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DIY of the Week – Paper Snowflakes

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

It’s almost Christmas, it’s definitely December, but cold weather doesn’t even seem to be on the calendar. Those of us in Mumbai are caught in heat, with an extra special dose of heightened humidity (WHY??). So we’re going to be a bit rebellious and just make our own snow to help put us in the mood. Don’t worry, we’re not at the “stick our head inside our refrigerators” stage (yet). We’re talking about paper snowflakes, of course. Of course. So let’s get started.


What You Need:

1. Paper (white, if you’re going for the pure snow look, or whatever else from wrapping paper, handmade paper, to even newspaper, if you’re going for a different vibe)

2. Scissors (small craft scissors would be better for intricate design cuts)


What To Do:

Step 1

Take your paper and fold over a corner to help you mark out an exact square, then cut off the extra paper, if any.

Image Source - Martha Stewart

Image Source – Martha Stewart


Step 2

Take the folded square, and fold over again, creating a smaller triangle.

Image Source -

Image Source –


Step 3

Imagine the twice-folded paper being in thirds, and fold one third to the front across the middle third, and the other end across the back of the middle third as shown in the picture below.

Image Source - Old Farmer's Almanac

Image Source – Old Farmer’s Almanac


Step 4

Trim the extra edges across the top of the folds. You can cut it straight across, at an angle, or in a circular cut, each type giving you a different general shape for your snowflake.

Image Source -

Image Source –


Step 5

Now comes the part for your creativity. Snip out little cuts here and there, creating your own design. Just make sure not to cut entire across. (To make it easier, you can trace out a design onto the paper before you cut, especially if you’re doing it for the first few times).

Image Source -

Image Source –


Step 6

Open open the paper folds to reveal your snowflake design. You’ll probably need to keep the opened snowflake under a heavy book initially to press out the fold, but once that’s done, you’re good to go.

Image Source -

Image Source –


These are great for decorating on windows and walls, or you could even hang them on floss string with a bit of glue at the tip. And they’re great alternatives to bows on your Christmas gifts too!


Happy Decorating!