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FAQs about the NSPA
Dear patrons of the arts,

       The NSPA get all sorts of reactions to its musical performances across the city. What is the National Streets for Performing Arts? What is the point of democratizing access to music in Mumbai, and of making it accessible to the common man? How do you support the livelihoods of artists? How do you recruit new street performers for public spaces? Whose idea was this whole crazy thing? We're currently in the process of creating an FAQs section on our website - www.NSPA.in - so pop by and get to know us! We've also created an NSPA Jukebox (weekly newsletter) archive on the website for your perusal. You can also write to us - ask us anything you want! In return, we need your help to turn the streets of our city into a cultural hub -

Do you know any public spaces in Mumbai that our musical (and soon dance and theatre) artists can perform at? For example - we're currently performing at the Metro stations, the Sunday Farmer's Market at Mahim Nature Park, Pushpa Narsee(Juhu) and Sai Baba(Malad) parks, Bhau Daji Lad museum, Leaping Windows comic book library and cafe etc. Send any contacts or suggestions to info@nspa.in, and you will be specially mentioned in our new blog!

Do you know any folk dance and theatre groups that would be interested in the sort of platform we provide? Do ask them to reach out to us by mailing us at info@nspa.in, or calling our office at 022-204-1257/ 022-204-1253 on weekdays till 5 pm.

No plans for the weekend yet? Also looking for something stimulating you want your child to participate in?
Check out our weekend plan!

Last week was extremely eventful for us - we had our pilot performances at Candies Cafe (Pali Naka), Pushpa Narsee Park (Juhu), and at the Hive's Community Market (Chuim Village, Khar), and resumed performances at the Sunday Organic Farmers' Market and Sai Baba park! We got some brilliant feedback too, for our performers' "mesmerising voices" and performances that "literally brightened my day and night!"

Check out our Jazz and Pop Rock performance at Candies here, our Konkani, Uttarbharatiya and folk fusion performances at Pushpa Narsee Park here, and our lively Sunday morning Farmers' Market performances here! We also perform at the Carter Road amphitheatre every Tuesday and Friday evening, and you can see a teaser for the sort of stuff we do there here.

The NSPA is looking for a full time graphic designer to work on the website and on marketing, and for a performance intern who helps us curate and organise performances across the city. Know anybody who might be interested? Forward this mail to them, ask them to mail us at info@nspa.in, and support the arts in your city!
See you this weekend!

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