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5 Easy Ways to Save The Earth!

Friday, June 7th, 2019

With World Environment Day having just come and gone (June 5th), it’s time we reflect a little on our own little footprint on what’s happening around us, and how we can play a small but nonetheless significant role to help out. Not everyone has the power, patience or perseverence to change the world single handedly, but we can certainly all play our own small part. So what are some of the ways we can help? What changes can we bring in our own lives that help impact the environment in a positive way? We’ve got some great ideas for you.


No Plastic Bags

As state governments are slowly getting behind this policy one at a time, it’s high time everyone got onto the bandwagon all on their own. Keep a few cloth bags folded in your purse/bag at all times, for whenever you go shopping, and help out the environment!

Image source - Hobsons Bay City Council

Image source – Hobsons Bay City Council


Brush those teeth!

Brushing your teeth twice a day is great, but most people go through 2-5 toothbrushes every year. Unfortunately, toothbrushes are made from, you guessed it, plastic! You’re hardly expected to use dental sticks though. So what’s the alternative? Bamboo toothbrushes! Easily available online, though slightly pricey, they are certainly better for the environment as they are definitely bio-degradable.

Image source - Purganics

Image source – Purganics


Metal straws

Say no to plastic straws! Did you know that in the US alone, it is said that each person uses, on average, over 100 straws every year? Multiply that by the number of people, and that’s a whole lot of plastic in the landfills and ocean. Metal straws are here to save the planet though, one drink at a time. They small and light enough to carry around in your bag, or even in your pocket! There are even collapsible options available, that can fit into wallets.

Image source - Port Plums

Image source – Port Plums


Bucket list

Every home has trash bins, but every home should also get a compost bucket! It’s a great way to get rid of all your bio-degradable waste, and if you have a garden, it’s a fantastic (and much cheaper) option for fertilizer. While it does admittedly take a few tries to get the method down pat, it’s totally worth it in the end.

Image source - Amara

Image source – Amara


Write the right way!

Are you someone who’s constantly jotting down notes, and creating to-do lists? Instead of using notepads, scraps of papers, or even post its, you’ve got two great environment friendly options for you! The simplest one is obviously to just jot those points down on your phone. But if you like the process of writing things down, and crossing things off a list (there is joy there, trust us), then you too have a great option. Reusable notebooks have laminated pages that you can just wipe off when done (think white boards), so you don’t need to keep piling up waste paper in your trash bin! Talk about win-win!

Image source - Greenstory

Image source – Greenstory


Whether you opt for only one of these options, some of them, or even all of them, all’s good. Just remember, that no matter how small your contribution, no matter how small the difference you bring in your lifestyle to accommodate the needs of the environment, every single small step or action makes a difference. You ARE helping. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

From Nature, Back to Nature: Ganpati Idols Making A Difference

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi is here and shortly, we’ll be queuing up outside the mandaps of famous Ganpati idols in the city. Apart from offering our prayers, we also love taking a good look at the idol and marveling at the handiwork of the sculptor and painter whose efforts help make the idol look lifelike. However, this year, along with visiting the famous ones, we urge you to take a look at these uniquely-made Ganpatis too. Not only are they as beautiful, they are also doing an important job of protecting the environment against pollution. All these idols are made of biodegradable materials and thus, do no harm to the environment when they are immersed in water bodies. Also, there are some pretty creative ideas behind their making and have hence, earned the right to be known about. Here we go trying to do our bit to spread the word, and hopefully, inspire you to explore these eco-friendly Ganpati options next year.

Holy Saplings!

Dattadri Kothur, the mastermind behind this idol, has come up with a way to not only side-step immersion, but also increase the planet’s tree count. His idols are made up of red soil, fertilizer and plant seeds. On the last day, the idol can be immersed in a pot filled with water. In a few days, one will see plants sprouting from the pot!

The logical indian


Image courtesy: The Logical Indian

Oh Fish!

When immersed, these gorgeous looking idols don’t hurt but help feed marine life. Made of clay, these idols are stuffed with fish food, like corn, spinach, wheat and vegetable powder. They are painted with organic materials like turmeric, chandan and gerua. The idols are made by a Mumbai-based NGO called Sprouts Environmental Trust.

the better india


Image courtesy: The Better India

Dung it!

Some might get a little queasy while holding these idols because they are made of dung. Yes, you heard right, cow dung it is. Two NGOs in Bengaluru, Go-Go Organisation and Uttishtha Bharat, are fashioning Ganpatis from cow dung. The dung is first dried for three days and is then mixed with cow urine and turmeric. These idols not only dissolve easily in water, they also act as manure for plants, thereby enriching the ecosystem.

In the Name of Chocolate!

To have this Ganpati through all 7 or 11 days, you’re going to need some serious will power. Every year, commercial designer turned baker Rintu Rathod creates chocolate Ganpatis that, when needed to be immersed, can be dipped into a tumbler of milk, thereby turning into a milkshake!

hungry forever


Image courtesy: Hungry Forever

For Coconut’s Sake!

Some resourceful women from Sabarkantha mix mud and coconut husks to make easy to dissolve Ganpati idols. First, mud is shaped into the figure of the idol and then, once dry, coconut husk is used to bind the figure.

So, which of these would you like to bring home next year?