Etiquette Guide to Make It A Happy Holi!

March 10th, 2020

Happy Holi everyone! While the festival of colors is something a lot of people look forward to, and many often refer to it as their Indian festival, there are still quite a few who shy away from all the color and loud music that is often associated with Holi. Wondering why? Because while the celebration of Holi has a lot going for it, it also, unfortunately, has a few drawbacks which make it a not-so-happy festival for several people. So here’s a quick guide to ensure that you aren’t the only one having a Happy Holi.


1. Always ask first!

It doesn’t take long. All you have to do is ask first. Just because you feel like celebrating doesn’t mean the other person needs to oblige that. Also, some people don’t like close contact, have skin allergies or sensitivity, or just don’t like it. And don’t just ask for the sake of asking, respect their right to say no, and move on.

Image Source - Times of India

Image Source – Times of India


2. Use natural and organic colors

So many of those colors that you’ve bought off the street are cheap. And the reason for this is often because they are manufactured without standards. Many of those colors have toxic elements and unnatural or dangerous chemicals mixed in to make the color pop more, and will often leave people fighting off rashes and skin burns, irritated eyes, among other issues, for several days after the festivities are over.

Image Source - The Softcopy

Image Source – The Softcopy


3. Don’t throw colors on animals!

What’s the first thing you do once the Holi party is over? You take a bath, right? You know who can’t do that? All those dogs, cats, cows, and whatever other animal you have doused in color. Not only that, they are at an even higher risk of health issues because they lick themselves, so are at the risk of ingesting all those chemicals.

Image Source - Facebook

Image Source – Facebook


4. Keep your distance

Women especially are unfond of Holi. The instances of strangers, and even acquaintances using the application of color as an excuse to touch women inappropriately is incomparable. Don’t believe us? Ask the women in your life how they really feel about it, and you’ll definitely get a ‘colorful’ earful of stories. No celebration should take away a woman’s autonomy and control over her own body. Please be respectful.

Image Source - Indian Women Blog

Image Source – Indian Women Blog


5. Bura Na Mano!

If you do get called out for any behaviour, don’t try to hide behind the age old “Bura na mano, Holi hai”. Just apologize and learn not to repeat it again. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Image Source - Thought Pillars

Image Source – Thought Pillars


Love celebrating Holi? Then we hope you try to make it a happy celebration for everyone around you too.


Happy Holi!


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