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DIY of the Week – Cactus Rocks

Monday, August 13th, 2018

You know what’s a great thing about Mondays? That you get to start a brand new week with a brand new attitude! So if you start if off with a few great thoughts, a great big smile, and some creativity, then you’re in for a fabulous one. And don’t worry, if things start off on the wrong foot, don’t worry about. You can restart from whenever you want!

So, this week we’re going to bring some brightness for those little corners of your space that need a little cheer. (And these are especially great for those of you who love greenery but can’t keep a plant alive if they’re lives depended on it).

What you need:

  1. Smooth, medium to large size rocks
  2. Planter
  3. Small pebbles to fill the planter (ideally white in color as these will make the cactus colors pop more)
  4. Several shades of green paint
  5. White paint
  6. Paintbrush


What to do:

Step 1

Take the rocks that will be your cacti and clean and dry them. Once they are completely dry, proceed to paint each one a different shade of green. Feel free to paint several coats on to make sure the color is nice and strong. Leave to dry. Pro tip: You can even paint the rocks white entirely, let them dry, and then paint over with the green, to make the color really stand out, especially for rocks that are dark in color.

Image source - Peinando Canas

Image source – Peinando Canas


Step 2

Once the green paint has dried on the rocks, take a thin paintbrush and the white paint, and proceed to paint little designs on the rocks, to give the appearance of a cactus. Ideally keep a different design for each rock, to give variety to the final product. Designs can range from stars, to dots, to lines, and as many permutations and combinations of these that you can come up with. Leave to dry. Pro tip: You can practice different designs on a piece of paper, and select the ones you like the most and recreate them on the rocks.

Image source - Wonder Woman

Image source – Wonder Woman


Step 3

Take you planter and fill almost all the way to the top with the pebbles. Now just stick in your cactus rocks randomly, and at different angles, and you’re cactus planter is ready. Pro tip: If you want to use white pebbles, but can’t find any, just paint a handful of them white, and use those as the final top layer when you’re filling the planter. This way you can get the same look without having to paint every single pebble.

Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest

And there you have it! You’ve got a bit of readymade greenery to brighten up any corner of your house or office. And the best part? It didn’t take too much of time either, did it? See you next Monday for another easy-to-do DIY!

DIY of the Week – Marbled Rocks

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Hi there! What’s a great way to start the week? With a dose of creativity! And in our role as your creative pal, we’re back with another DIY project for you to get your hands on. This week we’re going to make marbled rocks, which you can use as decorative pieces, paperweights, or even just put a bunch of them in a glass bowl to create a cool centerpiece.

So let’s get started, shall we?


What you need:

  1. Rocks, ideally white or grey, and as smooth as you can find
  2. Various colors of nail polish (or paint)
  3. Shallow and wide pan or vessel
  4. Water
  5. Disposable gloves
  6. Toothpick or skewer
  7. Newspaper or tarp, to cover your work surface and to dry the rocks
  8. Clear varnish, optional
Image source -

Image source –



What to do:

Step 1

Find an even-leveled surface (like a table), and lay out your newspaper or tarp. Now take the pan or vessel and fill it with water about halfway. Wash and dry the rocks and keep them ready.


Step 2

Take the nail paints, and one by one, start pouring a little in the middle of the water, layering it with another color, then another, as shown in the picture.

Image source – Kiwico


Step 3

Now take the toothpick or skewer and, dipping it ever so slightly in the center of the paint pile, drag it to the edge of the paint. You can also make zig-zag patterns or swirls.

Image source - Kiwico

Image source – Kiwico

Image source - Omelto

Image source – Omelto


Step 4

Put on the gloves, and then hold the rock and dip it into the paint design, submerging it into the water. Then take the rock out and lay it on the tarp to dry. You can coat the rock with varnish once it dries, and this will help the colors remain strong and fast on the rock.

Image source – Kiwico


And there you have it! Your colorful rocks are ready to brighten up any old corner of your house, your desk, even your garden! Hope you have a colorful and enjoyable week!

Image source – YouTube

Unconventioanl Career Goals

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

With exam results either just out, or looming over the horizon, a brand new batch of students are eager to join the workforce. Or are they? Over the last few years, the number of fresh graduates heading in ‘unconventional’ directions has been on the rise. Young entrepreneurs setting up their own start-ups, or even foregoing a career in the common nine-to-five job arena to take on freelancing and spreading their talent in multiple places at one go, is fast becoming the new norm.

