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Central Railway stations, here we come! - NSPA Jukebox

Central Railway stations, here we come! - NSPA Jukebox

There's newness in the air!

Hello folks!

Another wonderful, musical week has gone by and we must say, it's been a great week! Of course, the sweltering summer heat is bothering us as much as it is bothering every Mumbaikar, but the happy happenings at NSPA have helped put a spring in our step and a smile on our face. Without further ado, here's taking you through last week's accomplishments and activities:

NSPA goes the Central Way
You guessed right, after a year-long hiatus, NSPA artists will once again perform at Central Railway stations! We are very grateful to the Central Railway authorities for welcoming us with open arms and giving us permission to perform at four stations; Byculla, Dadar, Vikhroli and Thane. We held our debut performance at Dadar station this Tuesday and the response was overwhelming! The commuters flocked around our artists, cheered them on and some even shook a leg with the performers. To know more about our Central Railway performance, check out our blog post: Central Railway stations, here we come!
NSPA Goes to the Central Railways
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New artists onboard
In a bid to increase our artist base and get fresh talent on onboard, we conducted auditions on the 16th of April at Pushpa Narsee Park. Many artists responded to our call and we counted 28 applicants on the day of the auditions. The atmosphere in the park was charged with anticipation and the excitement of the artists was tangible. We got to listen to different genres of music as each artist presented a form he was comfortable with. From this sea of talent, we selected 10 performers and we must say, it was quite difficult to select just 10! To know more about the audition, check out our blog post: The Big NSPA Auditions - Talent, Music, Happiness!

Here are some of the best performances from last week's auditions:

Nothing like some classic rock!
A Sufi and Folk music treat
Mayur and Harsh were one of the most confident and composed duos spotted at the auditions. Devotees of Sufi and Folk music, their song choice reflected their love for these genres. Watch them perform 'Ambar' and 'Main tenu samjhawa ki' with much passion and feeling!

Nothing like some classic rock!
A melodious medley of percussions
Abraro Atzori left us awestruck with his performance by demonstrating his skill over three percussion instruments. Watch his fingers move across these instruments at lightning speed and create some of the most rhythmic beats ever!

Nothing like some classic rock!
Bringing a South Indian flavor to the mix
Keni Joseph Sebastian was a powerhouse of energy, putting up back-to-back performances of South Indian songs. He even put up an impromptu rap performance for us! Watch him sing and play a melodious South Indian song in this video.

Nothing like some classic rock!
A taste of Bundelkhandi folk music
Listen to the Dharmak brothers sing melodious Bundelkhandi folk songs. The harmonium and Dholak deliver just the right music to captivate your senses!Watch Them Now..

Well, that's all for this week folks. We'll be back next week with the latest gossip and goings-on. Till then, take care and don't let those worried wrinkles crinkle your brow!

Till we meet again!

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