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Simple Ways to Show Your Patriotism

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

India celebrates her Independence Day every year on 15th August, and as such, every single person, for one day, becomes patriotic. They sing songs about the country, watch movies about the spirit of India, wear traditional clothing, and celebrate as a community, all while saluting the flag. And that’s wonderful. But what happens on the 16th? Nothing. Everyone goes back to their regular lives, and probably won’t think about all this right upto the 26th of January. Till then, our ‘patriotism’ goes on hold.

But what if we told you that you could be more patriotic, show love and respect towards your country, all in your everyday life? And traditional wear and flags have nothing to do with it. It’s about you and your civic sense towards not just your country, but also towards your fellow citizens, and even yourself.

So here are five ways you can serve your country, and make her a better place:


1.  Obey the laws of the land

Yup. All of them. That means that you should follow traffic rules like wearing your seatbelt or helmet, wait till the signal turns green before you cross, have a valid license, all of it. It also means that you should pay your taxes (on time), file for the necessary licences for your tasks/business, and drink alcohol responsibly.


Image source - Steemit

Image source – Steemit

2. Vote

This is probably one of the most important tools given to any citizen as one turns an adult – the power to vote. You have the power to decide where the future of the country is heading, and it is a responsibility that you need to both acknowledge as well as fulfill. Make sure you register for voting, and when the time comes around, go out and cast that vote, whichever way you feel is right.


Image source - Yoko Miwa

Image source – Yoko Miwa

3. Be open to all religions and communities

One of the first things you must’ve learnt in your civics class is that one of India’s biggest strengths is it’s Unity in Diversity. With a culture that is a culmination of various states, traditions, religions, languages, dialects, and backgrounds, all coming together. Isn’t that what makes India so wonderful and colorful? It’s high time we started celebrating our differences instead of fighting over them.


Image source - Fireball Securitas

Image source – Fireball Securitas

4. Invest in social work and charities

By invest, we don’t necessarily mean money. You can easily invest your time and energy into social work too. But whatever you do, never lose sight of the fact that if you are doing well in life, there’s also someone out there who isn’t. And if India is to succeed as a country, all it’s people need to succeed too. You can donate to charities, or volunteer with NGOs. From old age homes, where you can give company and some much needed stimulating conversation, to animal shelters caring for the forgotten ones, there are endless options. And if you are pressed for time, and cannot do something of the kind on a regular basis, you can assist in occasional projects that come up now and again. A regular requirement at exam time is for writers for blind and handicapped students. The options are many, you just need to figure out what will give you the most happiness.

Image source - Google Sites

Image source – Google Sites

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This one is not only easy to do, it’s a change you bring about in your every day life that will bring a genuine difference to not only the country you belong to, but also to the environment as a whole. Reduce the amount of waste you produce, and try to use as many eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, sustainable products. Reuse the products you do own. If it’s not possible to reuse them in the same way they were meant to be used, find a way to repurpose them. Old clothes can be turned into everything from cleaning rags to bags, depending on your level of creativity. Milkshake bottles make not only great, non-plastic, water bottles, they can even be used as vases. And finally, recycle. Whether it is old newspapers and magazines, shampoo bottles, or even rubber tyres, it can all be recycled.

Image source -

Image source –

All of these points might seem too minor to make a difference, but the truth is that each and every one of us makes up this country. We, as a whole, define and shape what India is. So how each of us conducts ourselves really does make a difference to the whole. After all, each drop of water is responsible for making up the ocean as a whole. Let’s make our country great by first being great citizens ourselves. Happy Independence Day!

5 Great Romance Authors of our Generation

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.” Though an anonymous quote, the words couldn’t be truer and more applicable to real life. Books have always been the gateway to new worlds, and romance novels, as a genre, can transport you to a world where you can rest easy that everything will turn out right with the world. They introduce you to women you admire, and men you connect with, and often have a knack for tapping into human emotions in a way that you connect, no matter what background you come from.

So, to acknowledge the wonder and magic that romance novels bring to our lives, here’s a list of 5 authors from our generation, who are at the top of their game.


