The Very Best of NSPA 2k15

The year 2015 was a splendid one for us for it ushered many opportunities our way. Our artists got a chance to perform at fancy places, like the Marico Evenings stage and even Blue Frog! It also saw us put up our very own Indie fest – Misal Pav. Here’s looking at our best moments in the year 2015.

Marico Evenings – Drum Circle

Marico Evenings was one of our most successful stage events. We can still remember the vast crowd that gathered at  Carter Road Amphitheater and cheered our artists on. At the event however, the act put up by our Drum Circle was the best. Take a look at the rhythmic ensemble here.

Working Class Hero Podcast

To celebrate Labor Day, the NSPA came up with this podcast that has our artist perform John Lennon’s ‘Working Class Hero’ while the camera zooms in on the actual heroes behind the scene.

Misal Pav – Western Acapella

Misal Pav was our very first in-house Indie Fest. Our western artists put up this fab acapella piece to entertain the crowds. we promise you, this is exquisite stuff.

A Rocking Performance by a 16-year old

This teenager turned up for one of our auditions and shocked us with his talent. Listen to him perform Elvis Presley’s ‘Jail House Rock.’

NSPA at Blue Frog!

This was a great moment for us, to see our artists perform on the Blue Frog stage. Watch Anusha, Rachel and Rahul perform ‘La Bamba’ to a happy, dancing crowd!

Inside the Mumbai Metro!

We normally perform at Metro stations, however, to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, the authorities invited us to perform inside the Metro trains! We must say we gave the commuters quite a surprise, well, a pleasant one though!

We hope the year 2016 is just as exciting and full of surprises!