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Stand Up Comedy At QTube Cafe

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

What do you get when you put too many funny men in a room together?

A laugh riot!

Normally, the interiors of QTube Café resound with the sound of music and cheery banter. Yesterday however, the café sang a different tune. Between 8 to 9.30 pm, the only sound that emanated from the café was that of laughter; unbridled, booming, carefree laughter! What brought on this giggle fest? Well, it was the enthusiastic participation of bunch of comedians in Awkward Fruit’s Open Mic event, held at QTube Café. Braving nerves and naysayers, these gentlemen took to the stage and spouted one joke after the next, entertaining all with their sense of humour. Every participant got four minutes of mic time and all of them made the most of these four minutes. Since almost everything in life can be humorous if looked at from the right angle, the comedians exploited this truism and cracked jokes about everything under the sun. They spared nothing and no one, not even Ganpati’s trusty conveyance companion – Mr. Mouse. The host, Vaibhav Sethia, ensured that people were in splits even between performances. Thanks to him, even the performers weren’t spared from becoming the butt of a couple of jokes! We were also lucky to have Azeem Banatwalla put up a short performance, and although he performed right at the end, the wait was definitely worth it! A few pictures from the evening.

The Awkward Fruit will be organizing three more events at QTube Café this month. Do attend these, we promise you you’ll have a great time!

14th Jan Feature Shows (7:30 – 9 pm)

25th Jan Let’s Stand Up Open Mic (8 – 9 pm)

28th Jan Feature Shows (8 – 9 pm)

Entry fee: Rs. 200



Host Vaibhav Sethia setting the mood for the evening.







Azeem Banatwalla regales all with his nerdy persona and dazzling wit.



Full house at QTube!

Fun Things to do this week!

Monday, April 27th, 2015

In a city as dynamic as Mumbai, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to unwind and have a good time. In bustling bylanes, on the streets, inside hole in the wall cafes, a steady stream of activity unfolds. All you need to do is to tap into this spirited stream to have a great time, everyday! We understand, that with work/studies and family commitments, it’s difficult to keep track of all that is happening in this lively city. To make your job easier and search more productive, we’ve made a list of the coolest, funkiest happenings in Mumbai. Underline the events that interest you and make your way towards these venues after work.



Image courtesy: boynecs

For Drama lovers:

Well, y’all sure are in luck for there are two interesting plays happening this week. This Wednesday, head towards Prithvi Theatre to watch ‘Dirty Talk,’ a play that delves into the private life of a famous Indian scientist who is hiding a secret that, if exposed, can destroy his spotless image and ruin his prospects. For more details, click here: Dirty Talk

For Music lovers:

For your daily dose of music, all you need to do is head to a venue our artists are performing at. NSPA artists perform at various locations around the city, so you can always stop by on your way back from work/college and enjoy a few minutes of soothing music. To know our artists will be performing this week, check out our events page: Performances

You could also attend a concert titled, ‘Remembering Jaco Pastorius,’ at Tata Theatre this Thursday. A tribute will be paid to Jaco Pastorius, an American jazz musician, composer, electric bass player and big band leader. He is best known for revolutionizing the way the bass guitar is played. For more details, visit this site: Remembering Jaco Pastorius

Ghazal lovers, here’s something you’re sure to love. ‘The Heritage Ghazal Festival – A Tribute to Jagjit Singh’ happens this Friday and will showcase some of the brightest talents from around the world. It will also pay tribute to the glorious tradition of Ghazal music. Click on the link for more details, The Heritage Ghazal Festival

For standup comedy lovers:

Comedy on the Big Mic 79 @ The Hive happens today, 8.30 pm onwards. Let talented comedians entertain you with their hilarious jokes and sarcastic one liners. Laugh till your sides hurt and feel your stress melt away and bad mood evaporate!

Rising Star

Watch upcoming comedians put up their best and most entertaining performances this Tuesday at Canvas Laugh Club, 10.30 pm onwards. Get your buddies along too and have a riotous time!

Well, hope this list of ours helps you have a fabulous week!

Fun Things to do this Week!

Monday, April 6th, 2015

It’s that time of the week when we list down all the fun activities and events you can be a part of during the week so that you don’t find yourself desperately awaiting the weekend. Here are some inspiring and enjoyable activities that are sure to interest art, music and drama lovers. Pick up an event/events that excite you and pay a visit to the venue after work to spice up your weekday, workday routine.



Image courtesy: ztopics

Art Lovers:

Well peeps, there’s a lot in store for you this week. If you’re feeling philanthropic, The Indian Cancer Society gives you a chance to help out those in need. Pick up a couple of artworks from the ‘Art for A Cause,’ art exhibition, an exhibition that aims raise funds to help out deserving cancer patients and do your bit for society. More than 50 renowned artists will have their works on display, so you’re sure to find something worth buying.

