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DIY of the Week – Make your own Kazoo

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Another Monday brings with it another super easy DIY for you! After a relaxing weekend, we hope you’re feeling refreshed and raring to go, so it’s a good plan to start the week off with an easy homemade instrument.

Now, before we start making our really cool kazoo, we have to point out the obvious – this will not LOOK like a traditional kazoo. This is what an actual kazoo looks like:

Image source - Amazon

Image source – Amazon

Ours will not look like this. But, we promise you a hilarious time from the interesting sounds you will be making with yours. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


What you will need:

1. Cardboard tube (easiest option is a toilet paper roll tube)

2. Colors (paints, sketch pens, washi tape, whatever you want to decorate and personalize your kazoo)

3. Wax paper

4. Rubber bands

5. Scissors and pen/pencil to punch a hole in the tube


How to:

Step 1:

Decorate the toilet paper roll tube as you want. You can get as creative and colorful as you want. Remember, there are no rules!


Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest


Step 2:

Cut a section of wax paper into a circle or square, but ensure that it is large enough to cover the hole of the tube with some extra to go over the side.


Image source - Today's Parent

Image source – Today’s Parent


Step 3:

Cover the hole on one side of the tube with the cut wax paper, and secure it in place with a couple of rubber bands. Make sure that it is completely secure, and that you have not left the rubber bands loose. If you are using larger rubber bands, twist them once or twice (as needed) to ensure that they are tight and firmly in place.


Image source - Today's Parent

Image source – Today’s Parent

Step 4:

Make a small hole anywhere in the tube, near the wax paper side. Make sure that the hole is NOT covered by the wax paper though. You can use the pen or pencil, or even the scissors if you wish.


Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube

Step 5:

And there you have it! Your kazoo is now ready for you to get your funk on! Now all you have to do is blow air, hum, or sing into the open hole! You can even alternate between blocking the hole on the side, then opening it back up to see how that changes the sound. Though best results come from an open hole, and humming. Have fun!


Have a lovely week!

(And we guarantee that after 2 minutes, you’ll totally be bothering your spouse/parents/boss/neighbour/roommate/dog,  so use at your own risk!)

5 DIY Ideas to Jazz up Boring Photo Frames

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Photo frames are better loved than the reticent album because they proudly display your memories to all who set eyes on them. Complete with fold-able stands and easy to hang hooks, these boastful objects can be easily placed on your wall or desk or shelf. But, because of their value, photo frames are often sold at exorbitant prices. Just a bit of glitter or an extra rose can jack up the price by a couple of hundred rupees. Why let these easy-to-make objects burn a hole in your pocket, right? With a bit of patience and dedication, you can design your own photo frames, and guess what, they can be infinitely more creative than the ones you purchase from stores. Here are 5 ingenious ideas to add that extra something to your homemade frame.

Bottle cap frames

If you’re a beer lover, you’re sure to end up popping open a couple of bottles every month. Instead of discarding the caps, collect them in a box and after you’ve built up a decent collection, use these caps to decorate wooden frames. Use a hot glue gun to stick these caps on the borders of the frame in creative patterns.

bottle cap

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Circuit board frames

This is perfect for tech geeks. Attach strips of circuit boards on the borders to frames to your geeky photo frame.



Toy frames

If you’ve got a lot of miniature toy models, this DIY idea will help you design an interesting photo frame and preserve these little plastic playthings.

Pillar Box Blue


Washi tape frames

Colourful washi tapes are easily available in craft stores and even online. Purchase a few colourful ones and place them in interesting patterns along the borders of the frame.



Seashell frames

Collect a couple of unique shells on your next trip to the beach. Use a hot glue gun to stick these shells to your frame in interesting patterns.

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