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Winter really is coming! - NSPA Jukebox
Dear Patrons of the Performing Arts,

       These winter months really know how to stir things up - even in a city like Mumbai, which is seldom left un-charged and un-galvanized! We're going to be bombarded by theatre and music festivals, bazaars, flea markets, dance showcases and poetry readings nearly every weekend, so do keep your eyes peeled! Let's take November 9 for example - the "Equal Streets" movement starting this Sunday is cordoning off 6.5 km of street space - from Santacruz Police Station to the Bandra Junction - from 7 - 11 am for the citizens to walk, cycle, do yoga, play cricket, and watch the National Streets for Performing Arts' (NSPA) street performers bring live music to the streets!

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The NSPA recruited 19 new street performers this week, including fascinating beat boxers, flamenco guitarists, Marathi folk singers, alternative rock duets, Carnatic classical vocalists, kanjira and cajon players and many more! You're about to be treated to some fantastic variety over the next few months, and you get a video preview right here and photographs here!

Children's libraries and flute workshops in Bandra nukkads make us very happy indeed. Take a peek at this video, and you'll know why we love MCubed Library, which - instead of putting up "Keep Silent Please" signs - hosts basoori workshops for children!

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We have recently started a collaboration with SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action), which works with slum communities, their biggest project being based in Dharavi. We conduct weekly musical workshops with the youth of Dharavi as part of their "Art Box" series to acquaint them with different genres of music. We're so proud of this new venture, and you can see the reason for yourself right here!

Similarly, we recently had a performance in the slum area of Simla Nagar Housing Society, for young children. It was an interesting experience for both parties - especially as the kids have been exposed to little more than Honey Singh's music in the past! Here are some photos of the performance. If you have any similar performance ideas, do mail us at info@nspa.in!

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And finally - OUR GRAND OCTOBER 2nd PERFORMANCE LINE-UP - 24 street musicians at 22 railway stations, was an absolute success! It was the largest simultaneous street performance event in the history of the Indian Railways, and we're unbelievably proud! Here is a snippet of that eventful day, in case you missed it!

Pssst. Here's how we're adding to the arts and culture scene this weekend - take a look at our performance schedule - and drop by to the Hive Community Markets, Equal Streets, and our parks and metro stations!

That's all for this time, folks! Have a lovely weekend!


The NSPA Team
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