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Top QTube Events for the Week (Jan 21-27)

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

As we quickly head into week 4 of January, we have an admission to make. By now, all those well-intentioned resolutions for the year are long gone. The gym has earned its money without seeing our faces for more than two days, McDonald’s sees us more often than they guy we buy lettuce from, and we can’t even remember where we kept that journal we were adamant about writing in every day. Just as the month starts with enthusiasm and vigour, the closer one gets to the end of it, the more the shame and guilt start creeping in. Well, fret not. As you’ve already figured out, you’re not alone. Mostly everyone’s resolutions don’t last longer than 2 or 3 weeks, if even that. The good news to look forward to? We haven’t changed! We’ve still got free coffee, free Wi-Fi, are located at the same address, and still have a stellar lineup of events each week!


Anand Lobo

Western Music Theory workshop – In this workshop we will explore a different way to understand the circular nature of Western music notes, the relationships between them, how scales, arpeggios, and chords are constructed using relatively simple patterns. A useful tool for beginner to advanced performers and composers. This is geared towards intermediate musicians, but all skill levels are welcome; basic knowledge of music notes is required to understand.

Date: 22 January 2019

Time: 7 pm to 9 pm

Entry: Rs. 150/-


Dr. Rahul Sharma (AGEAC)

THE ENIGMAS OF DEATH – Paradoxically, the greatest mystery in the human being’s life has been its own death. Know the teachings of “TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD” and discover what happens to the soul after abandoning its body. web-www.ageac.org/en or ph-9868453843

Date: 23 January 2019

Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Entry: FREE



NSPA Auditions – Music: Come prepared with two songs. No Bollywood. Strictly acoustic. No backing or minus track. Theater: 4 member team. 15 mins act, any topic, language. No profanity, reference to religions or political parties. Register https://nspa.in/audition.php (Please read up on the organization before registering: https://nspa.in/)

Date: 24 January 2019

Time: 9 am to 4:30 pm

Entry: FREE


Orion Infotech Services

Discussion on concept development, design and execution of waste management.The solution designing is a need of an hour and also an opportunity.

Date: 25 January 2019

Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm

Entry: FREE



Empowerji is here to Empower senior citizens where we try to make them learn and make comfortable with new technology like android phone/iOS phone, sites and more. We would like to make our senior’s Independent.

Date: 25 January 2019

Time: 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Entry: FREE


The Blue Ribbon Movement

Theatre rehersal by kids for a show called Jai Jagat which brings economically backward children into powerful performances as well as a transformative journey.

Date: 25 January 2019

Time: 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Entry: FREE


That Was Funny

The weekly dose of laughter! Stand up comedy open mic with a diverse line up of super funny comics. FREE ENTRY! Come over with friends.

Date: 25 January 2019

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:45 pm

Entry: FREE


Poetry College

Poetry College is Mumbai’s first structured Poetry Course that brings established and senior poets to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Date: 27 January 2019

Time: 9 am to 2 pm

Entry: FREE


The Plane Jar

BARABARI- A talk on LGBTQ and EQUALITY .Get informed about Gender neutral pronouns. Come have fun and make your own posters for the PRIDE PARADE.

Date: 27 January 2019

Time: 12 pm to 2 pm

Entry: Rs. 150/-


Dr. Preeti Chawla

I & Myself-1 will be an Interactive workshop with Practicals and activities. Come, explore and improvise your relationship with Yourself. How well do we understand ourselves? Would you like you if you met you? Are you your Inner brake or inner catalyst? Inculcating Self acceptance and self compassion go a long way in nourishing your relationship with others. Also get to know ways you can work on your Self esteem.

Date: 27 January 2019

Time: 2 pm to 6 pm

Entry: Rs. 800/-



This is full of ghazal, poetry and storytelling night. We promote new talents and record videos and promote on YouTube. Thank you for the support.

Date: 27 January 2019

Time: 6 pm to 9 pm

Entry: Rs. 100/-


Have a great week!

