Playlist of the Week – Best of Linkin Park

November 1st, 2019

Linkin Park will always hold a special place for many millennials. With Chester’s soaring vocals, Mike’s rap, and the incredible lyrics that couldn’t possibly not touch a chord with every angsty teen listening to it, the music encompassed both the rage and confusion everyone goes through at some point or another. Here’s a list of our favs to headbang to. (Though it is extremely hard to pick just five).


1. Numb

Probably one of their biggest hits, it immediately struck a chord with every single listener and cemented the band as a clear favorite.



2. In The End

Any list of LP songs is incomplete without this one. You probably can rap right alongside Mike even if you are not a hip hop or rap fan. Because in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

In The End


3. Crawling

The perfect song to scream along to when you’re feeling hurt and frustrated. And strangely enough, a couple of listens, and you might just feel better, and strong enough to face off with whatever it was that’s bothering you. Give it a go.



4. One Step Closer

Relentless pace, frustrated lyrics, and you know it’s a song that you will love. Another class piece by the band, guaranteed not to disappoint.

One Step Closer


5. One More Light

Because if you’re truly a fan, this song will probably mean a little something extra. And will probably make you tear up a bit too. But then again, we’re not crying, you are. We just have dust in our eyes.

One More Light


Happy Listening!


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