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The Quick Fix : How to Get Rid of Earworms!
Hello there!

       We, at the National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA), are rather fascinated by Ohrwurmer - a German word that translates as "earworm". Earworms are defined as catchy tunes that stay lodged in one's head and play on loop long after the music has actually stopped. Psychologists believe that there are different ways of coping with earworms, for although they sound pleasant, they can get quite tiresome - as anybody who has battled with Hum Saath Saath Hai's ridiculous "ABCD" song will vouch for! You could try distracting yourself, or engaging in challenging activities that require you to think - but the catch is that there is no quick fix! Our suggestion - bump into one of our street musicians and get a song stuck in your head, and replace it with another the next day. The NSPA Jukebox will play on for you - so make sure your internal jukebox is equipped to keep up!
"Dosti Zindabad" - songs of patriotism and friendship with shahirs!
It is one thing to see young children rolling about with laughter at a comedic nukkad natak about farcical fortune tellers, and it's quite another to see them talking about taking their futures in their own hands and not relying on ideas of destiny and fate. Colaba Municipal School and Sundatta High School's young ones really took to NSPA's Marathi vidrohi lok geet shahirs, who spoke about things that were uncomplicated and easy to relate to - the concepts of patriotism and friendship. Suvarna, Sagar and Shrushti, NSPA's young recruits, will conclude their workshop on the role played by vidrohi (protest) street music today at Colaba. Suvarna and Sagar @ Colaba School
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Sexy and They Know It! - our Leaping Windows series continues.
Anusha and Rachel @ Leaping Windows
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What we love about our regular venue Leaping Windows comic library and cafe (Versova) is that absolutely anything goes, by way of style and genre. This week, we had our Rajasthani and Punjabi folk singers perform there, and last week our jazz and country singers Anusha and Rachel regaled the comic-book-readers and cappucino-cravers with their dynamic rendition of LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It. The young duo has been trained in Western and Hindustani Classical music, which is why numbers never fail to surprise and enchant listeners! NSPA artists perform at the Leaping Windows every Thursday evening from 8 - 10 pm.
New Accompanists Found - at St. Catherine's Home!
This Monday, Hindi pop and fusion singer Abhisshek Chapke and tabla player Rahul Bakshi were asked to host a musical performance at St. Catherine's Home (Andheri West) - a shelter for young girls - and they walked in not knowing what to expect. What they certainly did not expect was backing vocals from some of the young girls (the young teenagers stood up and belted out soulful Hindi love songs!), pleas for encores, and demands to return soon! Our team was even more excited to find that the youth-driven teaching organisation Make a Difference also works with the girls - NSPA artists are going to collaborate with Make a Difference come October on regular Art Literacy interactive workshops! We can't wait to retun - and neither can the musicians! Abhishek and Rahul @ St. Catherine's Home
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Events Update: Our Uttarakhandi, Vidrohi Lok geet and instrumental fusion artists are all set to perform at Kitab Khana on the 25th, 26th and 27th of September, in collaboration with "100 Thousand Poets for Change". The events will showcase poetry readings, preceded by musical performances at 5.45 pm, and is entirely free of cost. Check the poster for details! View Poster >>

We're thrilled to announce an NSPA Artist Showcase at The Hive (Chuim Village, Khar West), a community space that promotes and hosts cultural activities. Our jazz and country singers Anusha and Rachel collaborate with Carnatic Classical violinist Mukund and multi-percussionist Dakshina to bring to you a 2 hour showcase on September 28, at 7.30 pm. Watch this space for more details!

And now for the cherry on top - we're at the Mumbai Metro stations three days every week, starting this week!
Metro Stations Schedule for the week
Friday, 19th Sep, 2014
Andheri Metro Station
Suresh Kala and Avinash Lamba
(Uttarakhandi Folk)
(6 - 7 pm)
Kaustubh & Kailash
(7 - 8 pm)
Saturday, 20th Sep, 2014
D N Road Metro Station
Thomas and Nikhil
(Pop & Rock)
(6 - 7 pm)
Saurabh and Manoj Pandya
(7 - 8 pm)
Sunday, 21st Sep, 2014
Ghatkopar Metro Station
Abhishek and Sunit
(Pop & Fusion)
(5 - 6 pm)
Achchhai and KK Singh
(Uttarbhartiya Folk)
(6 - 7 pm)

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Have a lovely weekend!

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