Reasons range from wanting to express their creativity, to wanting the freedom of movement and the possibility of travel that exists in non-conventional jobs, to even having a chance to ‘discovering’ themselves. While these are obviously part of the advantages of taking off towards the unbeaten path, there are many pitfalls that might be waiting to greet them, like rejection, bounced cheques, no guarantee of steady work or income, loss of investment, disillusionment. However, those that persevere and make the cut often report higher job satisfaction, and seem to be closer to that ever elusive goal – happiness.

So if you, or someone you know, wants to give life outside the box a go, here are some ‘different’ areas to look for work in -


Translator or Interpreter

If you have a strong command over two or more languages, this must just be the right direction for you. Requirements for translators can range from real time interpreters (where you must listen to and respond to, actively translating, during a conversation between your client and someone else), document translations (these could include legal documents, agreements, questionnaires, etc.), or even script or dialogue translations (often used for other language dubbing for movies, television shows, documentaries, etc.). Clients can range from corporate or media houses, to individual companies, or even book publishers.

Image source - spctranslations

Image source – spctranslations


Voice-over or Dubbing artist

If you have a unique voice and clear diction, this might be right up your alley. All you need to do is get some basic voice samples recorded in the languages you are ready to work in, and then send them out to potential clients. And the best part is, this industry is open for all kinds of voices, so you just need to find your space or ‘ideal’ clientele. Got a heavy, husky textured voice? Head for parts in TVCs (TV commercials) and documentaries. Got a thin, shrill voice? Try out for cartoon dubbing. And the type of work you can apply for is quite varied. From animated videos, to TV and radio ads, documentaries, movie or show language dubbings, to even video games, or railway annoucements!

Image source -

Image source –


Emcee or Event Host

Like talking, a lot? Have a natural talent for making people feel welcomed? Got a knack for getting people involved? Then try your hand at becoming an Emcee! From hosting intimate functions, to corporate events, to even government functions, the range of functions is wide and long. Popular artists have gone on to host TV talk shows, become RJs or VJs, or even hosts to sporting events! So if you’ve got a strong personality, a big voice, and the natural ability to make people feel at ease, then go ahead and talk your way to fame and fortune.

Image source - Vetta Quartet

Image source – Vetta Quartet


Music composer or producer

Are you a music composer? Do tunes and rhythms come naturally to you? Well, an interesting option available to you is to produce music as a freelancer. There is a dearth in the market for talented composers who can deliver well-produced music that matches client briefs, and with minimal turnaround time. This job does however require investment in a basic set up in terms of equipment. But the work encompasses a variety in the work you could be producing. From background scores for short films, to jingles for product advertisements, and even scoring for video games or corporate videos. And if the space you set up your equipment can accommodate it, you can even rent it out as a recording space or jamming space to other musicians, giving you an additional source of income. However, make sure you take the time to learn the basics of the software you will need to produce your work. Producing work that is substandard will ensure that you don’t get more work in the future.

Image source -

Image source –


A flair for words can make you ideal for this role. And the projects you undertake can range across the spectrum. From the obvious options of writing a book, or running a blog, you can even write articles for magazines and/or newspapers, or content for websites or social media accounts, to even textbooks, or manuals for corporations. And you can even specialize in your field of study. Studied law? You can write agreements for corporate houses. Got a degree in medicine? Medical journals are always looking for new things. And you can also diversify by offering services of proof-reading or editing to other writers or publication houses.

Image source - StayWow

Image source – StayWow

While these careers are rarely monotonous, and even more rarely boring, they are definitely risky. If you are considering venturing this way, please keep in mind that like any other job or career, nothing comes easy. There will be struggles, there will be sleepless nights, and there will be a lot of hard work. While these career choices to give a lot of happiness to those who pursue them with all diligence, it doesn’t come easy. And it also involves taking on work that might not personally interest you too, just to make ends meet. Hosting a birthday party is not glamorous, nor is creating an audio recording of an entire maths text book. But the rewards are plenty too. Just remember that when you work for yourself, you need to work twice as hard. So, are you ready?

