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Christmas carols, children's tunes and capoeira! - The NSPA Jukebox
Dear Bambai-waale,

Everybody's begun putting up their Christmas trees and fairy lights - and we at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) can't wait for the festivities to begin either, for the sound of Christmas carols resounding in the city's churches and homes - and hopefully, on the streets as well!

COMING UP - our very first theatre performance at the Maharastra Nature Park Farmers' Market tomorrow - the 7th of December - by Meat Puppets Theatre! They will be performing from 10 - 11 am. Read More..

"If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!"
- J. M. Barrie.

Over the past few weeks, we've had some amazing times with children, from conducting music workshops with MCubed Library for Celebrate Bandra - what an absolute treat it was to conclude with the young ones and parents singing Marathi, Uttarakhandi and Konkani folk at the concert in HUL park - to having Capoeira India performing the Brazilian martial arts form for a largely young audience at Pushpa Narsee Park!

We also released our latest blog entry written by our 15-year old Swiss intern India Matheson, describing her adventures with music and Mumbai, and including her rendition of the theme song of "Heidi" from the beloved children's cartoon! This song is part of our video podcast series. We're so very proud of it, and can't wait to show you her Russian lullaby in the next Jukebox edition.

Being huge fans of creative jugalbandhis, we're organising jam sessions every alternate Saturday at the Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning (Fort) - and the next one is on 13th December, and will be attended by NSPA's resident artists and all other musicians looking for a space to rehearse, jam and collaborate! Entry is free and open to all! Our last jam session included Carnatic - jazz fusion pieces and a folk music antakshari - and it was as fun as it sounds!

We started our journey with musicians, and are now thrilled to include amateur poets in the movement, in collaboration with The Poetry Club, Mumbai. If our first spoken word poetry showcase is an indication of how this journey is going to be, we simply cannot wait.

We hope the festive spirit has gripped you the way it has us, and that you keep making merry and making music!

(Pssst. We're still looking for a Performance Associate - somebody to help take our creative vision forward. Any takers?)

The NSPA Team
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