium player) were performing in such an informal space. Her previous concerts have been held in auditoriums or in friends’ living rooms and so, performing in a café was something they were doing for the very first time. But, as she rightly pointed out, a true performer is one who can immerse herself in her art, no matter where she is, and that’s what Mrs. Devaraj was eager to do. She started off by performing a slow-paced, mellow raga – Raag Puriya Dhanashree, which was perfect for evening listening. Then, she shifted to the more lively and also more difficult Raag Kedar. She left the audience spellbound with her talent and her silvery voice and flawless performance drew repeated rounds of applause. She wound up the concert with a melodious Kabeer bhajan which delighted both young and old listeners. We are immensely grateful to her for gracing our café with such a splendid concert!

Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Indian classical

indian classical 2

If you know of talented classical music performers who are looking out for a venue to perform at, do ask them to mail us a proposal at qtubecafe@nspa.in . We do believe that classical music and musicians deserve more exposure and that performing in unconventional spaces will help spread information about these traditional forms of music to a new audience!

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NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope helped us spot a whole new solar system, located 40 light years away from us in a constellation named Aquarius. The solar system has been names TRAPPIST-1 and has 7 earth-sized planets in all, with 3 planets falling in the habitable zone. This means that, in at least 3 of these planets, there’s a chance for life to exist. This discovery is absolutely amazing and has delighted everyone, especially UFO conspiracy theorists!

Would you like to travel to these strange and distant lands someday? Well, you might have to wait a long time for such an opportunity. In the meantime, you can celebrate this wonderful discovery by indulging in the galaxy-themed art. Here are a few cool things you can make to feel starry-eyed!

Coffee lovers like us genuinely believe that an entire universe can be found inside a coffee mug. Why not use art to represent this thought?

coffee cup galaxy

Nail polish is easy to apply, but instead of opting for the one-color look, why not try something spacey?

galaxy nail art

Or, why not get the quirky shoes painted?

galaxy shoes

Nothing like celebrating with a tasty cake, right?

galaxy cake

If you’re a guitarist, you surely won’t regret a purchase like this!

galaxy pick


If you don’t already know, QTube Café is a fun space that offers patrons the combined joys of a café and an arts hub. While the Café serves up refreshing cups of coffee, free Wi-Fi, books and board games, it also plays host to a range of events conducted in its premises every week. From poetry slams to stand-up comedy open mics to film screenings to workshops and more, the Café is abuzz with the sound of enthusiastic activity every day. This month too, a range of fun events are going to be held at the Café. All these events are open to anyone who chooses to attend. So, mark these dates in your calendar and try to be a part of as many of these fun gatherings as you can!


The Awkward Fruit organizes stand-up comedy performances at the Café on Wednesdays and Saturdays. While the Wednesday slots are for upcoming comedians eager to take the stage, the Saturday ones are filled by more experienced performers who put up short, entertaining performances for the audiences. In March, events will take place on 4th, 15th, 25th and 29th, from 8-9 pm. These events have an entry fee of 100 – 150 Rs. Follow our Facebook page for more details.



If you love plays, make your way to QTube Café every Friday for our Drama Alert! Fridays are designed to delight the avid theatre goer. Every Friday, 6 pm onward, talented upcoming actors and directors put up well-rehearsed plays at the café. The best part is that there is no entry fee to watch these plays. Just show up a little early to get a good seat and sit back and enjoy the play!

Follow our Facebook page for information regarding play names and updated timings.


Get Creative & Colourful

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to basic colour theory and the colour wheel; various painting media and water colour techniques. Water colours will be used to create a design, which will emerge from the subconscious minds of the participants.

Date and time: 22nd March, 11 – 12.30 pm

All Age Groups are welcome

Fees:  Rs 500 per participant ( inclusive of art material)

For registrations please contact Trishna Patnaik on 9867982075

Splash 6

Other activities

Take part in a philosophical discussion conducted by Alliance Francis de Bombay on 18th March, 10-12 pm at the Café.

Toy Bank will be conducting a fun board game session at the Café. Come to let your hair down and have a good time! 30th March, 6-7.30 pm.


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We’ve all experienced love in some form, not once, but multiple times. Some of us have experienced it at the hands of our parents or siblings, others through a fulfilling friendship or relationship and some see it in the bond they share with their pets. It’s impossible then to not have an opinion about this powerful emotion, because we are all too familiar with its workings. We know the mad joy that engulfs our hearts when our feelings are reciprocated, the despair we dive into when they are not and the unspeakable pain we feel when we lose someone we love. Talking about love then is not all that difficult, because we are all knowledgeable about the subject, and we all have stories to share. This Valentine’s Day, Love Matters India invited people to gather together and talk about their experiences of love. The event began with a play that sought to throw light on the problems of the LGBTQ community. Through powerful dialogues and a hard-hitting storyline, they pin-pointed all the ways in which individuals belonging to this community are discriminated against and how heartless society can be.