1. Nora Roberts

The queen of the best-seller list, Nora Roberts can easily be called the romance writer for this generation. With over 200 books to her credit, she is amazing at churning out masterpiece after masterpiece, with well-rounded characters, classic romance, and an ability to make you read well into the night. She also writes a separate thriller-romance series under the pseudonym J.D.Robb, who is just as popular and successful.

Image source - Goodreads

Image source – Goodreads


2. Debbie Macomber

Debbie clearly belongs on this list, with over 200 million copies of her books sold worldwide. With beautiful words, scenic descriptions you can almost visualize, and lovers so clearly meant to be together, you get frustrated with them for not seeing it as clearly as you, she lures you in and keeps you hooked right to the last page.

Image source - Simon & Schuster

Image source – Simon & Schuster


3. Nicholas Sparks

The odd man out, clearly, being one of the few men to be able to breakthrough in a genre considered by many to be a woman’s forte, Nicholas certainly has a special ‘Spark’ in his work. His books are so popular that many have gone on to be become successful feature length films, including The Last Song, Safe Haven, A Walk to Remember, and the most memorable of them all, The Notebook.

Image source - Google

Image source – Google


4. Jayne Ann Krentz

Another author who has written many best-selling books not only in her own name, but also in her pseudonym Amanda Quick. Another weird quirk of hers? She has a host of other pseudonyms under which many novels and series have been written, including Amanda Glass, Jayne Castle, Jayne Taylor, as well as Stephanie James. We’re exhausted just reading the names.

Image source - Twitter

Image source – Twitter


5. Sarah MacLean

We’re happy to include her name primarily because she has achieved so much at such a young age. One of the youngest authors to reach such accolades, and having won numerous awards, especially in the romance genre, Sarah is one to look out for.

Image source - Goodreads

Image source – Goodreads


Though it’s obvious that we can’t possibly cover each and every romance author out there, these are five great options to get you started. And if you want to add some of your favorites, send us a mail and we’ll make a second list. You can also suggest different genres that you’d like us to write about too. Till next time, cheerio!

Great Trek Locations Near Mumbai

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

The weather! No seriously, the weather! Isn’t it just the most beautiful thing at this time of year? Oh, wait. You don’t agree? It’s mucky, makes you sweaty, it’s horrible to travel in, especially to go to work, and the number of shoes you’ve ruined is heartbreaking? But what if we could take all that misery related to this weather, and make it disappear for a bit? Replace the water-logged roads with open spaces surrounded by greenery? Would you change your mind then? We genuinely think so.

To help you out with this, we’ve come up with some suggestions for you to plan a trek around Mumbai with friends this weekend, so that you can really soak in the joys the monsoons bring, with vibrant greens, misty showers, fresh air, and a small stall selling hot tea and hotter pakodas. So get out your whatsapp groups, and get planning!



Located between Virar and Vasai, this dense forest area is great for people who wish to take long walks amidst lush greenery.

Image source - Treks and Trails

Image source – Treks and Trails


Rajmachi Fort

Though the final section of the drive from Lonavla isn’t that great, this is a great location to head to, especially for beginner level trekkers. And the views accorded from the Fort are certainly worth the trip too!

Image source - Wikipedia

Image source – Wikipedia


Sandhan Valley

Located near Bhandardara and Igatpuri, the Sandhan Valley experience and views are sure to leave you never wanting to head back to the city!

Image source - Travel d globe

Image source – Travel d globe



One of the most popular locations for trekkars, this one is great for beginners too.

Image source - Weekend Thrill

Image source – Weekend Thrill


Lohagad Fort

Another great fort near Mumbai, this one has lovely foggy scenes to appease that inner need for perfect scenery.


Image source - Hunt for spot

Image source – Hunt for spot



Another spot near Lonavla, this little hill is a great getaway.

Image source - eventshigh

Image source – eventshigh


Raigad Fort

Another lovely fort near Mumbai, this one is quite popular for night trekking.

