The late 19th and early 20th centuries witnessed the mushrooming and flourishing of some remarkable art movements. These movements have influenced artists over the years and continue to do so till this day. One such movement is Pointillism, a Neo-Impressionist art movement that drastically altered not just the way paint was applied on canvas, but also the role the viewer played in the creation process. The term ‘Pointillism,’ which was first coined by critics skeptical of the method, refers to the way paint is applied on the canvas, by dabbing the brush to create dot-like shapes or ‘points.’ The colour used is unmixed and unadulterated so that resulting image boasts of vivid hues. When the painting is viewed, however, instead of seeing thousands of tiny dots, the mind sees the image as a whole because it optically combines the dots. When this happens, not only do colours appear more vivid, but the entire painting seems to radiate with a shimmering luminosity. Thus, instead of passively appreciating a painting, the viewer, through the act of observation, partakes in the creation process.


‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Georges Seurat 

This dotted style was pioneered by Georges Seurat, who was influenced by quasi-scientific colour theories of the time. He believed that when contrasting colours were combined optically, they produced far more vivid hues than those created by mixing paints on a palette. He named his theory ‘Chromo-luminism’ and used it for this first time in his epoch-making painting ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.’ This art movement influenced several artists like Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Andre Derain and Paul Signac and had on impact of future art movements as well, like German Expressionism and Fauvism. Many contemporary artists too have been influenced by this painstaking painting method, Damien Hirst being one of them. Doodlers too use the pointillist technique for a more nuanced depiction of shades and contours.

paul signac pointillism

Grand Canal (Venice) by Paul Signac

pointillism negative space

Doodle made by applying a series of dots.

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It’s important to have a hobby, especially in our fast-paced, social-media obsessed worlds so that our mind gets a chance to create instead of passively absorbing all that it’s bombarded with. Not only does a hobby stimulate creativity, it also improves mood and confidence. Studies have shown that developing even simple hobbies, like doodling or cooking, can lead it an increase in productivity. So, although practicing a hobby might seem like a “waste of time,” it actually helps you save on time by making you a focused, creative and motivated employee! There is no rule book that specifies the ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ hobby to pursue. You’re free to pick any activity, as long as you genuinely enjoy practicing it. Reading, hiking, photography, painting, pottery are just a few of the many options you can try your hand at. Experiment with different activities till you find a hobby that’s perfect for you.

However, people who have a hobby face another challenge, that of finding a peaceful and relatively quiet space in which they can practice their hobby. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a room to yourself, or, as luck would have it, have a particularly noisy, loquacious family, your desire for silence will remain just that, a desire. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your hobby, it just means that you have to shift your sights outside your home, to places that offer a relaxing ambience. Wondering which places these are? Well, here are 3 spaces that are perfect for practising a hobby –


We don’t mean you sit, easel and all, in the middle of a street. But, there are quite a few outdoor spaces that are perfect for hobby practice. Promenades like Bandstand, Carter Road, Marine Drive and gardens like Pushpa Narsee Park, Sai Baba Park, etc. are ideal for sketchers, doodlers, calligraphy and embroidery enthusiasts and photographers. There’s just the right amount of noise to help you feel energized, but, people are engrossed in their own activities, so you don’t have to worry about intrusive conversations or awkward encounters.


Image courtesy: Tripoto


Cafes are spaces designed for relaxation. People step in to get their caffeine fix while also indulging in banter with friends and colleagues. But, these aren’t the only kind of people that step into a coffee shop, for you also have those who come to work on projects or hold informal meetings. So, the noise levels are always under control and that is why, you can afford to indulge in hobbies like reading, designing, stamp collecting or writing in cafes. There are also some cafes, like QTube Café, that allow you to sit for as long as you want while also offering free coffee and Wi-Fi.