DSC_1507 - Copy - Copy

DSC_1518 - Copy - Copy

DSC_1525 - Copy - Copy

After this, members from the audience were invited to share their works on the topic. While some shared poems, others shared experiences and stories.

DSC_1528 - Copy - Copy

DSC_1539 - Copy - Copy

The meetup was wonderful because by hearing stories by all the ones brave enough to come forward and share them, one realized that love can be experienced in so many different ways, that we all have expectations from this emotion, and that we’ve all been wounded by this emotion. It made everyone feel hopeful and in a sense, loved.


If you’re tired of regular eateries and are looking forward to grabbing a bite in a cafe that’s unique, here is a list of cafes that’ill surely delight art lovers. All these cafes don’t only offer food and drink, but also allow you to read, play games and take part in several art-related events. Hang out at as many of these as you can!

Lala’s Art Café, Leh

The weather conditions here can be quite severe, but even in this frigid district, a welcoming café offers not just food and drink to rejuvenate your body, but beautiful artwork to rejuvenate your soul. Once a monastery on the verge of demolition, the structure was converted into a gallery-cum-café to preserve it. The café invites artists, international and local, to display their photographs and artwork on the walls thereby giving patrons wonderful creations to look at while they enjoy their food here.

happily Unmarried

Image courtesy: Happily Unmarried

Tibet Heritage Fund

Image courtesy: Tibet Heritage Fund

Kashi Art Café, Kochi

Established in 1997, this café is set in fort Kochi and boats of aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors. In the art gallery, which is a separate section, one gets to see the work of local and well as national artists. The best part about this café is that you not only get to see the works of artists, you also stand a chance to meet them for they often hang out in close proximity to their creations.

make my trip

Image courtesy: Make My Trip

Art Blend Café, Bengaluru

Not only is this café decorated with wonderful paintings and a lively colour scheme, it also hosts art workshops and classes. Enjoy a scrumptious snack here, plus, get a chance to have a quick tête-à-tête with a fellow art-lover or artist, as this café is a favourite of creative folks.

in love with life blog

Image courtesy: In Love with Life Blog

QTube Café, Mumbai

QTube Cafe is a very unique cafe. Although this place does not serve food, it offers a host of other things to keep you entertained. Unlimited free coffee is served to freshen up tired minds, free Wi-fi helps you surf the internet or finish off business tasks, plus games and books are offered for diversion. But that’s not all, for this cafe also hosts a range of art-related activities. Eager to more about this cafe? Here’s an article that tells you all One Of the Most Unique Cafe’s in Mumbai


 Pagdandi Cafe, Pune

If you ever happen to visit Pune, this is a cafe you must check out, especially if you’re  a Bibliophile. Rows of books line the walls while colourful cushions and wicker chairs encourage you to perch down with your favorite book. This cafe is know to serve delicious hot chocolate and brownies. You can spend hours reading or playing board games. The cafe is also known to host acoustic jams, storytelling sessions, open mics and many other events that promote the work independent artists.

sid the wanderer

Image courtesy: Sid the Wanderer


If there’s one trick in the book that never fails you, it’s the hair update trick. Every woman knows that getting a new hairdo is the quickest and surest way to freshen up your look. Gone are the days when a haircut or colouring a few strands were the only options available. Today, from getting a funky hair tattoo to styling your hair into a sculpture, there are a ton of hair styling options available. Here are some of the funkiest trends we came across. How many of these would you be willing to try?

Stencil Art

Artist Janine Ker of Salon Aguayo uses a stencil, several hair dyes and her mind-boggling skill to create gorgeous designs on hair. Take a look at her gorgeous creations.


Image courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Hidden Hair Tattoos

Although these are called tattoos, they aren’t created using a needle and ink. Created within an undercut, these tattoo-like shapes are created by shaving hair. The best part about these tattoos is that they can be displayed or hidden as desired.


Image courtesy: Pop buzz

Hair Sculpture

This hair art trend isn’t for the fainthearted. It involves styling your tresses into flamboyant shapes uses styling tools, products, artificial hair and props. If you think you can rock this, don’t let anything in the world stop you from getting a hair sculpture!

minnie muse

Image courtesy: Minnie Muse

Hair Art

This is perfect for art lovers. Draw inspiration from hairstylist Ursula Goff from Kansas, who colours her hair according to the colour schemes of famous paintings. Her hair becomes a veritable canvas as she beautifully blends colours on to her hair.

bored panda

Image courtesy: Bored Panda

Pixelated Hair

This geeky new trend is taking the fashion world by storm. X-Presion a hair research and development country in Madrid has created a new technology that helps disperse hair colour in a pixelated fashion. Here’s a sneak peek of this colourful trend.


Image courtesy: YouTube

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