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The Big NSPA Auditions – Talent, Music, Happiness!

Friday, April 24th, 2015

The NSPA recently had a second, much bigger round of auditions on the 16th of April at Pushpa Narsee Park, Juhu. There were 26 applicants in all, some individual performers and some groups. The atmosphere in the park was wonderful, rife with talent and filled with the sound of instruments and lyrical voices. It felt nice to see artists tuning their instruments and practicing their performance pieces prior to the auditions. Some chose to sit with their bandmates while some wandered around alone, exploring the place and calming themselves. There seemed however, to be just one thing on everyone’s mind – the impending NSPA auditions!


Once the auditions commenced, we observed a common trend. Most artists were a little hesitant during their first performance, perhaps because of nervousness, but as soon as they moved into their second performance, one could sense the tension melt away and the artists then gave us a clearer picture of their abilities and passion. It was also easy to spot the more seasoned professionals among this sea of talent. They were the ones with the most confidence and showmanship, like the stage was home to them, and performing in front of crowds, a piece of cake.


The auditions offered up an interesting mix of performers, there were mouth organ enthusiasts, percussionists, folk singers, Sufi musicians, indie pop addicts and even a visually challenged flutist, a rapper and a performer who sang songs in 3 different South Indian languages! Then there were those creative composers who like to pen their own lyrics and create their own tunes. What a vibrant, talent-rich medley of languages, genres and instruments! In those four hours, it felt like we had travelled across the whole of India and had sampled the musical tastes of almost every culture!


Another heart-warming observation was the camaraderie we witnessed among the artists. Although many of them were strangers to each other, played different genres of music, belonged to different age groups and even nationalities, it was interesting to see them cheer for and support each other. Irrespective of the genre, if you delivered a good performance, you could be sure to receive a hearty round of applause and encouraging pats on the back. It was like for those four hours, differences went unnoticed as hearts and minds were bound together by a common passion, music!

Unforgettable moments from the auditions:

A 16-year-old amazes us with his rock-n-roll performance

There wasn’t a dearth of talent at the auditions, however, there was one artist who won our hearts. We’re talking about a lively, 16-year-old, Rock-n-roll fan, who performed a fabulous rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Jail house rock.’ His strong, powerful vocals captivated us completely and his bubbling, sunny personality brought a smile to our face. Unfortunately, we couldn’t select him since he was underage, but we’re sure his performance won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Watch the video now!

Jail House Rock

Harmonica players perform an impromptu piece

Another such moment came towards the end of the auditions, when two harmonica players jammed together for us! Although the performance was a spontaneous one, completely unplanned and unrehearsed, they complemented each other’s notes and tunes so well that it felt like they had been playing together for ages!

Check out their fab performance here:

Mario Theme on Harmonica

On the whole, the auditions were amazing, and we did find some really talented performers. The results will be out soon, so keep checking our Facebook page!

5 Reasons why you must Audition for NSPA

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

We, at the NSPA, have big hearts and big arms and are opening both in a bid to embrace more art forms and artists. Yes, we have decided to expand our artist base and so, are conducting auditions on the 28th of Jan, from 11 am – 3 pm at QTube Cafe, S.V. Road, Bandra. We urge all aspiring musicians, actors, poets to pluck up the courage and audition for us so that we get a chance to give some upcoming talented artists a chance to grow and shine.

To Register for the auditions:

audiions poster 1

Still hesitant to audition? Here are 5 reasons why you must! Hope these motivate you to go ahead and register for our auditions!

Been There, Done That

Auditions can be unnerving, because you’re conscious about the fact that someone is judging you and your talent. However, once you go through an audition, you’re likely to feel more confident and competitive and this will go a long way in helping you perform better the next time you have to prepare for one. Also, at an audition, you’re exposed to performances from different artists, helping you gauge you’re abilities and skills better. You may also be lucky enough to forge a new friendship that could result in a fruitful collaboration in the future!

On-board NSPA!

Once you get selected that is. But, if you do, you become an NSPA artist and being one surely has its perks. You get a fixed number of slots each month, guaranteeing you the opportunity of performing at various public locations. You also get a chance to perform at big stage events we bag. Apart from this, there are additional benefits you’re sure to enjoy, like being featured on our website and social media channels and getting videos of your performance shot and shared on our YouTube channel.