Co-working spaces

Mumbai is an expensive city and owning a space here can be difficult. So, the resourceful people of Mumbai have decided to counter this problem by renting out spaces. In these co-working spaces, you can access desks, cabins or conference rooms by paying a sum of money. Along with the space, you also get to enjoy amenities like a pantry, unlimited Wi-Fi, storage space and parking. But, these places are ideal not only for business professionals, they are perfect for serious hobbyists as well. Especially if you’re looking at monetizing your creations, use these co-working spaces to mull over your business plans or future creations. The Playce, Ministry of New, The Hive, Geekout and Our First Office are good options to explore.

architectural digest of india

Image courtesy: Architectural Digest India

Now that you know that there are spaces in which you can peacefully practice your hobby, you must go ahead and develop one!

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Who can forget Avril Lavigne’s pretty in pink and black punk style that appealed to countless rebellious teenagers. If one wasn’t gushing about her style, one was certainly gushing about her songs, especially if a breakup was on the cards. ‘Complicated’ was the jilted lover’s anthem and ‘Girlfriend’ was the song every girl sang for the boy she couldn’t get. Then, teenage matured into adulthood and the Avril spunk mellowed into coping mechanisms more suitable to adulthood. Eventually, the singer and her songs faded out of our consciousness. It was quite shocking then, when recently, our newsfeeds were bombarded with articles that spoke of the songstress being a victim of a rather grim and dreadful controversy. According to a group of conspiracy theorists, the singer passed away way back in 2003 and has since been replaced by a clone named ‘Melissa.’ Drastic alterations in facial features and even her sartorial preferences are sited as proofs of this deceptive switch. But, should we be quick to believe this conspiracy? We think not, because the music industry has always been rife with such scandalous, but unproven theories. Here are some of the most outrageous ones.

Jay-Z is the Illuminati

Jay-Z definitely is one of the richest rappers in the industry. But, according to a group of conspiracy theorists, he is also a member of the infamous secret society – ‘Illuminati.’ What emboldens them to make such an accusation? Mr Z happens to have a “diamond cutter” hand symbol that fortunately, or unfortunately, closely resembles the Illuminati’s All-seeing Eye and Pyramid symbol. As if this wasn’t enough, they also believe that he has the power to control minds and time travel!

deposit photos

Image courtesy: Deposit Photos


Paul McCartney is dead

Hold your horses, don’t faint just yet! We remind you again that these conspiracies lack irrefutable proof. The conspiracy was cooked up way back in 1967, when the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band studio album was released. It was believed that Paul had died in a car accident and was being replaced by a lookalike. The album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s is said to have featured a few clues that point to McCartney’s demise. For one, there is a hand above Paul’s head which looks to be administering his Last Rites. Plus, in an image on the inside of the record’s jacket, he stands with his back facing the viewer while the rest of his band mates face forward. Rumors about his death gained so much currency that Paul chose to comment on them in an interview with Life Magazine in 1969. (The real Paul, that is.)

the daily hatch

Image courtesy: The Daily Hatch


Gangsta Rap was invented to Fill Prisons

This is probably the most outrageous one from the lot. According to this theory, decision makers of popular and affluent record labels invented a genre of music that would actively promote crime. The music, filled with lyrics that endorsed street violence and drug and alcohol abuse, were supposed to lure people into a life of crime. Criminals thus created would be dumped into private-owned prisons to keep them full. What was that genre you ask? Well, the name says it all – Gangsta Rap!





QTube Café is a great space to hang out in. While the cool interiors offer respite from the blistering summer heat, free Wi-Fi, books and board games ensure boredom doesn’t ruin your time here. Plus, a delightful cup of coffee is served to refresh and rejuvenate your senses. The best part though, is that you can spend hours here without having to shell out a penny. However, this place isn’t only a great hangout spot, it’s also perfect for hosting events. “But why at a café?” you may ask. And the question is a valid one, given that there are so many spaces in Mumbai that specifically cater to events. But, hardly any of these spaces allow you to host an event for free, right? Well, that’s what QTube Café allows you to do and this is why this Café is perfect for intimate, small-scale gatherings and events like book readings, open mics, art workshops and lots more. Read on to know some other reasons why this space is ideal for hosting events.

IMG_20170410_175632239 - Copy

‘Bhayanak Bakra’ organized an open mic for upcoming comedians at QTube Café.