Image source - Thrillophillia

Image source – Thrillophillia

It’s obvious that we’ve hardly come close to covering all the trekking spots that come within driving distance from Mumbai, we sincerely hope that we’ve whet your appetite enough to plan a trip, get out there, and really enjoy what the monsoons are really all about – being one with nature!

Color Me Silly

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

When you think of the word color, what comes to mind? Do you see a big random blotch of red? Or blue, or green? Are you limited to viewing the world in just the primary and secondary colors, or have you expanded your view to include shades and variations of those very colors?

If you dabble in illustrative art, whether it be painting, drawing, or even graphic design, or in fashion or textiling, then you probably know what we’re talking about here. You understand that if one is willing to explore beyond just the basic colors, go from red to reds, as a family, you’ll open up the portal to a brand new world, where colors are never ending, and the possibilities are endless.

To those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about (we know, it’s probably sounding like fevered gibberish right about now), let’s take a small tour of just some words that can help you start your discovery.

Think of it as just dipping your toes into the pool, instead of just diving straight in.



It’s all a pigment of your imagination. No, wait. Oops. Pigments are actually the substances in a paint or dye that gives it its color. It is normally a powder, that goes on to be mixed with oil, water, egg, etc.



Ok, this one’s probably one of the easiest to get. Why? Because it quite literally means color! In painting terms, it is the pure color, without the addition of any white or black to it. Think of the brightest version of a color.


Now the variations we get from here on come from the addition (in small or large parts) of white, grey, and black.



So now that we have our hue, if we start adding white to it, we get a tint. This lightens the color, making it softer. The more white we add, the lighter the color becomes. (Think pastel colors)



If we instead add black to our original hue, we get shades. This make the color darker, and more intense. The more black we keep adding, the darker the shade.



Instead of pure white or black, if we instead add grey to a color, we get what is called a tone. While this does make the original hue darker (like a shade), instead of keeping its original brightness, it becomes a bit more tame and subdued. 


The easiest way to understand how all this works? Take out your old school paint kit (and if you’re lucky the paint hasn’t dried), try mixing white, and grey, and black in varying degrees to your favorite colors. And of course that’s our idea, since you know that we’re big fans of digging our hands straight into creativity, so you might as well try it.

Still don’t get what it all means? Try this chart!

Image Source - Pinterest

Image Source – Pinterest


And that’s how you get introduced to the various families of the various colors. Each color can be softened, subdued, or darkened to create an endless array of new colors. And then they get fancy names like Chartreuse, or Ocher, or Aquamarine.

We hope you totally enjoyed this itty bitty lesson, and feel that niggling feeling at the back of your mind, coaxing you to take out some colors and have fun with it. Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter if you’re “good”or “bad” at art. It just matters that you create something!

So, go on then. Make some hue and cry about your favorite colors! (LOL, see what we did there?)

Classical Dance Forms of India

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

India is a land known for its rich and diverse culture, and its dance forms are known internationally for their graceful movements and elegant body poses. The art of storytelling that is intertwined amongst these dances is something that adds to their allure. But how much do you know about these many dance forms, or what state they originated in, or even what their names mean?

While there are numerous dances that can be counted when one refers to Indian classical dances, the number of recognized ones range from eight to more, depending on the source and scholar. The Sangeet Natak Akademi recognizes eight  - Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Sattriya, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam.

Let’s have a quick overview of them:


Bharatanatyam, from Tamil Nadu

The term Bharata in Bharatanatyam, in the Hindu tradition, is believed to have named after the famous performance art sage to whom the ancient Natya Shastra is attributed. There is a false belief that the word Bharata is a mnemonic, consisting of “bha”–”ra”–”ta”. According to this belief, bha stands for bhava (feelings, emotions), ra stands for raga (melody, framework for musical notes), and ta stands for tala (rhythm). The term Natya is a Sanskrit word for “dance”. The compound word Bharatanatyam thus connotes a dance which harmoniously expresses “bhava, raga and tala”.

Image source – StyleCraze


Kathak, from Northern and Western India

The term Kathak is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word Katha which means “story”, and Kathaka which means “the one who tells a story”, or “to do with stories”.

