MaxMeet Social comes to Bandra!

February 9th, 2017

MaxMeet Social is a six-year old poetry organization that conducts poetry meetups in the central suburbs, mostly Thane. After many requests to conduct similar meetups in the Western suburbs, the organization finally conducted its first meetup in Bandra and QTube Café was lucky to be the venue to host them! The evening saw some very talented poets share their self-written pieces with the audience. Themes explored were varied, but wonderful and every poet was treated to generous applause after their performance.

If you love listening to poetry, or are a closet poet, MaxMeet Social’s poetry sessions are something you’ll want to attend. The organizers are friendly, the audience is encouraging and everyone is welcome to read out their poems. Make the most of this opportunity and get the applause you rightly deserve!

To know more about MaxMeet Social and their events, like their Facebook page:

Some pictures from the evening.

DSC_1472 copy

DSC_1484 Copy

DSC_1488 copy

DSC_1497 copy

DSC_1499 copy


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