Top QTube Events for the Week (Dec 24-30)

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Christmas is here! It’s the week of celebration, family and friends, and joy everywhere. We hope you’re planning on spreading some of that holiday cheer with us over at QTube Cafe, and here’s what we’ve got going on through this week.


Mr Ankit Dwivedi

A time to gather together and enjoy the warmth of fairytales that have lived for centuries. Make way for some giants and elves, deep dark forests and a three-legged horse.
Fairytales for the little ones! Afternoon, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Age: 4-10 years with parents/guardians
Fairytales for the wondering ones! Evening, 5:00- 6:30 pm, Age: 10 years and older, with/without guardians
A fairytale for the wanderers! Late evening, 8:00 – 9:00 pm, Age: 14 years and older.
Contacts us at 9930912115 for details and booking. Group bookings discounted.

Date: 24 December 2018

Time: 2 pm to 9:15 pm

Entry: Rs. 300, 400, 500/-


That Was Funny

A Stand Up Comedy Open Mic show with a twist. Where the comics are put to test by the audience members. The power lies with the audience. This is a clean and family show.

Date: 26 December 2018

Time: 7 pm to 9:45 pm

Entry: FREE


Asm Academy

Asm Academy a music session of a music academy. We conduct it to boost the confidence of our students . We have booked q tube before also for the same jamming session

Date: 27 December 2018

Time: 5 pm to 9 pm

Entry: FREE


NSPA Artist Auditions

Auditions for new artist for NSPA music and theater. Prior registration required.

Date: 28 December 2018

Time: 9 am to 4 pm

Entry: FREE


That Was Funny

Comedy Open Mic bought to you by That was funny… A weekly event with free entry that happens every Friday. Some good laughs on the way. for slots please contact 9820225386

Date: 28 December 2018

Time: 7 pm to 9:45 pm

Entry: FREE


Unsent Letters

Unsent letters jo khat tum kabhi bhej na paye open mic poetry event perform here & a change to win performer of the day

Date: 29 December 2018

Time: 6 pm to 9 pm

Entry: FREE


Orion Infotech Services

The event is organized to meet the need of rapidly changing climate and restrain control over it,by bringing various plans and designs which will first step towards a better mankind.

Date: 30 December 2018

Time: 10 am to 1 pm

Entry: FREE


Have a great week and Happy Holidays!

A Farewell Interview with NSPA Artist Tushar Maithani

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

He strikes you as a silent guy, soft-spoken, poised and always ready with a smile. At first encounter, one finds hardly any trace of that quirky sense of humour so abundant in his self-written songs, nor can one imagine him working large mobs into frenzied appreciation. But, he does own a generous amount of the former and succeeds brilliantly in achieving the latter. Stick around for one of Tushar Maithani’s performances and you’ll know what we are talking about. A long-time NSPA artist and veteran busker, as he leaves the NSPA to take longer leaps in his music career, Tushar talks to us about his time in the NSPA and what it feels like to be a busker in Mumbai.


Your relationship with the NSPA has been a long-standing one and it gives us great pride to see you move on to greener pastures. Tell us about your experience working with NSPA, what motivated you to join the organization and what role has the organization played in your journey as a musician?

I always knew that I wanted to pursue music in some capacity and this desire drew me to Mumbai, where I took up a job with Teach For India. Here, I came across performance photos of a friend and ex-colleague, Neeraj Arya, who was then an NSPA artist and this piqued my interest in the NSPA. On a whim, I applied to the NSPA and got selected after an audition. Back then, I had no idea that I would get paid for my performances. Just the thought of getting a chance to play in front of people in public spaces was so exciting that I didn’t want to pass the opportunity by. I put up my first performance in Bandra, in December 2013 and since then, I’ve been with the NSPA for around two a and a half years. The NSPA has been a lucky chapter in my life for many reasons, firstly for providing monetary support when I most needed it, secondly for giving me a chance to not just perform, but perform the kind of music I wanted to and most importantly, for helping me connect with other artists in the area. It was through my NSPA gigs that I garnered several other performance opportunities. In fact, offers for most of the music-related activities I do apart from the NSPA came to me during an NSPA performance or through an NSPA contact. So, I must say the NSPA has played a pivotal role in my journey as a musician.

