DIY of the Week – Mini Lid Banjo

June 11th, 2018

Feel like starting the week off with a bit of musical creativity? We’ve got a cool Do-It-Yourself project that you can take on, and the best thing is that you don’t need to go shopping for supplies, nor does it take too much of time to make. And to top it off, you end up with this really cute little banjo that can be used to brighten up any space. Ready to get going?


Things you will need (Supplies):

  • One jar lid
  • One large, wide popsicle stick
  • Colored/washi tape or paint/sketch pens
  • 4 rubber bands (ideally colored)
  • Tape
  • Feviqwik glue
  • Sequins or gem stickers

How To:


Step 1

Take the jar or bottle lid and place the four rubber bands across it, the slightest bit apart from each other. If you want to be a bit more arty, stick a round of pretty craft paper inside the lid, before adding the rubber bands.

Image source -

Image source –


Step 2

Put tape at the top side of the lid, so that it covers all four bands, and holds them in place on the lid.

Image source - The Craft Train

Image source – The Craft Train



Step 3

Cut off the edge of the stick, then proceed to decorate the stick with colored or washi tape, or use paint or sketch pens and make your own design. Remember to leave some blank space at both ends.

Image source -

Image source –



Step 4

Attach the cut end of the stick securely to the previously applied tape on the lid cover with another piece of tape (or two).


Step 5

Create tuning knobs on the blank curved end by sticking on four sequins or sticking gem stickers, two on each side. You can also just draw these on with sketch pens or glitter glue if you want.


Image source -

Image source –


And there you have it! A beautiful and completely customized mini banjo that you can use to decorate your study table or workspace, gift a friend, or just carry it around in your bag if you want. And yes, technically, you can strum the ‘strings’ but good luck making music with that!


Have a lovely week!


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