Perfect Ambience

For your attendees to feel comfortable, the ambience of the space you’re organizing the event in needs to be warm and welcoming. Clinical perfection is intimidating while gaudy ornamentation can be overwhelming. QTube Café’s interiors boast of elegant paintings, doodles and music-themed wall art. Plus, soothing yellow and white lights diffuse a warm glow indoors. Your attendees are sure to find the space relaxing and inviting.


This is what we are talking about!

Lots of Free Stuff

Organizing events can be an expensive affair, especially if you factor in costs for snacks and refreshments. At QTube, however, since we happily hand out free coffee, you don’t have to shell out extra bucks on refreshments. The café is also equipped with comfortable seating, charging ports and a screen, which can be used for screenings, playing music or displaying presentations. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying too much equipment. Plus, you save on rest costs since, as we’ve pointed out before, the space is rented out for free! Such comfort, much saving!

No time-limits

We don’t have time slots, which means that you can book the café for as many hours as you need to. It could be an hour-long event or a workshop that goes on for a good five hours, as long as you specify your requirements while booking, you can have the space all to yourself! And, you don’t have to worry about a ballooning bill while you’re enjoying your event.


Theatre artists book the café for rehearsals and performances. Like our Facebook page to get timely updates about plays hosted here.

If you have an interesting event coming up and are looking out for a space to host your event at, do consider using this fun, creative space. Send an email to with a gist about your event and someone on the team will get back to you. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Art can be made from anything. In fact, creators of art are constantly striving to find new materials to mould and manipulate into aesthetically pleasing shapes and concepts. This gives imperfect beginners like us hope, because we know now that not only a flawlessly executed painting constitutes art, or a startlingly lifelike marble statue. Art is what is created when an artist gives shape to an idea. The medium used to express the idea can be virtually anything, from 3D ink to stones to even a vegetable! In this article, we are looking at creating art from a material that is easily available to all of us, something that we’re sure to find in our hardware or craft kits; we’re talking about the malleable, metallic wire. This seemingly flimsy object can be surprisingly durable and this is what makes it the perfect raw material for creating art. Got reels of wire at home, it’s time you started putting those metallic threads to good use. Here are some easy structures to mould at home.

This minimalist coffee mug is perfect for your kitchen, dining table or even for use as a pendant!

coffee mugs

Just a few twists can help you create this elegant structure.



Another easy structure to make.



This cute little creation can be used as a wind chime, wall décor or even as a pendant.



When they’re not real, they can actually make for an interesting piece of wall art!

spider web


Handmade textiles possess a specialness machine-made fabrics seem devoid of. It’s perhaps because we know that an extensive amount of effort has gone into making the cloth, or that countless fingers have labored over a design that we find these handcrafted creations infinitely more delightful. However, the painstaking creation process isn’t the only reason why handmade cloth is coveted, it’s also because handmade fabric usually boasts of great quality. Human insight, vigilance and care prevent unsightly errors and weave fabric that is blemish-free, elegant and exquisite. Over the years, various civilizations have come up with their own unique processes for manufacturing and designing textiles. In this article, we’re going to explore ‘Shibori,’ a traditional Japanese resist-dying technique that imprints cloth with unique designs. Here’s all you need to know about this interesting manual designing technique.

daily japanese textile

In Japan, Shibori has been used as a colouring technique since the 8th century. The country shied away from experimenting with artificial textiles for a while and so, up until the 20th century, natural fibres like silk, hemp and cotton were used for making cloth. Similarly, extracts from the indigo plant were used as dye. Shibori makes use of natural dyes and is applied on natural fabrics. However, of late, because of the proliferation of artificial dyes, craftsmen have begun using artificial colours for Shibori.