Busking is a difficult activity, one that demands a lot from the artist. How did you cope with the difficulties and disappointments that accompany the act? Has it lead to spells of self-doubt and low confidence or has it made you a more resilient performer?

Busking is difficult, especially if you’re a solo performer, because that means you have to perform all by yourself, with no setup or even a fellow artist to give you company. To add to this, on a few lucky days you enjoy a large audience, however, on other days, the numbers dwindle to just one person, and at times, none. On such days, it depends on how you choose to deal with the situation. You can either play your best or your worst. You can use these setbacks to develop a thick skin and become a stronger performer, or you can let it break your confidence. It’s really a matter of perspective and choice. I would use these low traffic days to improvise on my music, jam with other artists and experiment with styles, ask them for feedback on my songs. So, even if there was no one around to watch me perform, I would still invest a 100% in my performance. Busking has also made me a confident performer, because the nature of busking is such that it forces you to perform in a range of surroundings and exposes you to different kinds of audiences. Today, I know for a fact that, irrespective of the venue or the size of the audience, I will still be able to put up a good show. So all in all, I’d say busking has had a positive rather than negative impact on me as a musician.

tushar busking 2

Tushar busking at Equal Streets, Bandra.

You enjoy writing and have penned quite a few originals. Your “slice of life” compositions have a humorous edge and this is what makes your songs relatable and enjoyable. Has busking impacted your writing in any way?

Yes, it definitely has. Busking has helped me grow as a musician and a songwriter. When I started performing my original compositions at railway stations or at Carter Road, I noticed that people weren’t really enjoying them. I realized that I would have to try something different, something that would captivate the interest of the average, middle class Mumbaikar on the move, who formed my primary audience. I wanted to stick to themes that I felt strongly about, but I also needed to add an extra something to make my songs stand out. That’s when I decided to start experimenting with humour, however the satirical, intellectually-stimulating kind rather than the crass, cheesy variety we’re normally treated to, like in Baba Sehgal’s or Honey Singh’s songs. I began writing songs with a sarcastic edge, with lyrics that poked fun at relatable, familiar problems people encounter. And guess what, these songs worked! Today, I have a bank of fifteen such songs, and every time I perform one of my originals, I get people telling me that they enjoyed the lyrics. So, in a way, busking helped me define the kind of songs I wanted to write, the kind of stories I wanted to tell through my songs.

Unlike the stage, which almost physically separates you from your audience, busking places you much nearer, in fact within the midst of your audience. Has this heightened proximity to your listeners helped you derive unique matter for your songs? Have you come across particularly interesting people you’ve wanted to write about?

Very often. In fact my first song, ‘Koi Aadmi,’ the lyrics of which go like this “Koi aadmi yahan pe naam bada kamaye, toh koi saala soch soch ke zindagi yuhi gavayein,” (some people here earn a great name for themselves, while some idle their lives away worrying) is what came out of my observation of people at the Mumbai Metro. You find some people who are so jovial even at the end of the day while others wear perpetual frowns. I try to capture such humorous paradoxes, eccentricities or life truths in my songs. Performing in public spaces then offers a wealth of matter and you never fall short of subjects or quirks or incidents to write about.

tushar busking

Tushar performing at Kandivli station.

If busking were to become popular in India, i.e. busking in the true sense – playing for money, what impact would it have on the music and arts scene? Do you think Indian artists would welcome the concept? More importantly, do you think the Indian audience is ready to appreciate street performances and provide monetary support to a street performer?

Over here again, it depends on the individual. Some musicians might be open to it while some might not be. For example, there is an uncle who plays the accordion at Carter’s and Bandstand and a dance troop that accompanies him. They’ve created a respectable act and they do busk for money. They’re so good that I’ve placed a 100 Rupees in their hat several times. If an artist decides to busk, then he should be really good. Often, you find people who can probably play a couple of chords playing on the streets. When the streets offer bad artists or music, people start believing that all artists who play on the streets are terrible. This makes them look down on buskers and consider the act of busking disrespectable. Right now, this is exactly how people react to buskers. In turn, this perception dissuades good artists from performing on the streets. I, myself, wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of playing on the streets for money. However, it would be really nice if busking became popular and acceptable here, because it would be of big help to artists. It can become a source of income for them. So I would love to see such a culture in the country.