Venue: Art and Soul Gallery (Worli) 11 am onwards, Monday – Thursday

Check out the works of celebrated British painter and printmaker, Howard Hodgkin, at Jehangir Nicholson Gallery from Monday to Sunday, 11 am onwards. Hodgkin is known for his semi-abstract paintings that make use of bold strokes of colour to convey emotional states, private judgements and specific meanings. Look out for his two major works “Rain” and “Come into the Garden, Maud” at the exhibition.

Music Lovers:

As usual, NSPA artists put on fabulous performances at various locations to help make your week more enjoyable and musical. On Tuesday, head towards Carter Road, from 6-9 pm to enjoy pop fusion and alternative rock music. On Thursday, stay tuned for Sufi and Marathi folk performances at Marol Naka Metro Station and Saibaba Park, 6-8 pm. Fridays offer a host of performances at several popular locations like Oberoi Mall, Goregaon, Metro Mall, Kalyan, Carter Road, Andheri Metro Station and Pushpa Narsee Park, Juhu. For more details about the line-ups, check out our events page: NSPA Events

Stand-up Comedy Lovers:

Canvas Laugh Club gives budding comedians a chance to enjoy the spotlight with their ‘Open Mic’ event. You can now tell those funny one-liners and semi-hilarious jokes to persons other than your best friend and dog. Be there today at 8.30 pm to enjoy some good and some not-so-good debut performances!

Canvas Laugh Club also presents the Best in Stand-up Comedy with Karan Talwar, Milhail Almeda and Karunesh Talwar delivering their most humorous performances this Wednesday, 8.30 pm. Attend this show to have a gala time as these seasoned performers are sure to leave you in splits!

PS: The Lil Flea Anniversary happens this week and to celebrate it, the organizers have put up a 3-day gala event that will delight shopaholics, foodies and music lovers!Head towards the BKC grounds from 4-11 pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy an absorbing, unforgettable experience! For more details, visit their Facebook page: The Lil Flea Anniversary Edition

That’s all for now folks, hope you have a swell week!

Fun things to do this week!

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Who says you need to wait for the weekend to have fun? In a city as lively and energetic as Mumbai, cool things happen every day! All you need to do is give the papers, or your favourite on-line event magazine a glance, and you’re sure to find something interesting to do throughout the week!

If you feel too lazy to skim through multiple sources, here is a blog post that gives you a lowdown on the best and coolest events happening this week. Go through this list to pick a few (or all) activities you would like to be a part of!


Image courtesy: Kate Collins 2003

For music lovers:

Well, there always is the NSPA! NSPA artists perform every day of the week at different locations, so your live music scenes are sorted for the week. The best part about these performances is that they are held at public locations, like at Metro stations or in malls, so if you happen to be passing through these locations on your way to or from work, stop by to unwind to some relaxing music.

NSPA performances to watch out for this week:

Famous songs get a pop/jazz twist as our NSPA artists create melodious cover versions of them. Head towards Carter Road on Tuesday, 7-9 pm to enjoy these compositions.

Commute via the Metro every day? Look out for our artists at Marol Naka Station on Thursday (6-8 pm), Andheri Metro Station on Friday (7-9 pm) and Saki Naka Metro Station on Saturday (6-8pm)Upbeat folk music, Marathi fusion, Sufi and alternate rock are the genres you’ll be treated to here.

On Sunday, head over to Linking Road to catch some wonderful live performances. From 8-10 am, our resident artists put up fun-filled performances at various junctions. Powerful dramas, folk and fusion music, pop/rock and Sufi performances, it’s all there at ‘Equal Streets!’

For more info regarding these performances, visit our website: NSPA Events

For movie lovers: 

Movies @ the Museum is a movie screening program that is held at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum. It promises to showcase films and videos belonging to various genres, like documentary, fiction, animation and visual art.Film and academic practitioners too will be invited to engage with the audience and discuss their work. Head towards the museum on Friday at 6.30 pm to catch the action.

For drama lovers:

Explore eternal myths that still exist in our subconscious through a powerful drama by The Phoenix Players. ‘Orochi & Kaalia’ uses folk and classical forms to infuse life into the enactment. Enjoy this enchanting experience on Saturday, 7 pm at the Hive.

For comedy lovers:

Irish House and He Said She Said, two happening pubs team up to present ‘The Comedy Crawl’ on Thursday, 8.30 pm onwards. Talented standup and Improv comedians from Culture Shoq will keep you in splits with their witty, snappy-smart jokes. Also, there are some cool offers on domestic liquors!  Learn more about the event here: Time Out Mumbai

Well, hope this has your weekday scenes sorted! Have a happy week!