Image source - Mercury news

Image source – Mercury news


Kathakali, from Kerala

The term Kathakali is derived from Katha which means “story, or a conversation, or a traditional tale”, and Kali (from Kala) which means “performance and art”.

Image source - Utsavpedia

Image source – Utsavpedia



Kuchipudi, from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Kuchipudi is named after the village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh named Kuchipudi – shortened form of the full name Kuchelapuram or Kuchilapuri – where it developed.

Image source - Mythical India

Image source – Mythical India


Odissi, from Odisha

Odissi, also referred to as Orissi in older literature, is a major ancient Indian classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha – an eastern coastal state of India.

Image source - Factualnews

Image source – Factualnews


Sattriya, from Assam

Sattriya or Sattriya Nritya. It is a dance-drama performance art with origins in the Krishna-centered Vaishnavism monasteries of Assam, and attributed to the 15th century Bhakti movement scholar and saint named Srimanta Sankardev.

Image source - myIndiamyGlory

Image source – myIndiamyGlory


Manipuri, from Manipur

Manipuri dance, also known as Jagoi, is one of the major Indian classical dance forms, named after the region of its origin – Manipur, a state in northeastern India

Image source - Cultural India

Image source – Cultural India


Mohiniyattam, from Kerala

Mohiniyattam, also spelled Mohiniattam, gets its name from the word Mohini – a mythical enchantress avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, who helps the good prevail over evil by deploying her feminine powers.

Image source - Utsavpedia

Image source – Utsavpedia


So, now you know a little bit more about your own rich culture. Share with your friends to help them learn more too. And do take out some time to attend any performance of dance whenever possible. It is truly a transcendent experience!


*References taken from Wikipedia.


Gifts from the Heart

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

No matter who you are, or where you are, you definitely have people in your life. Whether it’s family or friends, colleagues or classmates, people play an essential role in your day-to-day living. And with people, of course, come the celebrations.

The more people you have in your life, the more celebrations that you will take part in. Just think about it – for every association you make with another person, that person brings with him or herself a birthday, maybe a wedding anniversary, or even just a friendversary (as Facebook likes to call them) with you. And of course with celebrations, come the gifts. Because let’s admit it, what’s a celebration without a gift?

Now this is great when you’re at the receiving end of this little scenario, but what about all the 364 days when it’s not your birthday, and probably someone else’s? What should you get for you Mom? Or your cubicle buddy at work? Or your gym trainer? What about your significant other?

Here’s a list of ideas for options that aren’t the typical off-to-the-gift-store-to-buy-a-generic-card type. And if you see a trend of make-it-yourself options, that’s because they really are the best options. Not only are they cheaper than buying a random but expensive knick knack from a store, they also make sure that your gift stands out from the rest.


1. A card

No, no. Don’t breathe a sigh of relief here. We DO NOT mean go and buy one from a store. We’re talking about making one. You know, like you used to do in school? (But hopefully a bit prettier). Get some handmade paper with a flair of character, dig out those old watercolors (or craft paper and glue, if drawing or painting isn’t your thing), and get going. Make sure to put a nice, personal message inside, and there you have it.

Image source – Handmade Cards


2. A handmade gift

Since we’re already on the point of hand making things, this is one to note. Depending on your level of artistry as well as how much of time you are willing to commit, you can make something easy and less time consuming, or something intricate and delicate. It’s entirely up to you. And with easy access to interest and millions of sites and blogs dedicated to do-it-yourself projects and hand made gifts and crafts, the ideas and options are endless. Find something that resonates with the interests of the person you are making the gift for (something music related for a musician or music aficionado, jewelry for your sister or girlfriend,

Image source - Etsy

Image source – Etsy


3. A playlist

We know, this one sounds weird, but trust us, it’s a wonderful way to show someone how you think of them. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of that particular person. Seriously, think how jazzed you would feel if someone did this for you? It’s sweet, and completely personal, and the best thing is, if you’re not the crafty type you needn’t worry. There’s no getting your hands dirty with this one!