Is there any incident, good or bad, that you remember vividly from your time busking? Also, if the opportunity arises, would you like to busk again?

There are quite a few. I remember once NSPA was putting up its first performance at Vikhroli station, and I happened to be the artist performing there. I had to perform on a bridge and there was no standee or chair or any sign that a performance was going to happen. People were rushing past, lost in their own worlds and I had to perform in the midst of this chaos. At that moment, I felt really self-conscious and unsure. But, I decided to just play my best, and that’s what I did. At the end of my session, I ended up signing autographs! There was another time when a man offered me a 100 rupee note after my performance. I told him I couldn’t take the money, and then he said that he actually wanted me to sign on it! So, yeah, there have been quite a few memorable moments. And yes, given a chance, I’d definitely like to busk again.

Tushar Maithani currently works with Raghav Sachar as an Assistant Music Director.

You can find his music on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud account.

NSPA Now at 4 New Metro Stations!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015


The Mumbai Metro has always be a fun place to perform at. Perpetually populated and bustling with hurrying commuters, one feel the pulse of the city that never sleeps here. Performing among this whirlwind of movement and energy is always rewarding. Sometimes it’s a pat on the back that makes our day, sometimes it’s the singing along that brings a smile to our face. Here, we get to interact with people, entertain them and tell them a bit about ourselves too. Truly, performing at Mumbai Metro stations is a one of a kind experience, something we enjoy immensely and look forward to eagerly.

DSC_0219 (Medium)

Till today, our artists have been performing at Ghatkopar, Andheri, Marol Naka and Saki Naka Stations. However, from tomorrow onwards, in additions to these four stations our artists will also perform at four new stations – D. N Nagar, Airport Road, Versova and W.E.H stations, from 9-11 am and 5-8 pm. Yes guys, we’ve been granted permission to perform at four more Metro Stations and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity. This takes us a step closer towards achieving our dream of taking art to the streets and making Mumbai an artist-friendly and art-conscious city. Eager to know which days our artists will perform on? Here’s the schedule-

Versova – Mondays

W.E.H. – Tuesdays

D.N Nagar & Airport Road – Wednesdays

_EON5899 (Medium)


DSC_5090 (Medium)

We would like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to the Mumbai Metro for being so supportive of our initiative. As for y’all, we hope this helps make your commute a little more enjoyable. If you ever happen to be stressed out because of a bad day at work, stop a while next to one of our artists and let melodious music wash the day’s stress away!


NSPA Bags another Venue – CPRA Greens Garden!

Monday, June 29th, 2015

The NSPA is always on the lookout for new venues to perform at and we welcome with open arms any opportunity that comes our way. One such opportunity presented itself a few days back in the form of an invitation to conduct a pilot performance at CPRA Greens Gardens, Cuffe Parade. If the performance went well, we were to be given permission to conduct regular performances here.

Yesterday, we made our way towards this peaceful, picturesque space to give residents and visitors a taste of what our performances are like. Mayur and Harsh, our resident Sufi artists put up a fabulous Sufi performance to entertain onlookers. We even got a few song requests and our artists were happy oblige. We also had members from the audience, all ardent lovers of Sufi music, make their way towards the mike and sing a couple of songs themselves. Finally, our artists were presented with bouquets to thank them for their fabulous performance. On the whole, it was a soulful, soothing evening, enriched with Sufi music and pleasant company!

DSC00135 (Medium)

DSC00139 (Medium)

DSC00140 (Medium)

Oh, and yes, we did succeed in getting permission to hold regular performances in this garden. NSPA artists will perform inside CPRA Greens Garden, Cuffe Parade every Sunday, from 6-7 pm! So excitement and happiness!

DSC00142 (Medium)


NSPA Performances to Watch Out For!

