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Top QTube Events for the Week (June 18-24)

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

And another weekend ends, bringing about the start of a brand new week! So what do the lovely folks at QTube Cafe have in store for us this week? A whole lot of fun is what.


Hand Building Pottery Workshop with Trishna Patnaik

In this intriguing hand building pottery workshop: Learn two hand building pottery techniques: pinching and coiling. Pinching: Made by kneading the clay and pressing it into the shape of a bowl, cup, dish, or pot. Coiling: The clay is made into long, round clips coiled and stacked to form other shapes; the coils can be smoothed when finished or left as is to give the pottery a wicker look. Take home two small red mud earthen wares. All age groups are welcome. Limited seats! Please call Trishna on 9867982075 to register. Last day to register is 19th June, 2018.

Date: June 20, 2018

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Entry: Rs. 800/- with prior registration


Comedy Open Mic by The Funny Room

Join for an evening where upcoming talents try to make the crowd go crazy with their wit and humour, while well seasoned comics make sure you have a great time.

Date: June 20, 2018

Time: 7:30pm – 9:45pm

Entry: Free


Yoga Session by Sunil Pandey

Sunil has learned and practiced yoga for more than 15 years, and will share his knowledge and experience through this session. His aim is to promote yoga, so come on down to learn a thing or two.

Date: June 21, 2018

Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Entry: Free



Tête-à-tête @ LAJA is a women’s special event in line with their goal to help women succeed in life by learning skills and being the best.

Date: June 23, 2018

Time: 10am – 12pm

Entry: Rs 500/-


“Little Adults”- a workshop by Rhyns Academy

Join for a workshop for kids aged 6 to 10 years, working on their nutritional values and self-development

Date: June 23, 2018

Time: 12:30pm – 5:30pm

Entry: Free



Puberty often starts before the ripe old age of thirteen, sometimes as young as eight or nine. Your children are more ready for this information than you think. Adolescence is a journey between childhood and adulthood. Help them bridge the gap with acceptance and ease. Join me in educating these adolescents on puberty. So, what are you waiting for?? Sign up for a happy & a safe future.

Date: June 24, 2018

Time: 9am – 1pm

Entry: Free


Mumbai Harmonics

Stalwarts from Mumbai Harmonics will perform nostalgic music of yesteryears on Harmonica. Western Music, Hindustani Classical and Indian Film Music will be performed.

Date: June 24, 2018

Time: 3pm – 7pm

Entry: Free


We’re all geared up for a power-packed week! Have a great one!

‘Art’ your worries away

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Fear, anxiety, worries, apprehension, nervousness, stress, these aren’t mere words on paper any more. With fast lifestyles, heavy workloads, long commutes, and overall stress, everyone feels the pinch sometimes, some more than others. And we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help alleviate that stress. But how can a small change to your daily life help ease those 10-12 hours of “go-go-go!”? The answer – art, or rather, art therapy.

Art therapy is basically you taking a few moments at the end of each day to de-stress with the help of paints, sketch books, coloring books, and the like. And the reason why it works so well is because it creates a safe place free from judgement to express your inner emotions through the art you pursue. And no, the aim is NOT to create beautiful pieces of art, but rather just to create, with no expectations. This allows you to make things more freely, and as you do, you can disconnect from the world, as you lose yourself in the calm, almost meditative strokes of your paintbrush, pencil, or even the smooth roll of the potter’s wheel.


While people who are considered “good” at art keep in touch with their artistic pursuits, some even going ahead to make it their career choice, most people tend to let go of art once those mandatory school classes finish off. The reason for this is most often the fact that they weren’t good enough according to their art teacher, parents, and/or peers. But the thing is, keeping in touch with your creative side (even if you don’t have a “skill” for it) helps alleviate stress, boost creativity, leads to positive feelings, and also helps you process and deal with negative emotions better. Basically, it’s something everyone needs.

Think of your body as a glass. It has a certain capacity, beyond which it cannot hold things. Now, as you fill this glass with water, the available space left to take in more, lessens. Once it’s full, it’s full. Anything you attempt to put in after this point will result in an overflow, and well, a mess. Your emotions are like that water. They need an outlet so that you have space for more. Art gives you a safe, harmless way to sort through and expend emotions that you probably don’t even think you need to deal with.

And you don’t need to be at your wit’s end to consider this. This is ideal for every one, at any age. It doesn’t restrict itself in any way.

So, here are some ideas that you can try out, until you find the type of project(s) that suit you best.


1. Sketching or Doodling

Remember how you used to fill up the back of your school notebooks with endless doodles, signs, and random lines drawn? Well, the kid version of you really knew what they were doing. Just 15 minutes of random doodling at the end of the day can slowly start to help alleviate stress. It’s not only one of the easiest methods to apply, it’s also the most cost effective if you’re on a budget, because you can easily find paper and a pen/pencil around the house.

Image source - WikiHow

Image source – WikiHow

2. Adult Coloring Books

The importance of bringing a bit of color back in your life is so understood now that several companies have launched coloring books aimed specifically at their adult clientele. From complex mandalas, to fill-in classic artworks, the design ranges are large and varied. You can also find designs online, and just print them out. But you needn’t worry, if you can’t find any, any old children’s coloring book works fine too. So time to dust off those old coloring pencil and sketch pen sets!

Image source - Dailyburn

Image source – Dailyburn

3. Bullet Journaling or Homemade Planners

Have a very busy schedule, and need to create an endless amount of to-do lists? Why not make a customized planner for yourself? With how-to guides readily available on all online platforms, find yourself an idea that suits you, and just create your own. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as suits you. From checklists, to mood meters, and calendars, you can use this method to take your work, and your commitments, and turn them into something pretty. Just make sure to add some color at the end of the day, once you’ve filled in all your data and appointments.

Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube

4. Hobby classes

This is, thankfully, pretty easy to do nowadays, as popularity of such classes is off the charts. As since the demand is high, so is the supply. Try your hand at different types of art, through any number of seminars, workshops or classes that are help in and around your neighbourhood. You can easily find listings online, or through social media. Just hit search. Activities can range from pottery classes, to embroidery workshops, to even a dance class or tw0!

Image source - YouTube

Image source – YouTube

Know the age old dialogue “I wish I was a kid again”. Well, for a little while every day, you now can be. So hit pause on your worries, and pick up that pencil, pen, paintbrush, and get your art on! You might not necessarily be creating “beautiful” work, but you’ll certainly be working towards a happier, calmer, and more beautiful you.