I’m Walking on Snow, And Don’t it Feel Good!

If you haven’t yet heard about this daredevil artist, it’s time you did! Simon Beck is a British artist who has introduced his own brand of winter art to the art world. His technique is tedious and difficult, but the results are beyond stunning. He has spent the last ten years creating stunning geometric designs on ice. What is astonishing about his work however is the size of these works and the fact that he creates them singlehandedly, or must we say  ‘leggedly,’ by walking across huge snow-covered expanses wearing snow shoes! Each artwork takes up to eleven hours and requires him to traverse about 25 miles to create a pattern. Baseplate and prismatic compasses help him set the direction he needs to walk in. He creates these snow paintings mostly in the frigid Alps or on frozen lakes.


Image courtesy: Mental Floss

Here are a couple of images that capture his gorgeous snow paintings.


Image courtesy: Inhabitat


Image courtesy: Chase Jarvis

The Guradian

Image courtesy: The Guardian

The most intriguing aspect about this artist and his art is his passion to continue creating these masterpieces although he knows that they’ll last for but a few hours, or given the best weather conditions, a few days. The short shelf-life of his works doesn’t dissuade him from coming up with more intricate and expansive designs!

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