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Oscar Glory with the NSPA - NSPA Jukebox

Writing this from a warm room eating pakodas and drinking chai in the most unexpected weather phenomena of all time! It's raining this weekend in Mumbai and life feels like bliss. Well, let's talk about music now! So we don't know if you guys saw it but if you did then you know when I say John Legends' and the rapper common's performance at the Oscars was one of the most moving moments of the night. The live performance of their song "glory" from the movie Selma about Martin Luther King Jr. brought tears to almost everyone present, a music moment so heavy has not been seen in a long time now and it proves time and again that music brings out emotions from the deepest recesses of our minds and heart. If you haven't watched the video, then do watch it here.

Spoken Word Poetry: Video Web Series #5
Spoken Word Poetry: Video Web Series #5
This Video is part of a video web series of spoken word poetry performed by amateur poets of The Poetry Club, Mumbai. Watch Mahek perform her own poem. Watch here.

RAM-Trio at OIS Festival!
RAM-Trio at OIS
We met the quirky and funny Javed Jaffery at the OIS Festival in Goregaon, he came by our stall and complimented our resident artists the RAM-Trio! Watch their performance here.

Music at the Metro!
Music at the Metro!
Watch Kaustubh Vajpyee and Ajit Kumar on tabla perform for the crowds at the Mumbai Metro. We perform at four metro stations every week! Check out our website for more details.

That's all for this week folks! Stay tuned for more exciting news, auditions and shows.

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