It’s not Just about Playing & Performing

The NSPA is involved in several art-related activities and programs. We not only have street and stage performances, but we also conduct community art programs, art literacy programs and training sessions for our artists. So, you’ll get a chance to try your hand out at all these activities and therefore, gain greater exposure and practice!

Exposure + Kickass collabs = Growth

At the NSPA, we strive for excellence and urge our artists too to constantly grow and evolve. For those in need of training, we organize training workshops. For those interested in trying out new forms, we give them a chance to collaborate with other artists so that they get a chance to experiment and learn something new. Once a part of NSPA, all are opportunities and resources are thrown open to you, so you’re sure to get all the backing and support you require to make a name for yourself.

Money (because one can’t live on Love & Fresh Air)

We don’t expect you to perform for free, after all, we all have bills to pay and cheques to write. So, we pay our artists a stipulated sum as remuneration for their efforts. This way, our artists get to do what they love and are good at without having to worry about a big, empty hole forming in their pockets. Well, you too can join us and use your talents to earn some money!

So, what are you waiting for? Come for our auditions and get your talented friends and acquaintances along as well.

5 Movies Every Music Lover Must Watch!

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

When it comes to movies, we all have our own tastes. Some adore those weepy romances and some swear by the exploding bombs and rogue agents offered up in action movies. Movies are engrossing and engaging and no matter what our preferred genre is, we absolutely love watching these pieces of cinematic brilliance.

Here is a list that will especially delight music lovers, in fact, all those people who love the arts and are curious to know more about cultural and artistic practices in different time periods. So, if you are such a person, here are 5 movies you must watch!


A powerful, electric movie, don’t be surprised if you do experience a sort of ‘whiplash’ after watching it. By delving into the teacher-student relationship, the film lets us explore the mind of an established artist and the mind of an artist who is still in the making.  It also shows us the pressure amateur artists face as they try to make it big in a competitive, cutthroat industry. The protagonists, through their actions make you pose important life questions to yourself, like how far would you go to achieve your dreams? How far would you push someone to achieve theirs? In addition to the probing plotline, there are also amazing drum solos and jazz performances to watch. So, grab that bucket of popcorn and settle in!



Image courtesy: New Yorker

8 Mile:

This movie is unsettlingly realistic as Eminem shows us what it feels like to grow up in a poverty-stricken neighbourhood. He puts on a brilliant performance as a troubled youngster who finds redemption and solace in rapping, in writing about his life and in performing in front of crowds. It also offers a peek into the not so glamourous side of Detroit, where crime and poverty abound. However, it also shows us what personal ambition and the desire to change can do, and how far it can take you in life. If you’re an aspiring musician, or artist, you’ll be moved by this movie.



Image courtesy: acclaimmag

School of Rock:

Jack Black has always been this adorable plump, funny guy we love. In this movie however, although he never lets go of his rib-tickling humor, he also puts on a powerful performance that draws attention towards the way children are slowly, but surely coaxed into giving up their artistic pursuits as they grow older. It throws light on the fact that most parents are still uncomfortable with their children pursuing artistic careers and would rather they took the beaten path in this respect. Watch Jack Black play the perfect encouraging, motivating teacher who believes in the power of music and pushes his kids to pursue their musical ambitions fearlessly.



Image courtesy: stagedoordish

Moulin Rouge:

This opulent film puts a lot on the table. Elaborate sets, exaggerated cinematography and a stellar cast, this film is as visually and intellectually rich as the 19th century Paris it explores. The winning point of the film however, is not the tragic but consuming romance it sets out for us, but the way in which the music of one century is used to comment on the issues of another. The film is peppered with popular songs from some iconic pop singers like Elton John, Madonna, The Beatles and Nirvana and through these unforgettable tracks, various themes are explored and highlighted. Watch this movie to witness Baz Lurhmann’s creative genius in all its glory!



Image courtesy: pinterest


A movie that deserved every one of the eight Oscars it won, Amadeus surely makes for a must watch. It is a movie that offers a truthful and powerful depiction of the life of Mozart, his successes and failures, his exceptional talent and also his personal vices. It also offers up the intriguing character of Salieri, Mozarts rival and polar opposite in every way, and his perception of this genius and his abilities. The movie is filled has a commanding background score, one that is fitted to be a part of a film that explores the life of an iconic pianist and composer. Watch this movie to know more about this iconic musician and also to enjoy some of his most popular compositions.



Image courtesy: americanfilm

Well, happy viewing friends!