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Color Me Pretty!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

They say that once you get your first tattoo done, it’s only matter of time before you go back for another. Turns out, even getting tattoos done can be quite addictive. The reasons behind getting them are as varied and diverse as the people who get them. From ‘being cool’ to chronicling an important aspect of their life, to getting one to commemorate a loss, or as a reminder of strength. Since the festival of colors is just around the corner, we thought we’d give you some ideas of tattoos that have a splash of color. And honestly, even if you’re not interested in getting a tattoo, scroll through them. They’re quite pretty. And who knows, maybe the bug will even bite you. The point is, tattoos with a pop of color do add an extra little something that just isn’t there in the regular black tattoo. Have a look!


You can get your favorite flower, your favorite animal.

Image Source - Art and Design

Image Source – Art and Design

Image Source - IndiaMART

Image Source – IndiaMART

Image Source -

Image Source –


You can get a musical tattoo too.

Image Source - Doozy List

Image Source – Doozy List

Image Source - Tattoo Designs

Image Source – Tattoo Designs


Or your favorite line from your favorite poem or something symbolic.

Image Source - Twitter

Image Source – Twitter

Image Source - Flower Tattoo

Image Source – Flower Tattoo


Or even your favorite book or fairy tale character.

Image Source - Styleoholic

Image Source – Styleoholic

Image Source - Game of Spoons

Image Source – Game of Spoons


Or even this group tattoo where four friends got each piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Image Source - Styleoholic

Image Source – Styleoholic


Or even this latest trend that has tattoos look like embroidered designs.

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Image Source - OurtimeBD

Image Source – OurtimeBD


Whichever type of tattoo you do get eventually, remember to do a thourough check of the tattoo parlor you decide to use, asking around for recommendations, and check that they use single-use needles which they throw away as soon as they’re done. Also, check with your doctor first, especially if you have any pre-existing condition that could raise issues such as diabetes or anemia.

The Most Subtle Musical Tattoos You Can Get!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Music is life, and many people who agree like to commemorate this sentiment on their skin. And if you’re one who’s been looking for a permanent way to show your love for music, but aren’t sure if a large tattoo is your kind of thing, here’s a compilation of five of the simplest tattoos you can consider. They are small enough to not break the bank, as well as try out, since the prick of the needle isn’t really for everyone.


1. From the heart

Simple, cute, and versatile in where you can get it, this one is a great one for musicians. With the bass and treble clef placed in such a manner as to look like a heart from one side, it’s one of the simplest and smallest tattoos related to music that you can get.

Image source -

Image source –


2. Clef Palate

If you’re not into hearts, then a simple treble clef, bass clef, or even a simple musical note. Again, these are small, simple, and extremely versatile on location as well as sizing.

Image source - Wild Tattoo Art

Image source – Wild Tattoo Art


 3. Music to your ears

This one, though simple, is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Though you have to admit, it seems pretty perfect for anyone is who constantly listening to music with their earphones plugged in!

Image source - Wild Tattoo Art

Image source – Wild Tattoo Art


4. Press Play

This one is minimalist as well as ideal for those whose Ipods and playlists are never far away from their grasp. And the best part is, this one isn’t specific to musicians, and can be great for any music lover.

Image source -

Image source –


5. Colored notes

If you’re not into plain black tattoos, and are looking for a bit more color to brighten up your look, you can always overlay a simple black tattoo with a splash of watercolor to not only personalize a regular design, but bring some additional life to it too.

Image source -

Image source –


But whether you go simple, or decide to go a bit more detailed or large, make sure to pick your studio and artist carefully, ensure that sealed packs of needles are opened in front of you, and make sure to follow all guidelines to insure no infections occur after the fact. Happy Inking!

Quirky Tattoo Designs for Creative Souls

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Tattoos are fun to get, but because they’re going to be part of your skin for the rest of your life, it’s advisable to choose a design that’s meaningful and not one that’s going to be a cause for embarrassment in the future. If you are a creative soul, here are some tattoo ideas that are perfect for you! Opt for such minimalist designs to get a tattoo that looks stylish and creative.

If music makes your world go round

Minimal and meaningful, this unique music button tattoo is perfect for all those who love melody. Those looking for something a little more colorful can get each button tattooed in a different color.

music buttons

If writing is what soothes your soul

These potent marks carry a ton of meanings and are perfect for those who love penning their thoughts.



If painting helps you express yourself

This gorgeous color tattoo is perfect for those who love experimenting with paints.



If paper folding is your favorite pastime 

Origami lovers, this tiny crane is perfect for you!



If capturing moments is what you live for

This tiny camera tattoo is perfect for shutterbugs. To make it more personal, get your model tattooed on instead.



Miniature Art: Little Things, Big Impressions

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

When people say ‘size matters,’ they usually mean ‘big is better.’ But, some artists have taken it upon themselves to prove to us that this need not always be the case. Welcome to the compact world of miniature art, where tiny creations rule the roost. When we say tiny, we mean minute, minuscule, so small that the creation fits in the palm of your hand or even, in the eye of a needle. Unsure if such petite wonders actually exist? Well, they do and a lot of artists have begun exploring this form of art. Creating miniature art is immensely challenging because you need oodles of patience, skill and of course, a very steady hand to get the details right, not to mention good eyesight. Yet, the end product is so unique and charming that they become instant hits with whoever spies them. Hence, these creations sell at exorbitant prices and honestly, we don’t mind loosening our purse strings if we stood a chance to own something as exquisite as this.

Still not convinced of the marvelousness of these tiny wonders? Here are a few example of miniature art to help you make up your mind.

Miniature Tattoos

We are not talking about minimalist tattoos, but miniature ones, where entire images or scenes are shrunk to fit into a tiny surface area. Eva Krbdk is a Turkish tattoo artist who has mastered the art of creating miniature tattoos. Here are some of her works.

bored panda 2

bored panda 1


Image courtesy: Bored Panda Art

Miniature Sculptures

There was a time when people got a kick out of creating larger than life sculptures. Michelangelo’s David and Rodin’s Thinker stand as shining example of this train if thought. However, today, sculptors have begun finding joy in creating masterpieces of just the opposite kind, the smaller than normal kind. Here is an artist who creates tiny replicas of mouth-watering dishes using polymer clay. To view more of her creations, visit her website:

fairchildartminiatures 2



Image courtesy: Fair child art

Miniature Paintings

Painting is a difficult art form, you have to be an astute observer to notice the tiniest details to include them in your painting. Also, you must have the patience to do and re-do every brushstroke as many times as required to make your painting seem life-like. Now, imagine if this painting was about an inch and a half tall. How much more careful, patient and diligent would you need to be to make a detailed, striking painting? Artist Lorraine Loots paints miniature paintings of animals, cosmic bodies, her favourite books and everyday objects. View more of her work on her website:

bored panda 3

bored panda 4


Image courtesy: Bored Panda

Miniature Books

Reading the fine print is not an easy task, literally and metaphorically. But, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do is you want to own one of these ant-sized works. Those with a craze for shrinking things have set their sights on comprehensive works like the Bible or the tales of the Bard, and have set about compressing them into inch-sized books. Take a look at some of these books here:

finding shakespeare

Image courtesy: Finding Shakespeare




Image courtesy: minibooks7

Well, clearly there’s a need to tweak the old adage ‘Big is Better.’ Maybe it should be something on the lines of Big is Better, but Small is Special!’