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DIY of the Week – Indian Flag Paper Chain

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Republic Day is here, and we’ve got the perfect little projects for the young ones in the house to keep busy and create some decorations for the occasion. And the best part is that they’re super easy to do, and require very little supervision.


What You Need:

1. Construction paper sheets (in orange, white, and green, to match the colors of the flag)

2. Scissors

3. Blue marker

4. Glue stick or stapler


What To Do:

Step 1

Cut the papers in horizontal lengths (giving you strips of about two inches thickness) for each color.

Image Source - Putti's World

Image Source – Putti’s World


Step 2

At the center of each white strip, draw a circle with the blue marker, and then create lines going across diagonally within the circle, in the design of the Ashok Chakra.

Image Source - Putti's World

Image Source – Putti’s World


Step 3

Taking an orange strip, bring both ends together to create a loop with the strip and glue  or staple the ends together. Then, taking a white strip, pull it through the orange loop, and create and seal the white loop so that they are intertwined. Now take a green strip, and pulling it through the white loop, create and close the loop. Keep doing this (in the correct color sequence to mimic the flag) until you have the desired length of chain to hang up.


Happy Crafting and Happy Republic Day!