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NSPA Sundowner 2016: An Evening of Unadulterated Entertainment

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Has the stifling summer heat and rather monotonous week at office left you feeling quite down? Fret not friends, for the NSPA has something amazing lined up for you, something that is sure to give you a mood boost that will last at least a week!

We’re talking about our ‘Sundowner 2016’ event, organized by the wonderful and welcoming Marico Evenings. Yes, it’s that fabulous event the Bandra West Residents Association (BWRA) organizes every year with us to enliven the Carter Road Amphitheatre area. If you happened to be part of the event last year, you’ll know how exciting the evening was. For those who weren’t there however, here’s all that you can hope to look forward to.

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Independent Artists showcasing their Talent

We all know about the Rahmans and Sonu Nigams and Coldplays of the world, but little do we realize that there might be some really talented performers in the building next to us, or in the college our child goes to. Many such incredibly talented, but not yet famous artists join the NSPA to earn, hone their talent and garner an audience. These are the artists who’ll be taking the stage and trust us when we tell you that they’re really talented! So, if you’re in the mood to experience some experimental music, performed by fresh faces, you have to attend this event!

Tried and tested is Good, but we’ve Got New Music Too!

Yes, familiar songs will be performed so that you can sing along to the classics. However, it doesn’t stop there because our artists like to showcase their own compositions and musical experiments. So, be prepared to experience some fresh renditions, from a chorus being sung differently to an original composition, there’s a lot of newness to look forward to!

There’s something for everyone

Maybe you’re a Sufi music lover, or you like the energy of a good ol’ Punjabi classic. Maybe retro hits get your groove on or instrumental melodies are what you’re partial towards, no matter the genre, we’re sure to have something for you. From mashups to medleys to nothing but pure music, our event promises a potpourri of musical genres and styles, waiting to be consumed by an open-minded listener.

Oh, there’s something for theatre lovers too, did we mention that?

Who says the Good things in Life aren’t free?

Well, this event surely is! Yes, no passes, no cover charges, no entry fees of any kind. All you need to do is find a chair and plonk down. (If it’s crowded, hang around in the vicinity.) Your love for music is your entry card, for that’s all our performers need!

An unmatchable Ambience

You can hear the rush of the waves as they charge towards their sandy destination, the crash as they explode on the sandy shore and a gentle hum as they retreat into the beautiful blue expanse from where they came. A setting sun rapidly changes colour, bathing everything beneath it in its changing hue. Amidst all this you can hear music, mellifluous and moving, filling your heart with joy and your soul with purpose. Can there be anything better than this?

So, here’s your chance to be part of something really amazing, and we hope you don’t miss it. Come attend NSPA Sundowner 2016, presented by Marico Evenings, at Carter Road Amphitheatre on the 28th of May, 6 pm onwards. We want you to sample this musical treat!

Also, here’s a look at our performances from last year.

marico 2

marico 3

marico 4