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Top QTube Café Events in May 2018

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

If it’s too hot outdoors, step into QTube Café to cool off and also to enjoy some fun events. Here are the top events happening in May. Grab a pen and mark these dates, for you surely don’t want to miss any of these.

For poets

Irshaad’s 12th Poetry Open Mic

Irshaad invites poets to bring their original pieces and perform them for a fun audience. If you’d like to participate, register on this link:

Date: 5th May

Time: 4 – 9.45 pm

Entry: Free


Aaina is an open mic platform for all the poets of Mumbai Circuit. Attend the event to listen to poets perform their best works.

Date: 11th May

Time: 5 – 9 pm

Entry: Free

ShOUT: Show Out By Boost Thyself

An open mic event in which we feature Poets and Storytellers to share their content and showcase their talent.

To register for the event:

Date: 12th May

Time: 4 – 9 pm

Entry: Free

Bards of Mumbai

An exclusive ghazal and shayari open mic event. The aim of the event is to preserve classical Urdu/Hindi (Hindustani) poetry.

Date: 13th May

Time: 5 – 9 pm

Entry: Free

Flashback Stories

Open Mic – Pen, Poetry (only for Poets)

For registrations kindly inbox Facebook:

Date: 20th May

Time: 5 – 8 pm

Entry: Rs. 100


Cloth and Paper Bag making workshop by Laja

The workshop will teach participants how to make eco-friendly bags. Open only to women. To register:

Date: 5th May

Time: 12.30 – 3.30 pm

Entry: Rs. 700

Mother & Child bonding workshop

Aspen life coaching services is organizing a mother and child bonding workshop to relive and strengthen the bond between a mother and child through enjoyable interactions and fulfilling activities.

Date: 5th May

Time: 8 am – 12 pm

Entry: Free

I & Myself – An Interactive Workshop

Attend this workshop to discover and explore your relationship with yourself! To register:

Date: 6th May

Time: 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

Entry: Rs. 700 (Inclusive of workbook and notes)

Jewellery Making Workshop

Learn the basic Crochet techniques to make fancy earrings in a couple of hours. For more details:

Date: 12th May

Time: 1 – 4 pm

Entry: Rs. 300

Intensive Ghazal Writing Workshop

This Ghazal Writing workshop will start from the basics of the form, its history and origin and will end with you getting a taste of writing one yourself. Even if you don’t write or intend to, this will sure give you a sense of appreciating it more in its true essence.

Date: 13th May

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Entry: Rs. 1000 (Inclusive of lunch, tea and coffee)

Toybank Workshop

Toybank promotes a right to play for all children. This event is to bring people together and play different board games. Help understand the power of play.

Date: 24th May

Time: 6.30 – 8 pm

Entry: Free

Top World Music Day Events in the City

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Music is our constant companion through the day. If we’re not listening to music through our phones and IPods, we’ve got the radio on, or then we’re humming a tune in our heads. Music makes a long, crowded commute enjoyable, a bad day at work tolerable and happy times tenfold more enjoyable. It’s only fitting then that we have a day that celebrates music and reminds us how important music is in our lives. Today, we celebrate World Music Day, a day when streets comes alive with free gigs and pubs everywhere host music events. We’ve drawn up a list of cool things happening today, so if you want to feel the thrill of this melodious festival, do head over to one of these events happening in the city.




An Evening of Rhythm

Drummer Montrey Manuel puts together a percussion performance, but his instruments are a little different. He creates music out of recycled products and uses discarded tubes, paint cans, plastic bottles and pans to make music. So, if you’re up for something musical and different, attend his ‘Thaalavattam,’ or circle of rhythm, happening at Anti-social (Khar West) on the 23rd of June at 8 pm.

VH1 Relay

VH1 has put together a playlist that pays tribute to the best of the best in music. Today, from 8 am onwards, some of your favourite tracks will play back to back. So, if you’re lounging around at home, flip to VH1 and then hide the remote for the rest of the day. If you’re going to be in office, ask the receptionist to leave VH1 on and catch a glimpse of your favourite artists whenever possible.

Semi-classical Tunes to set the Mood

Classical music is perfect for the monsoons. Melodious ragas complement the sometimes sombre sometimes sublime mood of this season and rainy days more beautiful. Soma Ghosh, who performs the Benaras style of semi-classical music will be rendering some beautiful ragas from the Malhar family at the NCPA, experimental theatre on 24th June at 6.30 pm. For more details, check the NCPA website.

Free Music throughout the City!

If your pockets feel too light, worry not for the NSPA brings you good music for free. Our artists are stationed everywhere in the city and they put up melodious multi-genre performances. You don’t have to shell out a penny to be part of these performances. All you have to do is inch closer and sing along with the artists!

To know where our artists will be performing, visit this link: NSPA Events

Cine Concert – With Les Mélodies de Nirbaak

Attend this concert to experience what it felt like in the olden days, when silent films ruled the cinemas. In those days, musicians would perform live the music composed for the film. Les Mélodies de Nirbaak, this music group will be recreating this experience by playing live music for four George Méliès films – A trip to the Moon, Blue Beard, Joan of Arc & the Kingdom of Fairies.  The event will happen at the Godrej theatre at the NCPA on the 23rd of June at 7 pm. For more details, visit the website.

Well, Happy World Music Day folks! Make the most of today.