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August 16th, 2019

While KPop has been taking the world by storm for quite some time now, it took considerably longer to make its way to India (even though we’re way closer geographically to South Korea than most other fan countries). But no matter how long it took, it seems the craze is officially here, and here to stay! And even though you might say that it isn’t your cup of tea, or your friends might claim that they would never go for it, there is definitely one song that came a while back which became so popular that it was a common addition to all dance parties (and sometimes still is, even though the song is from 2012). No clue? We’re referring to Psy’s Gangnam Style. Ahhhh. So you remember dancing to it now, don’t you?

Now that you’ve admitted that you know what we’re talking about, here’s what you need to know to dip your toes back into the giant ocean that is KPop. Here’s a lowdown on the current most popular KPop acts out there. And yes, we’re being stingy. Because there are way too many to count and list out, we’re limiting ourselves to five. But we promise to come back with more if you want.


1. BTS

Currently ruling across the globe, these boys are backed by a powerful army (that’s what their legions of fans are called). Not only ruling the charts, they’re also kings in terms of concerts, merch, and album sales. Bangtan Boys are definitely here to not only rule the charts but our hearts as well.

Image Source - okmagazine

Image Source – okmagazine



Currently reigning as the top girl group, these girls are really hitting it big. With only 9 songs under their belt, they’ve already performed at Coachella, among a host of other venues and festivals. Fresh faces, songs full of attitude and sass, and beats to get you grooving, we’re easily looking forward to what they get onto next!

Image Source - AllKPop

Image Source – AllKPop


3. EXO

Though they’ve been on the scene since 2011, and are actually often grouped in sub-groups EXO(K) and EXO(M) due some members being from South Korea and some from China. They also have a sub-unit called EXO(CBX) comprising of only three members. But whichever way you look at them, or break them down,  they show no signs of slowing down, and continue to rule the charts till date.

Image Source - asianjunkie

Image Source – asianjunkie



Extremely popular, this group of 9 girls is sitting comfortably at the top, and don’t seem to be looking back. Encompassing all things that encapsulate Bubblegum Pop, they are cheery, vibrant, and oh-so-cute, and can pretty much guarantee smiles. But don’t be fooled by all the charm, because these girls are serious business, winning award after award.

Image Source - Allure

Image Source – Allure


5. GOT7

With 7 members from across the globe, it’s no surprise that this group has global appeal. And their music is also something that will definitely make you bust a move. And helping make them even more popular is their antics on stage, easily and seamlessly adding martial arts tricking to their performances.

Image Source - Billboard

Image Source – Billboard


How many of them have you listened to?


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