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DIY of the Week – Twine Lanterns

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

The greatest way to start the week is with a dose of creativity. We firmly believe this, and we’ll keep harping on it till you do too! Why? Because getting your hands dirty and then finally enjoying something you made yourself sitting on a table, or hanging from the ceiling is totally worth it. And this next one is a great one to do too. It’s messy, but totally worth the time and effort to clean up, and if you’ve got a garden, there couldn’t be anything more perfect for it!


What You Need:

1. Twine rope

2. 4-5 balloons

3. Newspaper

4. School liquid glue

5. 1/4 cup warm water

6. 1/2 cup corn starch

7. Petroleum jelly

8. Fairy lights

9. Container for mixing ingredients

Image source - Amazon

Image source – Amazon



What To Do:

Step 1

Blow up the balloons to the size you want your lanterns to be.

Image source - DIY Garden

Image source – DIY Garden


Step 2

Lay out a thick layer of newspaper on your work space (keep in mind, it’s going to get dirty and icky). Keep in mind that it should be in a place where you can hang your lanterns to dry, without touching each other or anything else. Once done, cover the balloons with petroleum jelly (use plastic gloves to reduce mess if you want).


Step 3

Mix the glue, warm water and cornstarch in the container. Keep mixing till there are no lumps in the mixture. Dip the twine in the mixture till it is fully coated, then start draping it around the balloon.

Image source - DIY Garden

Image source – DIY Garden


Step 4

Ideally, if you work vertically, then horizontally. Once wrapped in a design and fashion you’re happy with, hang it to dry. Leave for 24 hours at least.

Image source - Ruffled Blog

Image source – Ruffled Blog


Step 5

Once dry, pop the balloons and your lamps are ready!

Image source - Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest


Step 6 (optional)

You can spray paint the lamps to a color of your choice. (Don’t forget to let them dry out completely).

Image source - Sallygoodin

Image source – Sallygoodin


Step 7 

Insert a string of fairy lights into the lamps, and there you go!

Image source - Instructables

Image source – Instructables


Happy crafting!