Craziest Conspiracy Theories in the Music Industry

May 20th, 2017

Who can forget Avril Lavigne’s pretty in pink and black punk style that appealed to countless rebellious teenagers. If one wasn’t gushing about her style, one was certainly gushing about her songs, especially if a breakup was on the cards. ‘Complicated’ was the jilted lover’s anthem and ‘Girlfriend’ was the song every girl sang for the boy she couldn’t get. Then, teenage matured into adulthood and the Avril spunk mellowed into coping mechanisms more suitable to adulthood. Eventually, the singer and her songs faded out of our consciousness. It was quite shocking then, when recently, our newsfeeds were bombarded with articles that spoke of the songstress being a victim of a rather grim and dreadful controversy. According to a group of conspiracy theorists, the singer passed away way back in 2003 and has since been replaced by a clone named ‘Melissa.’ Drastic alterations in facial features and even her sartorial preferences are sited as proofs of this deceptive switch. But, should we be quick to believe this conspiracy? We think not, because the music industry has always been rife with such scandalous, but unproven theories. Here are some of the most outrageous ones.

Jay-Z is the Illuminati

Jay-Z definitely is one of the richest rappers in the industry. But, according to a group of conspiracy theorists, he is also a member of the infamous secret society – ‘Illuminati.’ What emboldens them to make such an accusation? Mr Z happens to have a “diamond cutter” hand symbol that fortunately, or unfortunately, closely resembles the Illuminati’s All-seeing Eye and Pyramid symbol. As if this wasn’t enough, they also believe that he has the power to control minds and time travel!

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Paul McCartney is dead

Hold your horses, don’t faint just yet! We remind you again that these conspiracies lack irrefutable proof. The conspiracy was cooked up way back in 1967, when the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band studio album was released. It was believed that Paul had died in a car accident and was being replaced by a lookalike. The album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s is said to have featured a few clues that point to McCartney’s demise. For one, there is a hand above Paul’s head which looks to be administering his Last Rites. Plus, in an image on the inside of the record’s jacket, he stands with his back facing the viewer while the rest of his band mates face forward. Rumors about his death gained so much currency that Paul chose to comment on them in an interview with Life Magazine in 1969. (The real Paul, that is.)

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Gangsta Rap was invented to Fill Prisons

This is probably the most outrageous one from the lot. According to this theory, decision makers of popular and affluent record labels invented a genre of music that would actively promote crime. The music, filled with lyrics that endorsed street violence and drug and alcohol abuse, were supposed to lure people into a life of crime. Criminals thus created would be dumped into private-owned prisons to keep them full. What was that genre you ask? Well, the name says it all – Gangsta Rap!





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