Bottle Cap Art Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

April 4th, 2017

Glass bottles are infinitely better than plastic bottles. Not only are they fully recyclable but can be recycled multiple times, saving lots of natural resources in the bargain. Glass is also a much safer option when it comes to storing foodstuffs and liquids. However, what delights art lovers the most is the metal caps that come along with these bottles. These old-school sealers are malleable, yet sturdy and can be put to a range of uses. Here are a couple of décor items you can craft from these caps.

Creative Photo Frames

These photo frames have been created by sticking bottle caps along the edges of blackboards. Use a hot glue gun for sticking. The board can be used for making family announcements, movie plans and lots more!

bottle caps 1



Instead of numbers, use quirky bottle caps as markers on your clock. You’ll still be able to tell the time just fine, plus, you’ll have a trendy wall clock at your disposal!

bottle caps 2


Put a Cap on It Coasters

Bottle cap covered coasters are sturdy and are perfect for protecting your wooden furniture from heat and stains. Use cardboard sheets as your base and glue on the caps using a hot glue gun.

bottle caps 6


Say It in Caps Nameplate

Create your own nameplate by spelling your name or family’s name using bottle caps.

bottle caps 4


3D Wall Art

Stick bottle caps in multiple layers to add dimension to your art piece. Voila! Your 3D wall piece is ready.

bottle caps 7


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