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DIY of the Week – Handmade Tambourine

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

It’s our favorite day of the week again! Every Monday brings on a brand new week, brand new possibilities, and in the world of NSPA, a brand new Do-It-Yourself project!

In keeping with our theme for DIYs focusing on musical instruments, this week’s activity is none other than the favorite (and super easy to play) tambourine. It’s great for family picnics, friendly get-togethers, and camping trips too! So let’s get our craft on


What you need:

1. 10 metal bottle caps

2. Piece of scrap wood (or any safe surface on which you can use a hammer)

3. Large nail

4. Hammer

5. 7-inch wooden embroidery hoops

6. Craft wire

7. Colored electric tape

8. Cardboard


What to do:

Step 1

Punch a hole in each bottle cap, one at a time, by placing them face down on the scrap wood, placing the nail in the center and lightly tapping down on the head with the hammer until a hole is made. Make sure you’re careful while holding the caps, as the edges are sharp and can easily lead to cuts.

Image source – Arts and Crafts Collection


Step 2

Cut five 3-inch pieces of the craft wire, and bend each piece of wire at one end, about half inch in from the edge. String in two bottle caps, with the top sides facing each other. Repeat this for all five pieces of wire, as shown in the picture.

Image source - Manos a la obra

Image source – Manos a la obra


Step 3

Open and separate the two embroidery hoop rings. Screw the outer loop tightly. Now cut five pieces of cardboard into 1 inch squares. These will be our spacers.

Image source – Amazon


Step 4

Cut the tape about 5 inches long, and lay it down with the sticky side facing up. Place a spacer piece in the center of the tape. Now place the spacer between the two hoops and secure by wrapping the tape around tight. Loop another round of tape to secure it firmly. Repeat this step with the remaining four spacers, evenly spacing them out between the rings.

Image source - Arts and Crafts Collection

Image source – Arts and Crafts Collection


Step 5

Now place the wires and caps between each of the spacers, looping both ends of the wires around each hoop.


Step 6 Cover the looped wire ends with tape, securing them in place.

Image source - Arts and Crafts Collection

Image source – Arts and Crafts Collection


Et voila! You’re now ready to be the star attraction at the next singalong!

Image source – Pinterest