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Food Binge vs Netflix Binge

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Are you a foodie? Do you love exploring about new cultures and the foods that are associated with them? Do you love to travel too? Wouldn’t it be great to indulge in all those interests while curled up on your couch at home? In the age of bingeing, we bring you a list of Netflix shows that can whet your appetite for all things travel and food related, and ensure that you learn something new about all those things you love.

(Disclaimer – Watching these shows will probably make your mouth water, will probably create a travel itch, and will definitely leave you feeling hungry. Kindly proceed with full knowledge and acceptance of said side-effects.)


1. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Food, check! Travel, check! Celebrities, check! David Chang, check! What more could you possibly need? Head through various countries as David brings along famous friends and checks out some phenomenally great food. P.S. You don’t need a visa, we promise.

Image Source - New on Netflix

Image Source – New on Netflix


2. Street Food

Where do you find the best food? On the streets of course! This show brings to the front the true heroes for our taste buds, the people who struggle by getting up earlier than the sun, those who stand in the heat of the afternoon, and work long into the night, just so we can grab a quick bite that’s tasty, cheap, and fills our stomachs and hearts. Sail across Asia and meet the best of the best from India, Thailand, South Korea, and so many more.

Image Source -

Image Source –


3. Chef’s Table

With six whole seasons, this Emmy-nominated series is definitely binge-worthy. Featuring top chefs from across the globe, delve in to hear about their stories, their vision, their food. As you travel from Germany, to Russia, to South Korea, to Mexico, be prepared to be hit by a whirlwind of gorgeous looking food that will leave you breathless. Bonus, one season is only about pastry. Get your dessert game on!

Image Source -

Image Source –


4. Ugly Delicious

An interesting docu-series featuring favourite chef David Chang (again), this one is a must-watch for every single person who loves fusion food. David meets chefs bringing together cultures and flavor profiles in the most fearless ways possible. Whether its Arab tacos, or Japanese pizza, be prepared to have your preconceptions of what does and doesn’t go together completely shattered. Spoiler Alert – Season 2 is on its way!

Image Source - Facebook

Image Source – Facebook


5. Festive Foods

Take a trip across Asia with this show, with each episode featuring various festivals across the continent, and of course the scrumptious food it all brings forth. Whether it’s Diwali, or the Moon Festival, or Winter Solstice celebrations, prepare to drool.

Image Source - Netflix

Image Source – Netflix


Happy Drooling!

Top Indian Content Online (Part 2)

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

We’re back with another set of 3 must watch series/movies from Indian creators for Indian viewers available on different online streaming platforms. If your favorite isn’t on the list yet, let us know. And if you missed Part 1, click here.


Sacred Games

While it certainly isn’t the first short series to come out of India for online streaming, it has certainly made even the naysayers sit up and take notice. From a taunt storyline, to excellent an excellent star cast, it has come to note for additional reasons such as the role portrayals by secondary characters, and Mumbai herself has truly shone. The cult following the show has garnered is no joke either.

Available on Netflix

Image source - Images Dawn

Image source – Images Dawn


Inside Edge

With powerpacked performances by Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chadha, Angad Bedi and Sanjay Suri, this original series about cricket and all that goes on behind the scenes in premier league type settings is a sure fire must watch.

Available on Amazon Prime

Image source - Wikipedia

Image source – Wikipedia



Seven strangers anxiously waiting for their HIV test results decide to bribe the clinic receptionist to get them early, learning one is positive. You can expect some great acting, considering that Prakash Raj is one of the seven.

Available on Netflix

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix


Happy couch surfing!

Top Indian Content Online (Part 1)

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

The past year and half has truly seen Indian content on online streaming platforms turn into a force. Young millennials are flocking to online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and many others for their daily entertainment, instead of the usual options available on regular television. Apart from the possibility of binge watching their favorite shows, everyone can now truly control the ‘pause’ and ‘play’ options to suit their own whims and fancies.

Here’s part 1 of some great Indian content that you can stream online.


Test Case

Nimrat Kaur’s first foray into a short series, this gripping story about an army officer’s attempt to become the first ever female commando will leave you at the edge of your seat. The characters she befriends along the way, as well as those who try to block her path at every attempt, make for a great watch. And at a tight 10 episodes, the show makes sure not to bore you either.

Available on ALT Balaji, Language – Hindi

Image source - The Digital Hash

Image source – The Digital Hash


Love Per Square Foot

This is one holds a special mention purely because it is the first Netflix production of an Indian project. And it of course helps that the latest darling of Indian cinema stars as the hero, and as such, Vicky Kaushal doesn’t disappoint. The story too, is not only charming, but simple and relatable. Two strangers, each dreaming to one day own their own house in Mumbai, decide to fake a marriage to be able to get a joint loan through a new government scheme. But will their dreams lead to too much confusion in their own individual stories, or will they be able to make it work?

Available on Netflix, Language – English

Image source - IMDb

Image source – IMDb



If stellar starcasts are enough for you to begin watching something, this R. Madhavan and Amit Sadh thriller will leave you glued to your screens for more reasons once you start.

Available on Amazon Prime, Language – Hindi

Image source - Prime Video

Image source – Prime Video


Happy Streaming!

Netflix for the Music Aficionado

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Another weekend is here, and since we had something special for creative folk last week, this weekend we’re bringing a list of Netflix programs for the music addicts out there. (Yes, yes, we haven’t forgotten you). So without further ado, let’s get listing.


Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague

In this concert, Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer performs his most iconic movie scores to a sell-out crowd at the O2 Arena in Prague. Slightly over two hours long, this concert is perfect for you if you believe that the score of a movie sets the tone for it. Feel emotions rise and fall as classics from movies like The Dark Knight, Lion King, and Interstellar, among many others, are performed by a live orchestra. Your mind will be blown!

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix

27: Gone Too Soon

Explore the circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths at 27 of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. This program chronicles what many music followers and fans refuse to acknowledge as mere coincidence. With so many great artists leaving us at the young and barely-getting-started age of 27, just what is going on? Is there a conspiracy? Is it just a coincidence? Is there a deeper meaning? Watch and explore the options.

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix


Groundbreaking artists share their life stories in this vibrant documentary series that captures hip-hop’s impact on global culture. Episodes explore the stories of different artists, ranging from LOGIC to T.I., Nas, G-Easy, and others. This is an interesting watch if hip-hop is your thing, as it explores not only the music, but the back stories and culture that brings it all to the forefront.

Image source - Netflix

Image source – Netflix

Also, there are a host of documentaries or special series focusing on specific artists and their journeys, or specific concert tours, if that’s what you’re looking for. Learn more about David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, and even The Beatles. There’s something for everyone, spanning across all music genres. So hit that search on, and get your chill on.

Have a great weekend!