DIY of the Week – Mini Lid Banjo

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Feel like starting the week off with a bit of musical creativity? We’ve got a cool Do-It-Yourself project that you can take on, and the best thing is that you don’t need to go shopping for supplies, nor does it take too much of time to make. And to top it off, you end up with this really cute little banjo that can be used to brighten up any space. Ready to get going?


Things you will need (Supplies):

  • One jar lid
  • One large, wide popsicle stick
  • Colored/washi tape or paint/sketch pens
  • 4 rubber bands (ideally colored)
  • Tape
  • Feviqwik glue
  • Sequins or gem stickers

How To:


Step 1

Take the jar or bottle lid and place the four rubber bands across it, the slightest bit apart from each other. If you want to be a bit more arty, stick a round of pretty craft paper inside the lid, before adding the rubber bands.

Image source -

Image source –


Step 2

Put tape at the top side of the lid, so that it covers all four bands, and holds them in place on the lid.

Image source - The Craft Train

Image source – The Craft Train



Step 3

Cut off the edge of the stick, then proceed to decorate the stick with colored or washi tape, or use paint or sketch pens and make your own design. Remember to leave some blank space at both ends.

Image source -

Image source –



Step 4

Attach the cut end of the stick securely to the previously applied tape on the lid cover with another piece of tape (or two).


Step 5

Create tuning knobs on the blank curved end by sticking on four sequins or sticking gem stickers, two on each side. You can also just draw these on with sketch pens or glitter glue if you want.


Image source -

Image source –


And there you have it! A beautiful and completely customized mini banjo that you can use to decorate your study table or workspace, gift a friend, or just carry it around in your bag if you want. And yes, technically, you can strum the ‘strings’ but good luck making music with that!


Have a lovely week!

‘Art’ your worries away

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Fear, anxiety, worries, apprehension, nervousness, stress, these aren’t mere words on paper any more. With fast lifestyles, heavy workloads, long commutes, and overall stress, everyone feels the pinch sometimes, some more than others. And we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help alleviate that stress. But how can a small change to your daily life help ease those 10-12 hours of “go-go-go!”? The answer – art, or rather, art therapy.

Art therapy is basically you taking a few moments at the end of each day to de-stress with the help of paints, sketch books, coloring books, and the like. And the reason why it works so well is because it creates a safe place free from judgement to express your inner emotions through the art you pursue. And no, the aim is NOT to create beautiful pieces of art, but rather just to create, with no expectations. This allows you to make things more freely, and as you do, you can disconnect from the world, as you lose yourself in the calm, almost meditative strokes of your paintbrush, pencil, or even the smooth roll of the potter’s wheel.


While people who are considered “good” at art keep in touch with their artistic pursuits, some even going ahead to make it their career choice, most people tend to let go of art once those mandatory school classes finish off. The reason for this is most often the fact that they weren’t good enough according to their art teacher, parents, and/or peers. But the thing is, keeping in touch with your creative side (even if you don’t have a “skill” for it) helps alleviate stress, boost creativity, leads to positive feelings, and also helps you process and deal with negative emotions better. Basically, it’s something everyone needs.

Think of your body as a glass. It has a certain capacity, beyond which it cannot hold things. Now, as you fill this glass with water, the available space left to take in more, lessens. Once it’s full, it’s full. Anything you attempt to put in after this point will result in an overflow, and well, a mess. Your emotions are like that water. They need an outlet so that you have space for more. Art gives you a safe, harmless way to sort through and expend emotions that you probably don’t even think you need to deal with.

And you don’t need to be at your wit’s end to consider this. This is ideal for every one, at any age. It doesn’t restrict itself in any way.

So, here are some ideas that you can try out, until you find the type of project(s) that suit you best.


1. Sketching or Doodling

Remember how you used to fill up the back of your school notebooks with endless doodles, signs, and random lines drawn? Well, the kid version of you really knew what they were doing. Just 15 minutes of random doodling at the end of the day can slowly start to help alleviate stress. It’s not only one of the easiest methods to apply, it’s also the most cost effective if you’re on a budget, because you can easily find paper and a pen/pencil around the house.

Image source - WikiHow

Image source – WikiHow

2. Adult Coloring Books

The importance of bringing a bit of color back in your life is so understood now that several companies have launched coloring books aimed specifically at their adult clientele. From complex mandalas, to fill-in classic artworks, the design ranges are large and varied. You can also find designs online, and just print them out. But you needn’t worry, if you can’t find any, any old children’s coloring book works fine too. So time to dust off those old coloring pencil and sketch pen sets!