The Shibori process begins by sketching a design onto paper. The design could be a floral pattern, sea waves, geometric patterns, nature-inspired prints or a combination of all these. Holes are hammered along the outlines of designs or where the cloth needs to be dyed. Then, the punctured paper is placed over cloth and by rubbing a dye-soaked cloth over the paper, the design is stenciled onto the fabric. After this, craftsmen bind sections around the printed areas using thread. The more intricate the design, the more painstaking the binding process. For some designs, the process can take up to 20 days. The bound cloth is then immersed in dye, squeezed and sun-dried. After the cloth dries, the binds are untied and the fabric is stretched to reveal the design.

fabricadabra blog

However, this isn’t the only Shibori dyeing technique that exists. Over a hundred such techniques have been developed by Japanese craftsmen and they involve folding, pinching, twisting and crumpling cloth before binding them with strings, rubber bands and bamboo strips. To make certain complex designs, more than one Shibori technique is applied. Unlike most other forms of resist dyeing, Shibori is still done by hand and so, textiles coloured with Shibori patterns are highly sought after. If you happen to make a trip to Japan, don’t forget to inquire after these textiles. More importantly, try to spend some time watching a Shibori craftsman at work. It’ll teach you more about Shibori than any article or video can!

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Is the heat making you sullen and lethargic? It’s time to rejuvenate your mind with some fun activities. Head to QTube Café to enjoy a host of interesting events, plus, the cool AC air, for free! This May, we’re all set to host a list of exciting events. Get ready to make QTube Café your new, cool summer hangout!

Here’s what to look out for:

Open Mic (Stand-up Comedy)

The Awkward Fruit is back with Open Mics for stand-up comedians. Register to get a chance to share your jokes with fellow comedians!

Dates: May 10th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 31st (7.30 – 9.30 PM)

Entry Free

Manoranjan Mania will be organizing an open mic session for aspiring comics. Walk-in slots are available. Contact +91 9920261249 for queries.

Date: May 8th (6 – 9 PM)

Entry free


The Loser – Directed by Debanshu Shekhar


The Loser’ is a solo act depicting the ups and downs in the life of Dipen Misra, an aspiring writer who is forced to give up his writing ambitions and become a software engineer, thanks to an overbearing father. The play depicts the protagonist’s frustrations at the work place and the methods he devices to overcome them. It also urges us to question our own choices with respect to our careers and decide for ourselves if we made those choices out of passion or for money.

7th May (7.30 – 8.30 PM)

Entry fee: Rs. 100

Get tickets:

Kumar Talkies – Naatakwaale

The play tracks an unlikely encounter that occurs between two long-lost friends. The meeting happens in an abandoned theatre and just like the old movies that were once screened there, the friends, too, revive and narrative old memories of their younger selves. However, a plan of deception is simultaneously being cooked up, but unfortunately, the friends have no idea who the betrayer is going to be.

Date: May 12th & 14th (7.30 – 8.30 PM)

Check QTube Café Facebook page for ticket details.

Home Maid – Naatakwaale

home maid


Ajit Jaiswal is a bachelor working in a big city, living alone, away from family and doesn’t know how to cook. What would he need? But of course, a trustworthy maid. After a lot of struggle, he finally finds a decent maid, Asha Rani. As time passes by, Ajit develops a soft corner for Asha and trusts her more than anyone else. He tries various ways to tell her about his feelings, but misses every time and what’s in store in the end takes him by surprise.

Date: May 27th & 28th (7.30 – 8.30 PM)

Check QTube Café Facebook page for ticket details.

Yoga Session

A one and a half hour yoga session will be conducted by Dhanashree’s Ashtanga Yoga. Drop in to join in the session

Date: May 14th (9 – 10.30 AM)

Entry fee: Rs. 200-300

Play Session

Participate in Toy Bank’s Play session to unwind and feel creative like a child again!

Date: May 25th (6 – 7.30 PM)

Entry free

Discussion Session – Alliance Francaise

Once again, Philosophy is taking over Qtube Cafe! Come and share your views on some philosophical topics. No need to be an expert in Philosophy, everyone is welcome to discuss and exchange their thoughts in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Free entry – No registration necessary – Event in French & English.

Date: May 20th (10 – 12.30 PM)


EdMojo bites from chaos to philosophy to neuroscience to computer science to beauty to design to complexity to spirituality. Attend to explore concepts and connections between some of these fields while having some fun.

Date: May 6th (11 – 1 PM)

Entry Free

Chess Tournament

Quantum AMC will be organizing a full-day chess tournament at the café. Come to meet fellow chess enthusiasts and battle it out with some fine players!

