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5 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Ever since childhood, our mother’s voice has been pretty incessant in telling us to clean our room. Now that adulthood is upon us, it seems we have to carry on in regards not only to our bedrooms, but the rest of our home too. Who ever said that adulting was easy?

If cleaning is not your cup of tea, then here’s a great checklist to follow to keep your home looking as clean as possible, without putting in too much of effort (after all, who wants that?)


1. Make the bed!

Your mom was right. Though we might hate to admit it, just taking a minute to sort out your bedsheets in the morning instantly makes your bedroom look more organized and put together.

Image source - Welldoing

Image source – Welldoing


2. Divide and conquer

Whether you live with family or roommates, the more the people, the more the mess potential. So, do the responsible thing. Divide the chores for around the house among everyone that lives there. Whether you all decide on static chores, where one person is permanently responsible for dishes, while another for brooming and mopping, or decide to create a chore chart where you all rotate duties, find a system that works and work it.

Image source - Verywell mind

Image source – Verywell mind


3. Declutter

Pick one day every month for a routine decluttering. Do a quick sweep around every single room in the house, and throw out anything that hasn’t been used in the past three months (except for seasonal things of course. You definitely want to keep that umbrella around.)

Image source - Simple Living Country Gal

Image source – Simple Living Country Gal


4. Keep that hall clean!

Unexpected guests are bound to happen, especially if you live in India. So as not be caught off guard and embarrassed, make sure to always keep that hall clean. A quick sweep of the hall before heading out every morning, and as soon as you get home from work every evening is an easy habit to make, and even easier to keep.

Image source -

Image source –


5. Get a laundry basket!

It sounds ridiculously simple, but it’s a game changer. Having a dedicated space for every one’s dirty laundry to go as soon as they get home and change can seem like it won’t really matter, but it is a great habit for every person to have, and it also means that dirty, smelly clothes won’t get randomly willy-nilly around various bedroom floors. (A plus point for whoever is tasked with laundry is that they just have to tip the clothes over into the machine on the day, without having to gather the clothes up in their hands. Trust us, they’ll definitely be thanking you for that basket then!)

Image source -

Image source –


We’ve given you the steps to follow, but walking the path is all up to you. May you walk strong and steady!