Image source - Dailyburn

Image source – Dailyburn

3. Bullet Journaling or Homemade Planners

Have a very busy schedule, and need to create an endless amount of to-do lists? Why not make a customized planner for yourself? With how-to guides readily available on all online platforms, find yourself an idea that suits you, and just create your own. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as suits you. From checklists, to mood meters, and calendars, you can use this method to take your work, and your commitments, and turn them into something pretty. Just make sure to add some color at the end of the day, once you’ve filled in all your data and appointments.

Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube

4. Hobby classes

This is, thankfully, pretty easy to do nowadays, as popularity of such classes is off the charts. As since the demand is high, so is the supply. Try your hand at different types of art, through any number of seminars, workshops or classes that are help in and around your neighbourhood. You can easily find listings online, or through social media. Just hit search. Activities can range from pottery classes, to embroidery workshops, to even a dance class or tw0!

Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube

Know the age old dialogue “I wish I was a kid again”. Well, for a little while every day, you now can be. So hit pause on your worries, and pick up that pencil, pen, paintbrush, and get your art on! You might not necessarily be creating “beautiful” work, but you’ll certainly be working towards a happier, calmer, and more beautiful you.

Creative Business Cards for Creative Professions

Friday, March 17th, 2017

When it comes to marketing professional services, business cards are, perhaps, one of the most underrated tools. Although these flimsy, paper-thin promoters make their way into our clients homes and minds quicker than we ever will, we still don’t invest enough thought in their designs. Most of us go the easy way and just slap on our contact details on a colour co-ordinated card and this hardly makes our card standout. With people receiving so many business cards every day, we have to work extra hard to make our card memorable because that’s the only way to catch a client’s attention and interest. Here are some very creative professionals who’ve gone the extra mile when designing their business cards.

Norris Mantooth – Photographer

This brilliant viewfinder business card speaks volumes about the photographer’s creativity!

photographer bored panda


Image courtesy: bored panda

Sandra Martins – Makeup artist

A quirky way to inform people about your profession!

makeup artist


Hair dresser

Hairdresser Marko Stanzl designs hairstyles for her business cards.

hairstylist 2


Hairstylist Yuka Suzuki takes a different, but equally captivating route.



Albert Polyaka – Graphic designer

These ‘Ninja’ cards are perfect to show off your designing skills.

albert polyaka graphic designer


Elena Mirosedina – Artist

A palette is the perfect symbol for art. This artist uses the tool of her trade to communicate her profession.




Make your card look like a cassette, CD or vinyl record!



Get inspired and design a quirky business card of your own!

Quirky Tattoo Designs for Creative Souls

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Tattoos are fun to get, but because they’re going to be part of your skin for the rest of your life, it’s advisable to choose a design that’s meaningful and not one that’s going to be a cause for embarrassment in the future. If you are a creative soul, here are some tattoo ideas that are perfect for you! Opt for such minimalist designs to get a tattoo that looks stylish and creative.

If music makes your world go round

Minimal and meaningful, this unique music button tattoo is perfect for all those who love melody. Those looking for something a little more colorful can get each button tattooed in a different color.

music buttons

If writing is what soothes your soul

These potent marks carry a ton of meanings and are perfect for those who love penning their thoughts.



If painting helps you express yourself

This gorgeous color tattoo is perfect for those who love experimenting with paints.



If paper folding is your favorite pastime 

Origami lovers, this tiny crane is perfect for you!



If capturing moments is what you live for

This tiny camera tattoo is perfect for shutterbugs. To make it more personal, get your model tattooed on instead.



Valentine’s Day Ideas for Creative Souls

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and while it’s a day that makes some of us happy, it can leave those belonging to The Singles Club feeling lonely and unloved. So, we’re here to spread some cheer and make this day delightful for both lovers and friends. We’ve come up with a list of fun activities to try out, with a special someone or a friend, to make this day a memorable one. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!

Get Creative!

This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving your better half a store-purchased card, put on your thinking cap and try designing your own Valentine’s Day greeting. If you don’t have a partner, gift your creation to that friend who has supported you through thick and thin. To make the designing process more fun, call your mate or partner over and make cards for each other!

