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A reason - other than the festival of Diwali - to celebrate!
Dear festival revelers!,

       We've been running around Mumbai tending to our street performances, and the festive mood has gripped us too - on our way back from our Tuesday and Friday evening Carter Road performances in a rickety rickshaw, we were accosted by the colours and sounds of Diwali - rows of oil lamps. Children jumping around firecrackers. Vendors of sticky sweetmeats. Rangolis on every flat surface possible! Garlands of yellow and orange marigolds swaying in the wind. Fairy lights hanging from every tree and window sill. And - in the midst of all this incandescence and fragrance and mayhem - snatches of music brought to you by the street performers of the National Streets for Performing Arts!

Planning on having a quiet weekend with the family? Why not land up (for free!) at a farmer's market, community bazaar, park, metro station or community performance space across Mumbai that our musicians are performing at? Check out our weekend plan!

"Do we really get to take our flutes home?!" - Flutists Rachel Philip and Nikhil Honkalas conduct an "Introduction to the Flute" workshop for a mischievous bunch of children at MCubed Library (Bandra). Sneak a peek here for photos!

A performance for a cause at High Street Phoenix! - Our beloved instrumental trio - Carnatic and Western classical violinists and freestyle flamenco guitarist - perform for Operation Black Dot's youth voting campaign! Catch a video here!

Uttar Bharatiya music at the market?! We are at the farmers market (Maharashtra Nature Park) every Sunday from 10am to 1pm with our amazing musicians. Sharing here a wonderful song by Uttar Bharatiya folk singer Achchhai Pandey and dholak player K. K. Singh. Bear witness to his voice here!

Marathi folk by the sea! Marathi and Hindi folk fusion singer/guitarist Rahul Dandekar gathered quite a crowd at the Carter Road Amphitheatre, of parents and children alike to his beautiful rendition of a traditional Marathi folk song, here is Rahul's music if you missed it!

P.P.S. Meet us this Sunday at the Hive (Khar West) for a sneak peak of the now urban legend Neeraj Arya playing Kabir Rock, performing with djembe player Viren Solanki, Goan Konkani folk singer Heloise Saldanha, and violinist and guitarist Manuel DSouza!
See you this weekend!

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