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Fun Things to do this week!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Who says you need to wait for the weekend to have a good time? Here are some fun events you can check out after work/college to have a good time.


Film: It’s going to be a good week for cinephiles. If you love movies that offer a lot more than the regular dishum-dishum and item numbers, these two film festivals will delight you with their movie offerings.

The World War Film Festival:

The physical scars left by wars might heal, but the mental and emotional ones rarely do. This film festival, organized by Enlighten Film Society, promises to show six of the greatest films ever made on war. The works of some iconic directors like Stanley Kubrick and Roberto Rossellini are included in this set.

Where? Matterden CFC Theatre (Lower Parel)

When? Monday – Thursday, 7 pm-11.30 pm

The European Film Festival:

The 20th European Film Festival will be screening 21 award winning European Films from different genres of European Cinema. Explore new cinematic techniques, cultural practices and global perspectives through these intelligent, moving films.

Where? Alliance Francaise

When? Wednesday – Sunday, 12 pm onwards

(For schedule and timings, check this link: European Film Festival

Art & Craft: Not all of us can bring canvas to life with our paintings. But, there are a few gifted souls out there who succeed in doing this with ease. ‘Encounters’ is an exhibition that puts on display the work of one such artist. Explore designs that promise to a spark cross-cultural dialogue between traditional forms of folk art from around the world.

Where? Tarq (Colaba)

When? Till May 28th, 11 am-7 pm

Passages from Reclusive Conversations:

A solo painting exhibition featuring the works of Mahesh Baliga. His allegorical and satirical paintings provoke you to re-imagine re-look at everyday scenarios in a new light.

Where? Project 88 (Colaba)

When? Till May 30th, 11 am-7 pm


Count on the NSPA to deliver a regular, unfaltering supply of live performances. Every day of the week, different NSPA artists station themselves at different locations and deliver melodious, upbeat street performances to help bring art to the people. From Sufi rock performances, to alternative rock melodies, you’re sure to be treated to a wide range of musical genres and art forms.

Click on this link to get our event schedule: Upcoming NSPA performances

Drama: ‘Chinta Chod Chintami’ brilliantly explores the unrest and tension families experience because of the generation gap. Learn a bit or two about family life and problem solving from this insightful drama.

Where? Prithvi

When? Friday, 9 pm onwards

Well, that’s it from us. Hope this list helps you have a fun week!

Fun things to do this week!

Monday, May 4th, 2015

It’s time for us to give you a lowdown on the fun activities happening in the city this week. Spice up your monotonous week by attending some interesting events after work/college. Get your buddies along and laugh out loud with your favourite standup comedians, or watch an experimental play. Here is a list of enthralling events you can check out.



Image courtesy: gretchenstaines.wordpress

For drama/film lovers:

‘Noor’ is a French movie that beautifully explores sexuality and the problems a person faces if he/she does not accept conventional gender options and roles. This 78 minute film, by giving you a glimpse into the mind of one such person, will also make you rethink the way society treats such people.

When, where? Alliance Francaise de Bombay, 4th May, 6.30 pm onwards

‘Chanakya’ is an excellent Hindi play that throws light on the life of the able and dynamic statesman and strategist of the Maurya Empire- Chanakya. His progressive views and strong nationalistic spirit helped him become a great governor. Even today, his views and governance style serve as an inspiration to many rulers.

When, where? Dinanath Auditorium, 4th May, 8.30 pm onwards

‘The Hard Problem’ is an introspective play written by Tom Stoppard. It is about a researcher’s exploration of the consciousness and poses questions like ‘what is consciousness?’ and is there anything beyond our body and mind?

When, where? Dance Theatre Godrej, 6th May, 6 pm onwards

‘The Siddhus of Upper Juhu’ is a moving drama on the life of a couple who put in their life’s savings to buy a plush home in an upmarket area. When the husband loses his job, things start to go downhill in their personal and social lives. Watch how they brave the situation and find a way out of this financial hurdle.

When, where? Tata Theatre, 7th May, 7.30 pm onwards

For music lovers:

‘Whiplash’ is a monthly concert organized by the students of ‘True School of Music.’ Punk rock band ‘Punk on Toast’ will be headlining the event, plus three talented bands formed by the students of TSM will perform 20 minutes sets.

When, where? True School of Music, 5th May, 7.30 pm onwards

NSPA artists perform at various public spaces. Stop by to enjoy melodious live performances for free. Sufi rock, folk, pop, western, our artists perform a range of genres. So, there’s sure to be something for everyone! For details regarding our performances, check out our events page: NSPA events

For photography lovers:

‘Anatomy of a Photograph,’ is a lecture conducted during a photowalk that focuses on training and developing the amateur photographer. Learn framing, lighting, composition techniques as well as how to solve a range of practical problems that arise when on the field. For more details: ‘Juhu Chowpatty Photowalk and Lecture’

When, where? Juhu Beach, 8th May, 5-9 pm

Well, the list contains something of your liking. Have a happy week!

