Fun Things to do this Week!


Hello folks, it’s time for us to give y’all a list of all the fun events y’all should check out this week. So here goes.

Expressing Expressions

Inhabited beings – Art exhibition

This exhibition by Tejswini Sonawane comments on the misogynistic, patriarchal society we live in. Through the portrayal of animals, their ferocious expressions and body language, she comments on the condition of women in this country. To appreciate her talented works, visit her exhibition – Inhabited Beings.

Get grooving to these beats!

Bird with Strings – Charlie Parker Revisited

Pay tribute to the king of jazz by attending a live concert that promises to celebrate his music. Charlie Parker also known as ‘bird’ was an influential composer and saxophonist. He is still revered for his contribution to jazz music. Be a part of this concert to get a taste of his rhythms first hand. For more details:

Tribute to Dire Straits – One Night Stand

All you Dire Straits fans, you’re in for a real treat. One Night Stand, a band that has already won hearts with their commendable performances at Hard Rock and NH7 Promo Nights will be paying tribute to Dire Straits by performing some of their most famous tracks. Be there to let your hair down and enjoy some melodious rhythms.

Venue: HRC (Andheri) Thursday, 8.30 pm onwards

Of course, we couldn’t leave out our organization now, could we? NSPA brings to you non-stop, accessible entertainment absolutely free of cost. Our artists perform in public spaces around the city in a bid to bring art to the people. So hang around at the venues we perform at and you’ll be treated to wonderful music and witty plays. To know the places we perform at, check out our events page:

Lovers of poetry, lend me your ears!

Poetry & prose on Nationalism, Freedom & Independence

Celebrate Independence Day by reading some moving, patriotic poems. Written in the Urdu language, these poems speak about various aspects of nationalism, patriotism, our freedom struggle and the diversity one finds in a country like India. The poems will be read by Mehfil and will then be followed by a discussion that will bring to the fore the deeper meanings behind each poem. For more details:

All the World’s a Stage


Most of us have fond memories of our school days and given a chance, we would really like to go back. It is here that we learnt much about good values, the importance of trying and value of friendships. Ripples is a play that explores these classroom dynamics and the impact they have on a child’s life. To know more about this play:

Shakkar ke Paanch Daane

This brilliant monologue delivered by a man who believes he has an unremarkable life leads to the realization that all of us actually have lives that are rife with stories and if we looked closely, we’d realize that there is a story inside each and every one of us. For more details:

Hope this short list helps you have a wonderful, enjoyable week!