Reliving the Good Times: Videos from our Archives

September 11th, 2015

Our favorite day of the week is here and all of us are going TGIF! Most of us are going to make merry tonight – good food, good music, good friends, best way to bring in the weekend! Saturdays are even more awesome. You finally get a chance to do that oh-so liberating thing – not set the alarm, and you can sleep in late without feeling guilty. However, after the initial happiness wears off, it all comes down to one question – Do you have enough fun plans to stave off boredom and have a good weekend? If you do, good for you. If you don’t, we come to the rescue.

Here are four awesome videos we pulled out from our archives to sort your weekend viewing, well at least partly. Happy viewing!

Didn’t we just love Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida?’ But, what if the entire song was played on violins? Yep, listen to our artists perform an instrumental version of this song using violins and a guitar!

Fusion performances are always interesting. They combine eastern and western musical influences to create music that is unique and melodious. In this video, our artists put up a fab English-Marathi fusion piece. Do watch!

Lullabies are meant to put you to sleep, but this Russian lullaby gently serenades a waking up city. The video beautifully captures Mumbai in the morning, as people go about their morning chores and gear up for the bustling day ahead.

And now for some poetry! Watch this budding poet perform a piece on ‘Inspiration.’ We’re sure it’ll inspire you to pen down a few lines of your own.

Well, hope this helps add a touch a fun to your weekend!


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