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Spreading knowledge and happiness! - NSPA Jukebox
Hello folks!

The previous weekend was a wonderful one as most of us got a good three-day break from work. While many chose to indulge in a short, relaxing getaway, there were also those who chose to stay back in the city and enjoy all that this bustling metropolitan had to offer. Many of these happy folks turned up at the Museum Plaza on the 5th of April to enjoy an event set up by our poetry enthusiasts at 'The Poetry Club.' Aptly titled 'Past, Present & Poetry,' this event offered evocative readings of famous poems from the past as well as several original works that dealt with contemporary issues. On the whole, it was a great show and once again we were made to see, that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword!

At the NSPA too, much has been happening. The heat is upon us and it's time to indulge in some exciting summer activities. The team sat together to brainstorm about what these activities might be. Without letting the cat out of the bag, we can safely reveal that there is going to be much in store for you and your kids! Like us on Facebook to get timely updates regarding all the activities lined up for summer.

Blasts from the Past Week:
Like always, our NSPA artists were on their toes last week too, delivering amazing performances at several locations in the city. Here are some videos that capture our artists immersed in their art, belting out one melodious number after the next. Plug in your earphones and enjoy these wonderful performances from within the comfort of your homes!

Kitna Sona!
Kitna Sona!
That's exactly what you'll say after listening to this talented duo performing at Carter Road. Saurabh lends his strong voice and rhythmic guitaring while Kailash delivers the perfect beats with his djembe to offer a melodious rendition of two famous songs; 'Kitna Sona' and 'Tauba Tauba.' Watch Now..

Hymns that heal the soul
Hymns that heal the soul
With smiles of their faces and devotion in the eyes, Kailash Jadhav and Rahul Dandekar perform a beautiful spiritual number for the passersby on Carter Road. Listen to this number and let faith and happiness flow in!

Sway with me!
Sway with me!
Don't we just love the captivating rhythms of the song 'Sway?' The song makes you want to pick up a partner and Tango away! Tejas Dutta, however, puts an interesting spin on this song by teaming up with a skilled tabla player. The result is quite exotic, we say! Watch Video Now..
Spreading knowledge and happiness!
Spreading knowledge and happiness!
Suresh Kala conducts an Art Literacy Workshop with the children of Kranti NGO. In a musical and enjoyable way, he teaches them bout the Uttarakhandi folk form of music. Watch this video to know more about what goes on in his workshop.

Well, that's all for now folks. We'll be back next week with fresh updates, straight from the oven! Till then, keep in touch with us via our social media channels. Also, if you liked these videos and what we do, do subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Till we meet again!

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