Wire Art Ideas for DIY Enthusiasts

May 11th, 2017

Art can be made from anything. In fact, creators of art are constantly striving to find new materials to mould and manipulate into aesthetically pleasing shapes and concepts. This gives imperfect beginners like us hope, because we know now that not only a flawlessly executed painting constitutes art, or a startlingly lifelike marble statue. Art is what is created when an artist gives shape to an idea. The medium used to express the idea can be virtually anything, from 3D ink to stones to even a vegetable! In this article, we are looking at creating art from a material that is easily available to all of us, something that we’re sure to find in our hardware or craft kits; we’re talking about the malleable, metallic wire. This seemingly flimsy object can be surprisingly durable and this is what makes it the perfect raw material for creating art. Got reels of wire at home, it’s time you started putting those metallic threads to good use. Here are some easy structures to mould at home.

This minimalist coffee mug is perfect for your kitchen, dining table or even for use as a pendant!

coffee mugs

Just a few twists can help you create this elegant structure.



Another easy structure to make.



This cute little creation can be used as a wind chime, wall décor or even as a pendant.



When they’re not real, they can actually make for an interesting piece of wall art!

spider web


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