No Water, No World

The little boys, as well as the musicians are having a blast, but they don’t let their enthusiasm make them irresponsible. That’s why they choose to throw dry colour into the air. If our opening lines have got you a little puzzled, we apologize. We were talking about Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ video. Yes, even Chris Martin knows about Mumbai’s water problems!

On a serious note though, it’s time we started taking the issue of water conservation seriously. A look at the current state of our water bodies is enough to make alarm bells go off. If you don’t want to go so far away from home (some of us don’t even know where the nearest reservoir or damn is located) just look at the amount of water being pumped into our building tanks. Many areas are receiving water just twice a day, and each time for around 10 – 15 minutes. Water shortage is a grave problem because it impacts almost every activity, from production to trade to consumption to even basic survival. It’s high time we started practicing the things we wrote in those ‘How to Save Water Essays’ we so eloquently composed in school! When do we start? Well almost any day is a good day, as long as it’s not too far into the future. Also, today is a good day, what with today being World Water Day and all! (Yes, 22nd March is celebrated as World Water Day around the world and many environmental organizations use this day to draw attention to issue of water conservation.)

We too want to draw attention to this global issue, but in a fun way. Here are a couple of interesting performance pieces, short films and commercials we came across that speak about water conservation, but in a very interesting and non-preachy way. Hope you enjoy these videos! (And remember to start using water responsibly)

When you have a Fish for a Friend

Sesame Street is a popular television series known for its humorous, but educational episodes. Although meant for children, this program is equally enjoyed by adults too. This short clip on water conservation will tell you why.

Money can’t buy Happiness, or Water

This short film is, well, short, but its message is very powerful. Titled ‘Neer,’ this film will really make you think seriously about the problem of water wastage.

Drunk in Water

This cute commercial was made by Sukle Advertising & Design (Denver, CO) in 2007 for their ‘Use Only What You Need’ summer water conservation campaign. It’s hilarious but so, so apt!

Pyaasi – Swarathma ft. Shubha Mudgal

Such a mellifluous song this! The video is just as beautiful as the lyrics. We really loved the cinematography and the haunting contrasts portrayed in the video. (The MTV Indies version is wonderful too, give it a listen if you can)

Capturing reality

We came across this eye-opening post on the Natural Geographic website. The article offers brilliantly clicked photographs that capture the problem of scarcity of water being faced in several regions of the world. Each photograph is telling and a short narration below the photographs gives a background story to the image.

Follow this link to view the article:

We hope this article does at least a bit to draw attention to the issue of water conservation and make people realize the importance of saving water.