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Come rain or storm, NSPA artists diligently put up performances at various places in the city. The best part about these performances is that they’re free. Yes, you don’t have to shell out even a penny to listen to our artists. All we ask of you is to give us a some of your time and attention. Here is a list of locations our artists will be performing at over the next few days. Head over to these venues to enjoy some wonderful live music performances and street plays too!


Oberoi, Goregaon: The performance-art loving folks at Oberoi have created ‘Theater Thursdays’ and ‘Musical Fridays’ to make your weekdays fun days! Watch NSPA artists perform thought-provoking, witty street plays every Thursday, from 4-6 pm. Plus, to celebrate ‘Musical Fridays,’ NSPA artists will be putting up melodious performances from 4:30 – 7:30 pm. Head over to enjoy two days of fab, fab performances!

Mumbai Metro Stations: NSPA artists have become regular performers at Metro stations. The Mumbai Metro believes in making commuting comfortable and enjoyable and have always encouraged busking inside stations. On your way to or from work, you can always stop a while and immerse your senses in some melodious music. All you need to do is spot our artists (dressed in our trademark yellow tees) and stand next to them for a bit. This Saturday and Sunday, performances will be held at Marol Naka and Ghatkopar stations respectively, from 9-11 am and from 5-8 pm.

Infinity, Malad: Infinity is a new venue the NSPA has bagged and NSPA artists will now perform here every Thursday from 6-8 pm. We have artists performing a range of genres, so whether you like Sufi or folk music or tend to be partial towards western pop and blues, you’re sure to find an artist performing ‘your kinda music.’

Well, hope our initiative of taking art to the streets helps you have an enjoyable week and weekend!

Anniversary Celebrations: Busking at the Metro!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

This Saturday, Sunday and Monday were exciting days for us, because just like countless other Mumbaikars, we rely heavily on the Mumbai Metro for a comfortable and quick commuting experience. On the 8th of June, the Mumbai Metro completed a year of efficient functioning and to mark this day, they organized three days of celebrations. From holding exciting exhibitions, to organizing fun train rides, food stalls and live performances, the Metro really did make a lavish effort to transform their stations into bustling hubs of activity and entertainment! We were lucky to have been invited to participate in the merrymaking. To infuse enjoyment into this celebratory milieu, NSPA artists delivered live music and drama performances at almost every Metro station. What’s more, we even surprised commuters by organizing a few performances inside Metro trains!



On bumping into our artists at first, most commuters were taken aback, and tracing their reactions, from surprise to smiles was quite enjoyable. Although we must admit, it wasn’t always a bed of roses for our budding buskers, sometimes they were greeted with not-so-flattering comments and sometimes, the worst reaction of all – pure disinterest, yet, we must stay our artists did hold their stations well. Dutifully and delightedly, they belted out one fabulous performance after the next and more often than not, they did succeed in arousing the interests of the busiest of commuters. Slowly and shakily the curious commuter inched closer to where music could be heard playing from. On spying a person performing for no apparent reason, some chose to wait back and enquire about the proceedings, some merely busied themselves in enjoying all that was unfolding and some, well, turned on heel and scurried off. Either way, we must we had a really great time performing at the Metro! Lilting melodies cut through the frenzied din to contribute an aura of much happiness and revelry.




Busking inside the metro!

Busking inside the Metro was a memorable experience for our artists. Somehow, we enjoyed a much better response here. (We have a sneaking suspicion that this is because trapped inside a snake-like, moving structure, most people had no option but to set aside their suspicions and enjoy what was going on!) Inside the Metro, our artists were greeted with wolf-whistles and much cheering. Most commuters seemed to enjoy having the monotony of their journeys broken by some melodious live music. On reaching their destinations, a quick ‘thumbs up sign’ was pointed in our direction or a soft “good job” whispered. All these compliments, no matter how small, encourage us and motivate us to continue doing what we do.



On the whole, it was an extremely enjoyable 3-days and we’re sure that the Metro commuters too had a very pleasant experience. Once again, we extend a big ‘thank you’ to the Mumbai Metro for always being supportive of our efforts and a special, but equally big thank you to Quantum Asset Management Company for believing in us and supporting us, always.