Image source – iMore


4. Coupons

Hilarious though it seems, we’re not talking about coupons from a newspaper, or those you find online for shopping. We’re talking about making your own coupons for a loved one. You could have one offering to make a meal, one for a date or shopping trip, maybe another for taking on a house chore for a week. Use your imagination, and create a set of these that suit your relation, and you have an easy, personalized gift ready that gives them something truly valuable – your time.

Image source - Elle's Studio

Image source – Elle’s Studio



So you see, it’s not that hard to personalize a gift. And the best thing, you can pretty much guarantee that the person you’re giving the gift will truly treasure it. After all, who doesn’t want to get a gift that is completely unlike anything else in the world!

It’s Only Words

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

It’s the age of communication, and there seems to be no getting away from it. And with social media being a permanent and inescapable part of our lives, nothing can drive this point home more.

But are we unequipped to deal with the sudden requirement for us to sound intelligent no matter what we do? We have to comment on a friend’s status update. We have to tweet at our favorite celebrity. We have to find that perfect caption for our latest Instagram picture. And what about those lovely people who seem to login to various sites purely to correct other’s mistakes in spelling or grammar? How do we possibly escape them? And let’s not even begin on how we have to reply to our boss’ emails at work in the most diplomatic way possible.

The trick is simple really. We have to do that one thing our English teacher in school kept telling us to do – improve our vocabulary! (And this holds true for all languages by the way, not just English).

So all those years of ignoring our teacher seem to be coming back to bite us in the, err, rear, while our old teachers are sitting at home probably creating fake profiles just so that they can correct us in public domains. (Dear teacher, that was a joke, not an invitation to do so)

So, here’s how you can fight back, and improve that vocabulary!


1. Use the dictionary

Sorry. There’s no getting around this one. Unfortunately, if we don’t understand what a word means, we can’t use it correctly. The good news is that you don’t have to lug around the actual book though. Just download any dictionary app, and use it every time you come across a word you don’t quite understand.

Image source – Unilad




2. Read more

Ok, sure, the last time you were told this, you probably had a mountain of text books in front of you. But here too, there is good news. It doesn’t matter what you read, just that you cultivate reading as a habit. So, cultivate away, but towards your individual tastes and interests, whether that’s the latest automobile magazine, Bollywood gossip column, Harry Potter book, or even an Archies comic, or Tinkle digest! Even newspapers, political blog posts, sports magazines, industry journals, or a self-help book count. Though you should draw the line at Whatsapp forwards. Those don’t count. Just 20 minutes a day is more than enough!

Image source - Reading Ahead

Image source – Reading Ahead


3. Play word games

Yes, you read that correctly. And it works too! It doesn’t matter whether the games are in a newspaper, or puzzle book, or board game, or even on an app on your phone. Crosswords, word jumbles, Scrabble, they all help you keep your word count up!

Image source - Chemistry World

Image source – Chemistry World


4. Stop using the word ‘very’

Unfortunately, the word ‘very’ has a tendency to become a bit of a crutch for those suffering from a poor vocabulary. We miss out on using so many alternative ways of expressing things just by hiding behind this one little word. ‘Very angry’ could be ‘furious’, ‘very pretty’ could be ‘gorgeous’, and ‘very bad’ could be ‘atrocious’. Our language tends to become a bit colorless and bland if get used to just using ‘very’ everywhere.

Image source – SankeiBiz


5. Don’t think you’re too old to learn

Just because you’re no longer in school, doesn’t mean you know everything. And it also doesn’t mean that you should. Every situation you face in life will try to teach you something, you just have to be open to it. And even teachers themselves should be constantly learning new things. Don’t use age as an excuse, but rather as an opportunity!

Image source – Telegraph


But above all else, never be ashamed for where you stand in terms of your knowledge. As long as you are working to better yourself, you are the master of your fate. Don’t forget, no one out there is perfect, and we are all learning something every day. The power is in realizing this, and staying humble. More power to you!

