Singing in the Language of Love

The French language itself is so musical, listening to it is such a pleasure. No wonder it’s often called the language of love. Imagine if a song had to be sung in French, wouldn’t it be an absolute delight? Here are 5 songs to give you a taste of French Music.

La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf

This is one of the most iconic French tracks. Edith Piaf’s golden voice has immortalized this track in music history. The song has a dreamy, lilting tune that really makes you feel like you’re ‘looking at life through rose-colored glasses!’ Piaf wrote the lyrics herself and the melody was composed by Louis Guglielmi.

Tous le Garcon et les Filles – Francois Hardy

The beautiful French megastar Françoise Hardy wrote and sung this timeless classic. The melodious song has this singer wistfully comment on the love that seems to envelop young couples around her while she stands there, waiting to find her true love too.

Les Champs Elysees – Joe Dassin

Aïcha – Cheb Khaled

This song was originally written by French singer-songwriter, Jean-Jacques Goldman and performed by Algerian artist Cheb Khaled. Although it falls under the ‘french pop’ genre of music, the song has a distinct Arabic feel and that makes it very different from conventional french songs. The English version of the song performed by the Danish hip-hop band ‘Outlandish’ is more popular than the original French version.

Les Champs Elysees – Joe Dassin

This song talks about two young lovers who fall in love in Paris while walking along the famous Champs Elysees avenue. The melodious 70′s feel of this song makes it a pleasant song to listen to.

La Mer – Charles Trent

Legend has it that Trent wrote this song in 10 minutes on a piece of toilet paper while travelling by train. The song has a lilting whimsical tune that makes it an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Well, we hope this has made you like French music a little more and we hope you’ll be inspired to learn more about French music.