The Big NSPA Auditions – Talent, Music, Happiness!

Friday, April 24th, 2015

The NSPA recently had a second, much bigger round of auditions on the 16th of April at Pushpa Narsee Park, Juhu. There were 26 applicants in all, some individual performers and some groups. The atmosphere in the park was wonderful, rife with talent and filled with the sound of instruments and lyrical voices. It felt nice to see artists tuning their instruments and practicing their performance pieces prior to the auditions. Some chose to sit with their bandmates while some wandered around alone, exploring the place and calming themselves. There seemed however, to be just one thing on everyone’s mind – the impending NSPA auditions!


Once the auditions commenced, we observed a common trend. Most artists were a little hesitant during their first performance, perhaps because of nervousness, but as soon as they moved into their second performance, one could sense the tension melt away and the artists then gave us a clearer picture of their abilities and passion. It was also easy to spot the more seasoned professionals among this sea of talent. They were the ones with the most confidence and showmanship, like the stage was home to them, and performing in front of crowds, a piece of cake.


The auditions offered up an interesting mix of performers, there were mouth organ enthusiasts, percussionists, folk singers, Sufi musicians, indie pop addicts and even a visually challenged flutist, a rapper and a performer who sang songs in 3 different South Indian languages! Then there were those creative composers who like to pen their own lyrics and create their own tunes. What a vibrant, talent-rich medley of languages, genres and instruments! In those four hours, it felt like we had travelled across the whole of India and had sampled the musical tastes of almost every culture!


Another heart-warming observation was the camaraderie we witnessed among the artists. Although many of them were strangers to each other, played different genres of music, belonged to different age groups and even nationalities, it was interesting to see them cheer for and support each other. Irrespective of the genre, if you delivered a good performance, you could be sure to receive a hearty round of applause and encouraging pats on the back. It was like for those four hours, differences went unnoticed as hearts and minds were bound together by a common passion, music!

Unforgettable moments from the auditions:

A 16-year-old amazes us with his rock-n-roll performance

There wasn’t a dearth of talent at the auditions, however, there was one artist who won our hearts. We’re talking about a lively, 16-year-old, Rock-n-roll fan, who performed a fabulous rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Jail house rock.’ His strong, powerful vocals captivated us completely and his bubbling, sunny personality brought a smile to our face. Unfortunately, we couldn’t select him since he was underage, but we’re sure his performance won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Watch the video now!

Jail House Rock

Harmonica players perform an impromptu piece

Another such moment came towards the end of the auditions, when two harmonica players jammed together for us! Although the performance was a spontaneous one, completely unplanned and unrehearsed, they complemented each other’s notes and tunes so well that it felt like they had been playing together for ages!

Check out their fab performance here:

Mario Theme on Harmonica

On the whole, the auditions were amazing, and we did find some really talented performers. The results will be out soon, so keep checking our Facebook page!

Drum Diaries: What are ‘Drum Circles’ all about?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

The sound of drumbeats is enchanting, it’s a sound our body is all too familiar with. Place your hand on your chest and you’ll know what I’m talking about. From ancient times, drums have been used to create music, rhythmic beats that have sometimes summoned the Gods, sometimes called attention towards lurking predators and sometimes, created an atmosphere fitted for celebration or mourning. Even today, we rely heavily on drumbeats for the creation of music. And aren’t they just wonderful? Those thumping rhythms can really fill the atmosphere with life and make us want to jump off our seats and head towards the dancefloor.

Imagine what it would sound like if a group of musicians, equipped with various kinds of percussion instruments sat in a cluster and created music only with these beats. Beginning with a faint rumble, the beats grow louder and louder till the symphony reaches fever pitch, and the booming, thunderous sound of different beats played in tandem fill the atmosphere. This is what you would experience if you ever got a chance to be a part of a ‘Drum Circle.’

drumbus (Small)


Image courtesy: drumbus

A drum circle is nothing but a group of people who come together and create music using percussion instruments. This circle may consist of trained drummers or amateurs. Sometimes, especially in community or therapeutic drum circles, even those who have absolutely no experience in playing are invited to join. In a typical drum circle, one finds a variety of percussion instruments like drums, Cajons, tablas, djembes or even simple instruments like shakers, bells or wood blocks.