Netflix for the Music Aficionado

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Another weekend is here, and since we had something special for creative folk last week, this weekend we’re bringing a list of Netflix programs for the music addicts out there. (Yes, yes, we haven’t forgotten you). So without further ado, let’s get listing.


Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague

In this concert, Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer performs his most iconic movie scores to a sell-out crowd at the O2 Arena in Prague. Slightly over two hours long, this concert is perfect for you if you believe that the score of a movie sets the tone for it. Feel emotions rise and fall as classics from movies like The Dark Knight, Lion King, and Interstellar, among many others, are performed by a live orchestra. Your mind will be blown!

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix

27: Gone Too Soon

Explore the circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths at 27 of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. This program chronicles what many music followers and fans refuse to acknowledge as mere coincidence. With so many great artists leaving us at the young and barely-getting-started age of 27, just what is going on? Is there a conspiracy? Is it just a coincidence? Is there a deeper meaning? Watch and explore the options.

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix


Groundbreaking artists share their life stories in this vibrant documentary series that captures hip-hop’s impact on global culture. Episodes explore the stories of different artists, ranging from LOGIC to T.I., Nas, G-Easy, and others. This is an interesting watch if hip-hop is your thing, as it explores not only the music, but the back stories and culture that brings it all to the forefront.

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix

Also, there are a host of documentaries or special series focusing on specific artists and their journeys, or specific concert tours, if that’s what you’re looking for. Learn more about David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, and even The Beatles. There’s something for everyone, spanning across all music genres. So hit that search on, and get your chill on.

Have a great weekend!



Unconventioanl Career Goals

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

With exam results either just out, or looming over the horizon, a brand new batch of students are eager to join the workforce. Or are they? Over the last few years, the number of fresh graduates heading in ‘unconventional’ directions has been on the rise. Young entrepreneurs setting up their own start-ups, or even foregoing a career in the common nine-to-five job arena to take on freelancing and spreading their talent in multiple places at one go, is fast becoming the new norm.

Reasons range from wanting to express their creativity, to wanting the freedom of movement and the possibility of travel that exists in non-conventional jobs, to even having a chance to ‘discovering’ themselves. While these are obviously part of the advantages of taking off towards the unbeaten path, there are many pitfalls that might be waiting to greet them, like rejection, bounced cheques, no guarantee of steady work or income, loss of investment, disillusionment. However, those that persevere and make the cut often report higher job satisfaction, and seem to be closer to that ever elusive goal – happiness.

So if you, or someone you know, wants to give life outside the box a go, here are some ‘different’ areas to look for work in -


Translator or Interpreter

If you have a strong command over two or more languages, this must just be the right direction for you. Requirements for translators can range from real time interpreters (where you must listen to and respond to, actively translating, during a conversation between your client and someone else), document translations (these could include legal documents, agreements, questionnaires, etc.), or even script or dialogue translations (often used for other language dubbing for movies, television shows, documentaries, etc.). Clients can range from corporate or media houses, to individual companies, or even book publishers.

Image source - spctranslations

Image source – spctranslations


Voice-over or Dubbing artist

If you have a unique voice and clear diction, this might be right up your alley. All you need to do is get some basic voice samples recorded in the languages you are ready to work in, and then send them out to potential clients. And the best part is, this industry is open for all kinds of voices, so you just need to find your space or ‘ideal’ clientele. Got a heavy, husky textured voice? Head for parts in TVCs (TV commercials) and documentaries. Got a thin, shrill voice? Try out for cartoon dubbing. And the type of work you can apply for is quite varied. From animated videos, to TV and radio ads, documentaries, movie or show language dubbings, to even video games, or railway annoucements!

Image source -

Image source –


Emcee or Event Host

Like talking, a lot? Have a natural talent for making people feel welcomed? Got a knack for getting people involved? Then try your hand at becoming an Emcee! From hosting intimate functions, to corporate events, to even government functions, the range of functions is wide and long. Popular artists have gone on to host TV talk shows, become RJs or VJs, or even hosts to sporting events! So if you’ve got a strong personality, a big voice, and the natural ability to make people feel at ease, then go ahead and talk your way to fame and fortune.

