An Aye for an Eye

April 1st, 2021


An Aye for an Eye
Wells abound with feelings
A glance from me it is stealing
The eye answers to me
For questions that I haven’t framed…
It plays on my skin
A staring and looking game.
What is a portrait
Without the eyes that swell?
Brimming on the precipice
Of emotions that we know well…
….If I happen to come across eyes that speak to me
I might one day like to just be
With the face that beholds the eye
It’s an Aye for your eyes for me……
Them Eyes !
It is not contested. The significance of the eyes in a portrait. Cusped between curved lids, this organ is an engineering and a poetic marvel. It is unlikely that you did not notice the eyes on a portrait, for it belies every twitch and expression that we can manufacture. Ballads and songs, poetry and the times bygone, eyes have been the centrepiece of creative desires…
Light at the End of the Tunnel.
Is it not strange that even a mute portrait can say so much more than a tongue of spectacle and debate? What is there in the eyes that connects so deeply to the point of empathising? It is a mystery that we like to unravel, a closet that we like to open, a sense of not knowing what we see and yet we believe it….
The Cat-eyes!
Wonder why we couldn’t look through, the eyes of a feline that is so shallow. Couldn’t it be that they speak a language that we cant see? Perhaps, and we shall never know…… The grammar of the eye is an ancient mystery that we feel but cannot articulate. In art, we can find it, in ways unsaid but only felt. Now take a look at the eyes for they are a feast to your own! Find yourself lost in their depths, for words can only be shallow, lest in truth they are told !

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