Fun Things to do this week!

Monday, April 27th, 2015

In a city as dynamic as Mumbai, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to unwind and have a good time. In bustling bylanes, on the streets, inside hole in the wall cafes, a steady stream of activity unfolds. All you need to do is to tap into this spirited stream to have a great time, everyday! We understand, that with work/studies and family commitments, it’s difficult to keep track of all that is happening in this lively city. To make your job easier and search more productive, we’ve made a list of the coolest, funkiest happenings in Mumbai. Underline the events that interest you and make your way towards these venues after work.



Image courtesy: boynecs

For Drama lovers:

Well, y’all sure are in luck for there are two interesting plays happening this week. This Wednesday, head towards Prithvi Theatre to watch ‘Dirty Talk,’ a play that delves into the private life of a famous Indian scientist who is hiding a secret that, if exposed, can destroy his spotless image and ruin his prospects. For more details, click here: Dirty Talk

For Music lovers:

For your daily dose of music, all you need to do is head to a venue our artists are performing at. NSPA artists perform at various locations around the city, so you can always stop by on your way back from work/college and enjoy a few minutes of soothing music. To know our artists will be performing this week, check out our events page: Performances

You could also attend a concert titled, ‘Remembering Jaco Pastorius,’ at Tata Theatre this Thursday. A tribute will be paid to Jaco Pastorius, an American jazz musician, composer, electric bass player and big band leader. He is best known for revolutionizing the way the bass guitar is played. For more details, visit this site: Remembering Jaco Pastorius

Ghazal lovers, here’s something you’re sure to love. ‘The Heritage Ghazal Festival – A Tribute to Jagjit Singh’ happens this Friday and will showcase some of the brightest talents from around the world. It will also pay tribute to the glorious tradition of Ghazal music. Click on the link for more details, The Heritage Ghazal Festival

For standup comedy lovers:

Comedy on the Big Mic 79 @ The Hive happens today, 8.30 pm onwards. Let talented comedians entertain you with their hilarious jokes and sarcastic one liners. Laugh till your sides hurt and feel your stress melt away and bad mood evaporate!

Rising Star

Watch upcoming comedians put up their best and most entertaining performances this Tuesday at Canvas Laugh Club, 10.30 pm onwards. Get your buddies along too and have a riotous time!

Well, hope this list of ours helps you have a fabulous week!

Fun things to do this week!

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Who says you need to wait for the weekend to have fun? In a city as lively and energetic as Mumbai, cool things happen every day! All you need to do is give the papers, or your favourite on-line event magazine a glance, and you’re sure to find something interesting to do throughout the week!

If you feel too lazy to skim through multiple sources, here is a blog post that gives you a lowdown on the best and coolest events happening this week. Go through this list to pick a few (or all) activities you would like to be a part of!


Image courtesy: Kate Collins 2003

For music lovers:

Well, there always is the NSPA! NSPA artists perform every day of the week at different locations, so your live music scenes are sorted for the week. The best part about these performances is that they are held at public locations, like at Metro stations or in malls, so if you happen to be passing through these locations on your way to or from work, stop by to unwind to some relaxing music.

NSPA performances to watch out for this week:

Famous songs get a pop/jazz twist as our NSPA artists create melodious cover versions of them. Head towards Carter Road on Tuesday, 7-9 pm to enjoy these compositions.

Commute via the Metro every day? Look out for our artists at Marol Naka Station on Thursday (6-8 pm), Andheri Metro Station on Friday (7-9 pm) and Saki Naka Metro Station on Saturday (6-8pm)Upbeat folk music, Marathi fusion, Sufi and alternate rock are the genres you’ll be treated to here.

On Sunday, head over to Linking Road to catch some wonderful live performances. From 8-10 am, our resident artists put up fun-filled performances at various junctions. Powerful dramas, folk and fusion music, pop/rock and Sufi performances, it’s all there at ‘Equal Streets!’

For more info regarding these performances, visit our website: NSPA Events

For movie lovers: 

Movies @ the Museum is a movie screening program that is held at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum. It promises to showcase films and videos belonging to various genres, like documentary, fiction, animation and visual art.Film and academic practitioners too will be invited to engage with the audience and discuss their work. Head towards the museum on Friday at 6.30 pm to catch the action.

For drama lovers:

Explore eternal myths that still exist in our subconscious through a powerful drama by The Phoenix Players. ‘Orochi & Kaalia’ uses folk and classical forms to infuse life into the enactment. Enjoy this enchanting experience on Saturday, 7 pm at the Hive.

For comedy lovers:

Irish House and He Said She Said, two happening pubs team up to present ‘The Comedy Crawl’ on Thursday, 8.30 pm onwards. Talented standup and Improv comedians from Culture Shoq will keep you in splits with their witty, snappy-smart jokes. Also, there are some cool offers on domestic liquors!  Learn more about the event here: Time Out Mumbai

Well, hope this has your weekday scenes sorted! Have a happy week!