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July 13th, 2015

Monday is easily the worst day of the week. It drags us out of our pajamas and holiday mood only to thrust us, headfirst, into a day filled with errands, emails and well, jobs that help pay the bills. Also, it acts as a harbinger of bad news – that there are going to be four more such days to pull through before we can slip back into lethargy and old pajamas. It isn’t surprising then that it happens to be the most hated day of the week. But, what if you found something interesting to do each day, like attending a concert or a comical open mic evening? We’re sure the week wouldn’t seem so bleak and bleary then! So, to help take the edge of Monday, and to make the week ahead seem more enjoyable, here are a couple of fun events you can check out after work/college. Have a good week!

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To tickle your funny bone:

If you’re a budding comedian yourself but have been silenced often because of your “tasteless jokes,” here’s a chance to get the appreciation you deserve. Head over to Canvas Laugh Club today at 8.30 pm, where you’ll find a stage, a mike and well, an audience open to listening to some good jokes!

If you’d rather be in the audience than on stage, here’s something for you. Attend Best in Stand-Up evenings at Canvas Laugh Club on the 15th and 16th of July, 8.30 pm onwards and let three hilarious comedians sweep you off your feet with their witty jokes. For more details:

For a dose of drama:

Theater lovers, hope y’all didn’t think we’ll leave y’all out! We urge y’all to watch the play Nine Parts Desire, an award-winning play that presents the life stories of nine Iraqi women in the form on powerful monologues. Delve into the political, social and cultural milieu of this war-torn country through the stories of these strong women. (17th July, 9 pm – Prithvi Theatre) For more details:

Melodies for a mood boost!

A band that celebrates various cultures and languages through music, Maati Baani is know for their folk and Sufi rhythms as well as funk, new-age sounds. Come watch them perform live at blueFrog on the 16th of July, 10 pm onwards. For more details:

Also, NSPA artists perform everyday at various spaces around the city. The best part about these performances is that they are absolutely free. Yes, all you need to do is check our events page to where our artists will be performing at. Head over there to listen to wonderful live music!

Well, here’s sending lots of good wishes and positive vibes your way. Have a great week ahead!


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