DIY Art Projects To Make Using Feathers

June 14th, 2017

Feathers are gorgeous creations of nature. They’re extremely soft, smooth and light and cannot be easily replicated by mankind, no matter how hard we try. The feel of a feather on your skin is delightful and that’s why, designers include these velvety objects in their creations. You don’t have to touch a feather to experience its exquisiteness, feathers display such gorgeous colors and textures that even looking at them is pleasurable. If you’d like to decorate your indoors with these pretty plumes, here are some easy-to-make, feathery wall pieces to infuse your home with rustic charm!


Dreamcatchers were first made by the Red Indians, who used them to protect their children from nightmares. Although making these intricate objects might seem like an achievable task, it’s actually quite simple once you master a few knotting techniques. If you’d like to learn these techniques, sign up for a Dreamcatcher workshop. We recently went to one conducted by Happy Tribe and were pleased with all that we learn in that session.


Mirror, mirror on the wall – here’s the featheriest one of all! 

Why see you pretty reflection in an unadorned mirror? Select your favorite feathers and stick them around your mirror using a glue gun.

peacock feather art

Minimalist feather art

This simple an sophisticated wall art piece is perfect for personal and professional spaces. Select a handful of different feathers and tape them on a piece of wood using glue or washi tape. Now, frame your creation to enhance its durability.

wall art feathers  

Fairy lights and feathers

We all know that mason jars can be converted into elegant-looking lamps by stuffing them with fairy lights. Give your mason jar lamp a feathery update by filling them with a few feathers. The feathers will muffle the lights and cause the lamp to eliminate a pleasant, muted glow.

lamp feather

The feather of all feathers

Make this gorgeous-looking art piece by gluing together a host of colorful feathers. Use a wooden branch as the shaft and a glue gun to stick feathers along it. Arrange the feathers according to their size with the smallest ones to the top and the largest ones to the bottom.



Have a feathery time!


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