If making cards isn’t fun for you, try your hand at something else like penning a poem or painting a wall together.

Inspiring pretty


Image courtesy: Inspiring Pretty

Take a Class

Do something fun together, but instead of going out for the regular movie, dinner routine, spend time learning something new. Attend a pottery workshop or cooking workshop, or even a candle-making one. To make things more interesting, gift your creations to each other.



Image courtesy: Candlefish

Attend an Event at QTube Café

Organized by Love Matters India, this event invites all to share written pieces, stories and experiences on love, sexuality and identity. If you want to participate or just attend, reach out to Roshan Kokane at or +919819178932.

Please carry along a valid ID card.

Visit the event page for more details:

Watch a Black and White Movie

Instead of watching a movie in a theatre, curl up in bed with your partner and binge on cinema classics. Here are 5 movies you should watch.


Gone with the Wind


Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Hope your Day of Love is a lovely one!

Giving Voice to the Poet Within – A Poetry Workshop at QTube Cafe

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

When taxed with the job of writing about a workshop, I mostly stick to the trusted fly on the wall routine. As a mute, non-participating spectator, I get the chance to observe and comment on all that’s going on without having to put myself in harm’s way, and by harm’s way I mean the activities going on. This workshop, however, was frightfully different, because, while most swear by the adage seeing is believing, for poets, feeling is believing. And since this workshop, titled ‘From the Brazen to the Golden: Creating and Chiseling Poetry,’ was one with poets, I was invited to participate before jotting down my observations. Visibly shaken and shaking, I got ready to explore all that goes on in a poetry workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Shrenik Mutha and Ankita Anand, both gifted poets and poetry lovers. Through creative exercises, they encouraged us to explore our relationship with poetry. We started off by answering questions like ‘Why I write poetry?’ ‘What do I like about poetry?’ Through our own answers we realized a range of problems that confront us as poets, whether it was the fear or not being profound enough, or articulate enough or simply running out of topics, each participant brought to the table unique problems which, quite strangely, resonated with all of us. On the one hand, these revelatory conversations comforted the hesitant poet in me while on the other, it motivated me to try harder to overcome my writing-related fears.


All poets understand the importance of fair criticism and so, Ankita’s next exercise had us jot down our expectations from a ‘good’ poem and through our lists, she helped us understand how to share useful feedback. This exercise left us with a ready-made checklist we could revisit often and use to sharpen our own writing. The next exercise aimed to explore the relevance of poetry in a world fascinated by visual mediums. With motion pictures and photography claiming to be infinitely more captivating, can poetry still stimulate the mind and move the soul? After the exercise (which involved observing a photograph handed to us, and composing a poem inspired by that photograph,) we were convinced that poetry offers a kind of dynamism no other medium offers, because when language is your tool of choice, there is no limit to creativity. We were also asked to read out our poems, which were then praised and critiqued by the other participants.

After a quick lunch break, we dived into the next and last exercise for the day, which called on us to pen another poem. This time however, our inspiration had to come from a place closer to home, that is, from some chaotic incident weighing us down at the moment. This was an incredibly difficult exercise, but at the end of it, felt strangely therapeutic. Later, we had to read out our poems to the group.

Although this workshop was quite intensive for me, a person who doesn’t dare call herself a poet, by the end of it, I felt much more confident about my writing ability. I was even encouraged to call myself a poet, and thereby, own my talent, for as Ankita rightly pointed out, to become a better version of yourself, you have to first accept your current version, faults and all. It was an immensely empowering workshop for not just seasoned poets, but for upcoming ones like me and this is what both Ankita and Shrenik are trying to do through such sessions. When not conducting such workshops, Ankita uses her linguistic talents to help those without a voice. She helps those marginalized by society learn basic communication skills and even assists them in form-filling and other official procedures. If you’d like to know more about her work, read her poetry or get in touch with her, contact her at / or via Facebook

If you’d like to host something similar at a location near you, contact Shrenik at You can read his work through his WordPress blog – Anthology of Thirst

This workshop had no fee of any kind because the organizers wanted to encourage participation from people belonging to different strata. However, to remind us that arts education is valuable in its own right, and so that we respect the efforts put in, participants were asked to donate a sum they felt fit. No minimum or maximum amount was prescribed.