Date: May 21st (9 AM – 9 PM)

Entry Free

See you at the Cafe, folks!

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Do you love spending time in nature? Do you think chirping birds and darting bees make better companions than human beings? Do you go out of your way to see that your actions don’t hurt or harm the environment? If you’ve said yes to all three questions, you’re definitely a nature enthusiast. Although we don’t have information about an exotic forest or a breakthrough conservation method to share with you, we still have quite delightful, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Here are some gorgeous cake art ideas that are perfect for nature lovers like yourself. Get one of these custom-made for your birthday, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, try making these yourself!

This delicious tree trunk-shaped cake is ideal for the chocolate lover.

tree stump

If the seashore is your special place, this cake is ideal for you.

ocean theme

You like the call of the mountains better? Here’s a cake to remind you of all your adventures.


Have you always been fascinated by the polar regions, but never had the chance to go there? Here’s a cake that gives you a sneak-peek into the area!

polar bear

This is for all the geode and crystal lovers. So what if you can’t actually find a geode? At least you can enjoy this crystal-worshiping cake!


Like all other musical instruments, the harmonica too isn’t easy to master. However, unlike the guitar, which has a reputation for being be a chick magnet, the harmonica gives you no brownie points with the ladies and so, not many lads take to learning this instrument. But, the harmonica is a melodious instrument and, if played properly, can conjure up some very fine and moving tunes (that’s probably why girls fell in love with Sunil in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa) There are a few men in Mumbai who know this to be true and have pursued learning the harmonica with perseverance and passion. Several of these harmonica enthusiasts have come together to form the group Mumbai Harmonics, a group that meets up frequently to jam and help musicians connect with each other. Recently, they put up a performance at QTube Café. The event saw Harmonica enthusiasts belonging to different age groups and occupations come together to create wonderful music. Several of them put up delightful improv performances that proved their mastery over the instrument. The event was a treat to the ears, and very inspiring for aspiring harmonica players. Here are a few images from the event:

mumbai Harmonics 2 copy

mumbai harmonics 3 copy

mumbai harmonics copy

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We’re die-hard coffee lovers, and so, when we wake up, the first thing we want to see is not the rising sun, but beautifully bubbling coffee. When the aroma of this saintly beverage fills our nostrils, an indescribable joy courses through our veins and we feel empowered to take on the most challenging of tasks. Another thing we like doing, when we’re not worshiping our cups of coffee, is marveling at art pieces that remind us of this wondrous beverage. You’ve probably seen these signs deck the walls of coffee shops, the ones that unequivocally proclaim the goodness of coffee, even if the message seems rather critical of other beverages, or for that matter, of people who don’t share the same ardour for the beverage. But, as devout lovers of coffee, we feel no shame in not just applauding these signs, but purchasing them to deck up our interiors. If you find yourself cheering such behaviour, you surely belong to the club of Coffee Lovers and because you do, we know you’ll be delighted by these wall art pieces. Use printouts of these pieces to deck up your living room or kitchen, or, if you’re feeling creative, use your colouring and designing skills to create your own version of these art pieces. Here are a few wall art pieces that are ideal for gracing the interiors of coffee addicts!

We think this poster describes quite perfectly the trauma a coffee addict experiences when he realizes his coffee supply has hit rock bottom.


When we’re feeling low, a tight hug from a buddy can help boost our spirits. But, what do we do when our brain feels fuzzy and tired? Let coffee handle the situation.


Some women need makeup, others, just need coffee!

maybe its

What the caffeine-loving hipster says to mankind-

not war

The true coffee lover isn’t fussy about additives, all he wants is good quality coffee.


If all these coffee-glorifying posters have made you crave a hot cuppa, head to QTube Cafe ASAP. At QTube Cafe, you can enjoy unlimited cups of piping hit coffee for free! Plus, you can sign up for free Wi-Fi or read a book of your choice, since the cafe offers both. Eager to know more about this unique cafe? Read up more here: QTube Cafe: One of the Most Unique Cafe’s in Mumbai

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