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DIY of the Week – Easter Eggs 4 Ways!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

While Easter itself is a very important day, the crafter inside of us can’t help but love all the imagery and fantasy that is also associated with the day. The bunnies, and baskets of eggs, and all those chocolates in the perfect shapes! What’s not to love?

One of our personal favorite things to do at this time of the year while growing up was getting together in a large group to have a nice afternoon painting and decorating our eggs for the big Easter egg hunt. To commemorate the lovely memories, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to decorate your own basket of Easter eggs!

Image source - Times Higher Education

Image source – Times Higher Education


What you need:

1. Eggs that have been emptied (all you need is a safety pin, a YouTube tutorial, and slightly steady hands)

2. Paints (Method 1)

3. Paintbrushes (Method 1)

4. Dyes (Method 2)

5. Rubber bands (Method 2 and 4)

6. Disposable cups (Method 2 and 3)

7. Nail Paints (Method 3)

8. Toothpick (Method 3)

9. Patterned tissue papers (Method 4)



What to do:


Take your eggs, and using your paintbrush and paints, paint freehand designs, or you can even draw eyes and a mouth, or make animal faces. The possibilities and color combinations are endless, and each egg can have its own signature style!

Image source - Crafty Morning

Image source – Crafty Morning



Wrap a rubber band or two around each egg (Make sure it’s not too tight, otherwise you might crack the shell). Filling each disposable cup with a different dye color concoction (halfway only), dip an egg in each different colored cup. (Your egg should be half or less than half dipped into the liquid). Once the color holds fast, switch them into different cups and colors, turning them around to get the rest of the egg. Once done and dry, just remove the rubber bands.

Image source - Best Home Chef

Image source – Best Home Chef



Taking a disposable cup, fill it half with water and drop several drops of different nail polish colors. Taking a toothpick, lightly swirl the colors till they form a random mixed design. Now delicately and lightly dip the egg onto this swirl pattern, turning the egg slowly as you go along. The design will start adhering to the egg’s surface. Let dry.

Image source - Hello Glow

Image source – Hello Glow



Cover the egg with a patterned tissue and bring it together and tie the top with a rubber band. Now cover the tissue surface with drops of the dye, alternating between colors and spaces. Leave for some time, then remove the tissue. The self pattern on the tissue will have transferred onto the egg’s shell in the various colors of the dye.

Image source - One Little Project

Image source – One Little Project


Happy Crafting and Happy Easter!