Image source - Vetta Quartet

Image source – Vetta Quartet


Music composer or producer

Are you a music composer? Do tunes and rhythms come naturally to you? Well, an interesting option available to you is to produce music as a freelancer. There is a dearth in the market for talented composers who can deliver well-produced music that matches client briefs, and with minimal turnaround time. This job does however require investment in a basic set up in terms of equipment. But the work encompasses a variety in the work you could be producing. From background scores for short films, to jingles for product advertisements, and even scoring for video games or corporate videos. And if the space you set up your equipment can accommodate it, you can even rent it out as a recording space or jamming space to other musicians, giving you an additional source of income. However, make sure you take the time to learn the basics of the software you will need to produce your work. Producing work that is substandard will ensure that you don’t get more work in the future.

Image source -

Image source –


A flair for words can make you ideal for this role. And the projects you undertake can range across the spectrum. From the obvious options of writing a book, or running a blog, you can even write articles for magazines and/or newspapers, or content for websites or social media accounts, to even textbooks, or manuals for corporations. And you can even specialize in your field of study. Studied law? You can write agreements for corporate houses. Got a degree in medicine? Medical journals are always looking for new things. And you can also diversify by offering services of proof-reading or editing to other writers or publication houses.

Image source - StayWow

Image source – StayWow

While these careers are rarely monotonous, and even more rarely boring, they are definitely risky. If you are considering venturing this way, please keep in mind that like any other job or career, nothing comes easy. There will be struggles, there will be sleepless nights, and there will be a lot of hard work. While these career choices to give a lot of happiness to those who pursue them with all diligence, it doesn’t come easy. And it also involves taking on work that might not personally interest you too, just to make ends meet. Hosting a birthday party is not glamorous, nor is creating an audio recording of an entire maths text book. But the rewards are plenty too. Just remember that when you work for yourself, you need to work twice as hard. So, are you ready?

Top QTube Café Events Next Week (April)

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

It’s mid-April and all of us are already feeling the intensity of Mumbai’s summer heat. Looking for a cool place to unwind in? Visit QTube Café, an elegant arts incubation centre- cum- café on Bandra’s S.V. Road. You can step in to read a book, enjoy a coffee, surf the internet or simply enjoy the air conditioning! Alternatively, you could also drop in to participate in one of these fun events happening there.

Mind and Me

The organization is hosting a workshop for parents with children battling with hyperactivity and inattentiveness. The workshop will help parents understand neurological factors that cause hyperactivity and inattentiveness. It will also behavioural management and skill building to help parents motivate and deal with children suffering from these issues.

Date: 21st April

Time: 4 – 7 pm

Fee: Rs. 150

Dori – A Thread Art

crochet workshop

Image courtesy: Dori – A Thread Art

Crochet was thought to be a grandmother’s hobby. Not anymore, for this workshop will teach you how to make beautiful crochet earrings and pendants. Participants will receive extra material to practice at home and other tips to make jewellery.

Date: 21st April

Time: 11.30 – 2 pm

Fee: Rs. 300

Bards of Mumbai

‘Bards of Mumbai’ strive to keep poetry alive by organizing open mics every month to gather writers, poets, story-tellers and singers. This month, they’re organizing their event at QTube Café, so poets, get your work along and enjoy a welcoming stage!

Date: 22nd April

Time: 5 – 9 pm

Fee: Free

Terrarium Workshop

terranium workshop

Image courtesy: Bloomerz

This fun terrarium workshop will equip you with skills that are far beyond anything you have learnt so far! Learn how to create stunning little creations using real plants that are absolutely maintenance free. The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Terrarium Plant selection and introduction to succulent plants.
  • Materials required to create a terrarium miniatures.
  • Explanation of terrarium layers, tips on terrarium care. At the end of the workshop, you get to take away your very own terrarium worth Rs.2000.

Date: 22nd April

Time: 10 am – 1 pm

Fee: Rs. 2500