To get a better understanding of drum circles and what they sound like, check out this video: NSPA Drum Circle

_DSC2061 (Small)


Our NSPA artists formed a drum circle to entertain the audience at ‘Marico Evenings’

So, what’s so great about these musical circles? Well, they are perfect examples of collaborative creativity, because every person in the circle is given the space and freedom to express his rhythmic spirit through his instrument. Yet, all players are constantly in touch with the fundamental groove or the pulse of the group and strive to keep their rhythms in line with these beats. Each player tries to merge his rhythms with the groups’ and avoids being too loud or obtrusive. Hence, one has to listen as much as one plays. The result is harmonious, rhythmic music, a well-rehearsed song, although many individuals play different instruments simultaneously.

So, if you ever get a chance to be a part of such a drum circle, would you participate willingly? Well, you must for it’ll surely be a once in a lifetime experience! However, just remember to feel the pulse of the group, and once you imbibe it, go with the beats your hands come up with for you can trust your body to know exactly what to play!

Fun Things to do this Week!

Monday, April 6th, 2015

It’s that time of the week when we list down all the fun activities and events you can be a part of during the week so that you don’t find yourself desperately awaiting the weekend. Here are some inspiring and enjoyable activities that are sure to interest art, music and drama lovers. Pick up an event/events that excite you and pay a visit to the venue after work to spice up your weekday, workday routine.



Image courtesy: ztopics

Art Lovers:

Well peeps, there’s a lot in store for you this week. If you’re feeling philanthropic, The Indian Cancer Society gives you a chance to help out those in need. Pick up a couple of artworks from the ‘Art for A Cause,’ art exhibition, an exhibition that aims raise funds to help out deserving cancer patients and do your bit for society. More than 50 renowned artists will have their works on display, so you’re sure to find something worth buying.

Venue: Art and Soul Gallery (Worli) 11 am onwards, Monday – Thursday

Check out the works of celebrated British painter and printmaker, Howard Hodgkin, at Jehangir Nicholson Gallery from Monday to Sunday, 11 am onwards. Hodgkin is known for his semi-abstract paintings that make use of bold strokes of colour to convey emotional states, private judgements and specific meanings. Look out for his two major works “Rain” and “Come into the Garden, Maud” at the exhibition.

Music Lovers:

As usual, NSPA artists put on fabulous performances at various locations to help make your week more enjoyable and musical. On Tuesday, head towards Carter Road, from 6-9 pm to enjoy pop fusion and alternative rock music. On Thursday, stay tuned for Sufi and Marathi folk performances at Marol Naka Metro Station and Saibaba Park, 6-8 pm. Fridays offer a host of performances at several popular locations like Oberoi Mall, Goregaon, Metro Mall, Kalyan, Carter Road, Andheri Metro Station and Pushpa Narsee Park, Juhu. For more details about the line-ups, check out our events page: NSPA Events

Stand-up Comedy Lovers:

Canvas Laugh Club gives budding comedians a chance to enjoy the spotlight with their ‘Open Mic’ event. You can now tell those funny one-liners and semi-hilarious jokes to persons other than your best friend and dog. Be there today at 8.30 pm to enjoy some good and some not-so-good debut performances!

Canvas Laugh Club also presents the Best in Stand-up Comedy with Karan Talwar, Milhail Almeda and Karunesh Talwar delivering their most humorous performances this Wednesday, 8.30 pm. Attend this show to have a gala time as these seasoned performers are sure to leave you in splits!

PS: The Lil Flea Anniversary happens this week and to celebrate it, the organizers have put up a 3-day gala event that will delight shopaholics, foodies and music lovers!Head towards the BKC grounds from 4-11 pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy an absorbing, unforgettable experience! For more details, visit their Facebook page: The Lil Flea Anniversary Edition

That’s all for now folks, hope you have a swell week!