Celebrate NASA’s Discovery with Galaxy-Inspired Art

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope helped us spot a whole new solar system, located 40 light years away from us in a constellation named Aquarius. The solar system has been names TRAPPIST-1 and has 7 earth-sized planets in all, with 3 planets falling in the habitable zone. This means that, in at least 3 of these planets, there’s a chance for life to exist. This discovery is absolutely amazing and has delighted everyone, especially UFO conspiracy theorists!

Would you like to travel to these strange and distant lands someday? Well, you might have to wait a long time for such an opportunity. In the meantime, you can celebrate this wonderful discovery by indulging in the galaxy-themed art. Here are a few cool things you can make to feel starry-eyed!

Coffee lovers like us genuinely believe that an entire universe can be found inside a coffee mug. Why not use art to represent this thought?

coffee cup galaxy

Nail polish is easy to apply, but instead of opting for the one-color look, why not try something spacey?

galaxy nail art

Or, why not get the quirky shoes painted?

galaxy shoes

Nothing like celebrating with a tasty cake, right?

galaxy cake

If you’re a guitarist, you surely won’t regret a purchase like this!

galaxy pick